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Found 3 results

  1. Opening an image when windows is set to 130% and possibly other custom values (I haven't checked those other ones) image is being opend full size and then right away is being shrinked to a quarter of it's size, but the canvas stays as it was, also can't work on it some problems occur then with affinity photo.
  2. The upcoming Creator's edition of Windows 10 has a new feature that greatly improves DPI scaling for High DPI tablets. It's in the Compatibilty settings under Properties in the Context Menu for the application. The new setting is to override high DPI scaling behaviour and use System(enhanced) for DPI scaling. The other override options are to use Application or System for High DPI scaling. It works really well with Photoshop CS6 with the program opening full screen on my Surface Pro 4 and the menu text is much crisper now. But that setting does not work with the Affinity Photo. The application window opens really small and off the screen slightly. Using the setting System rather than System(enhanced), APh opens full screen, but the menu text is not nearly as crisp as it would be with System (Enhanced) It would be great to see this fixed when the Creator's edition is officially launched. My tests were with this week's release of Windows 10 build 15046 Like This Jim
  3. There seems to be an issue with how Affinity Photo handles display scaling in Windows. With scaling applied, there is a severe performance degradation when using tools. I've recreated this on two computers and in both the release version and beta using a 4k monitor under Windows 10 x64. My primary PC is an i7 2700K, 16gb RAM, & GTX 1080 gpu. To most easily reproduce this: - Set Windows Display scaling to 125%. Logging out is not needed to recreate this issue nor has any impact. - Launch AF and open, for example, the Space Dock demo file - With the whole canvas visible, create a new pixel layer on the top of the stack and use the paint brush to quickly scribble around the image. - Note the laggy, stuttering performance of the brush. To compare: - Close AF and set Display scaling to 100%, again logging out is not needed. - Open the same file and repeat the test - Brush tool is now smooth and seamless while painting. Can anyone else recreate this issue? Any ideas on fixing it? display_scale_video.zip EDIT: Added short video clip to demonstrate - first at 125% scaling, then 100%. Note cpu usage difference. Larger display scaling values seem to further increase cpu usage.