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Found 3 results

  1. I'm sort of a newbie so perhaps this already exists: It would be nice to be able to keep the donut width (the fill area) constant as the entire shape is scaled larger or smaller. I was using the donut shape tool today and wanted to make concentric rings where I can have a start/finish angle (not a full donut....like a 3/4 donut). However, when I scale the shape, the size/ width of the donut area (the fill area) also increases (since it - hole size - is set by percentage rather than pixels). So as the overall size of the donut gets larger, so too does the donut area width (fill area) . Alternatively, if the hole size could be set to pixels, points, mm, etc then I could simply duplicate and scale the entire object and then reset the "hole diameter/radius to maintain the identical sized donut area width. It is very difficult to do this when the hole section of the donut is set by percentage. This can be done with a circle shape with a stroke where you don't check the box on stroke to scale stroke with object (so that if you set the stroke at "2", it always remains at "2" regardless of the size you scale circle). So you can easily make concentric rings (stroke) by 1: setting fill color to none, 2: duplicate several times, 3: enlarge each individual circle in a consecutive manner (all the strokes will stay the same width). This works fine if all I want are concentric rings.......but if I want let's say a 3/4 ring and a 2/3 ring and a 1/3 ring where each one increases in overall size, I have to make the full rings and then cut each individual ring/stroke to the correct size -> 3/4, 2/3, and 1/3 of a ring. Anyway, just a suggestion that I thought might be beneficial
  2. I love the donut tool in Affinity Designer, it is very useful but I noticed that sometimes it is difficult to size the inside circle. For example, let's say I draw a donut and then I want to adjust the size of the inner circle. So I click on the red adjuster that adjusts the size of the inner circle and move it but it jumps to what looks like predetermined distances and it won't allow me to use a size that is in between the predetermined (or set) distances. Of course those distances are not what I'm after. I want it to smoothly adjust the inner circle without it jumping (it moves as if it were snapping but I have all snapping turned off). If I zoom in then I can smoothly adjust it. Is this how it is supposed to work? If so, why? I noticed it since the first release and it is the same in the latest beta. Thanks in advance for any insight that anyone can provide in helping me to solve "The mystery of the misbehaving donut". Hokusai
  3. Dear all, when using the Donut Tool, the outer circle and the inner part are being filled with the same color. So in my opinion, this would not be a Donut. Thus how do I remove the inner part or at least the filling, to make it a real Donut / Circle with an actual hole in it? Thank you! :)