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Found 7 results

  1. Hi First, may you pardon me for my approximative english, it is not my native language ;-) I am a happy user of Affinity Designer/Publisher/Photo since a couple of years. I have switched from Adobe, and I have been earlier a heavy user of PhotoShop/Illustrator/InDesign (20 years) until the monthly fee. My question is about the presets of png/gif export on an image in Designer : in my webdesign workflow, I use a vector program to create tables or charts and I export them in jpg/png/gif ; I need to keep little weights. I have noticed that such images generated from Designer are often heavier than from PhotoShop ... My question: is it possible to access fine parameters like in PhotoShop? In PhotoShop it is possible to choose a color reduction method (perception, selective, adaptative, ...), and the dithering method (without, diffusion, pattern, ...). In Designer, the only choice for png is png-24 or png-8 (with diffusion)... and the expert window don't have these parameters I join screen captures of PS : under the "1." the export parameters of PS ; under the "2.", you can see that when exporting an image with and without dithering, there is a significant difference : in my example, setting the dithering to "none" gets an image from 310,1K to 165,4K (all other settings are unchanged). I would like to know if it is possible to do that with the Affinity Suite? Or maybe make this suggestion to the development team ;-) Best regards, Patrick
  2. Is it possible to truly disable dithering for gradients? I only found the option in the performance settings, which is however limited to the preview rather than the final result. Meaning as soon as the gradient/s in question are rasterised the dithering is back on, which leads to undesirable results. (Preview) (Rasterized/Exported)
  3. Hi team Serif, I am real happy about Affinity Designer. Currently I am working on pixel art. Affinity Designer supports every needed tools like raster, grid, pixel tool and so on. But I absolut would love to have more options for dithering! Now all my dithering are hand made, it is time consuming. Dithering options like a pop-up menu under the pixel tool for may, Windows and iPad would be really lovely! What you you think? The dithering options could be like a brush texture and should be conform with the magnetic and pixel exact placement. Would that be possible? Best greetings Anke Goldbach
  4. One of the main reasons I prefer Designer over Illustrator is because of the dithered gradients... My quality of work has increased DRASTICALLY because of it and I no longer need to rely on a 2nd software like photoshop for high quality gradients. The thing is though that its only supported in gradient fill... Gradient Overlays & other effects like shadows, glows, etc. - Nope! So my request is kinda plain and simple... Why not bring dithering for effects too...?! I've faced multiple banding issues here and there... Please acknowledge if doable... (P.S. I've attached a sample of my work... So you see what I mean...)
  5. Does someone know how to implement Floyd-Steinberg or Jarvis, Judice, Ninke dithering with equations? Is that even possible at this point?
  6. Hello Affinity Team, Would it be possible to add Dithering Modes to the Export Persona when exporting PNG-8 or GIF ? Right now it's impossible to use something else than Diffusion. It would be nice if those options were available: - Diffusion - Pattern - Noise - None Also, it would be nice if there was an Export Preview with final file size to see the results before exporting. Right now, it's pretty tedious to blindly export, check the file in the Finder, then go back to Affinity Designer to adjust and repeat the process. Thank you very much, Philippe Côté
  7. I'm interested in recreating digital art from the time when the colour palettes were very limited. I'd like to be able to customize my own colour profiles (of like 16 or 256 colours), or at least use some of the common ones from the 80's and 90's era. I'd alo want to experiment with different dither types to use them as visible effects in the image. The Posterise effect didn't seem to implement the kind of dithering I'm looking for. Are these kind of techniques possible at all in AD?
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