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Found 17 results

  1. I use drawing scales and dimension lines in DrawPlus X8 a lot and am currently assessing whether I can move to Affinity Designer. I have failed to find similar features so far. Are they hidden somewhere under new names, are they planned to be implemented in the future or are they simply missing from affinity products?
  2. I was wondering if a dimension tool is in the works for Designer. Something that designers/architects can use to label and indicate dimensions on drawings. For example, features such as CADTools ( a plug-in for illustrator), or the dimension tools in iDraw. I think such a tool will be a fantastic addition because I'm an architect and I think all designers of physical objects will probably appreciate it. But overall, I was wondering if such a tool was part of the planned future features roadmap. Best, Jawad Altabtabai
  3. Please add a Dimension tool & document scaling to fully enable technical drawing along with the excellent illustration tools. We could do this manually in the interim if the transform studio displayed more resolution, 3 or 4 decimals should do it. Thanks!
  4. I I have a problem with changing the dimensions of the photo while maintaining its resolution, does anyone have a solution for this? Example.pdf
  5. First of all, I'm sorry for my bad English. When using Corel Draw, the measurement window was easily accessible in the upper left. But I couldn't find this area to give frame, text measurements in Affinity Designer. I would be glad if you help me. Note: Corel image is attached.
  6. Great to see the new features in the latest release of Designer, well done Development Team. A 'Dimensions' facility was a much talked about and requested for addition to the Designer back in 2015; search for the thread started by by tabtabai on 15th October 2015. I believe this facility should once again be brought centre stage for inclusion at the earliest possible update. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have been using Graphic and would like to switch to Affinity. I use it to design floorpans for basketball and various athletic courts. Is there a line tool that shows dimensions as you draw and displays that information on the drawing? Is there a radius tool I could use for the three point lines? Can the grid layout be in feet and inches? See attached pdf. Thanks, Sean Untitled.pdf
  8. Hi, could be in raw few more pixels than in jpeg of the same shot? I have 3456 x 5184 px in JPG and 3465 x 5202 px in CR2 from Canon 600D. Seems to be/show the same in another software, found this when tried to put another layer of original JPG over edited RAW. Thanks!
  9. From the Export screen, I am unable to change the dimension unit of measure from pixel to anything else (pt, inch, etc). In the calculator-style entry dialog, I select the desired unit, but Affinity Photo appears to ignore it when I close the dialog. Using 2017 iPad Pro with v
  10. I've read before that Affinity has no plans to take on a live dimensioning/ CADtools-esque functionality in the near future, but can you PLEASE reconsider! This is such a gaping hole in the industry of environmental designers (and frustrated Adobe customers). Please please consider! -S
  11. Hi all, I cannot find the information of the dimension of my selection. If I use the rectangle marquee tool around my design - I supposed to see the dimension of the current selection in the transformation panel, or in the navigator. But there is none. Because now I have to "guess" and create my artboards by eye, move the content of my mockup into the artboard and adjust the artboard afterwards. Thanks, Stefan.
  12. I have a problem, I created an A4 brochure that I then exported to PDF for submission to the print service. On affinity dimensions are correctly indicated 210x297mm. While in the PDF file are 210,06x297,01mm. They are minimal numbers but they block the procedure. Why is this difference? Thank you
  13. I downloaded the Affinity Photo beta and just to see what it can do for me in this particular project and while it does offer absolute dimensions without resizing, I'm realizing that also being able to resize it with those dimensions should also be added...as in a checkbox that says "crop and resize." Thus, when I crop with dimensions, I can also have it resize the item affected to adjust size automatically. Here's what I'm after. I have a photo and I want it to be 129px by 194px, but the photo is of a different size and aspect. So, I go to crop, tell it I want a 129px by 194px crop, but the subject of the photo is still just out of range of that size. So if I then could check "crop and resize," I would expect the crop box to keep it's 129 by 194 aspect ratio, but allow me to size it up to encompass the whole subject of the photo I'm after. Then it would crop the photo and adjust it to fit the subject in question. I realize that there could be many cases where this just simply wouldn't work, but could work very well for a photo of a person who has a lot of background imagery that just isn't important. If the box ends up cropping outside the photo, then the crop could simply add in background to make the thing fit. That might also be another checkbox or perhaps a prompt, "The image cannot be cropped and resized. Would you like to add background to fit?" If yes, then let the user choose the background color, use an image or to make it transparent. If not, then they simply need to figure out another path ahead. Thoughts?
  14. Hey. I just bought the newly released version and I'm excited to get going with it. I'm already trying to use it with photos I've been given at work that need to be cropped and resized, but it's very difficult to crop and then resize them without them being distorted, so it basically becomes guesswork. How Photoshop makes that process easier is to allow the user to crop with dimensions, so that the crop is already at the dimension that you're seeking. No resizing becomes necessary. Can we add that functionality in, please?
  15. Hi there, I'm new to the forum and the Affinity software. I have a problem while exporting as PDF for a printing lab a PSD file. The pixel dimension is shown correctly in the export persona (7135 × 2441) but when I export it as PDF I get a 1706 × 583 file Here's what I'm doing: - CMD+SHIFT+E to have a single layer to export - in export persona i select the layer, make a slice and export the slice with PDF for print preset If I choose a Jpeg or png preset the dimension is correct. If I export the same file as PDF with photoshop I have the same dimension. What am I doing wrong? Also, it takes a solid 5 minutes. While Photoshop does it (with comparable parameters) in less than a minute. If needed I'll upload the file via dropbox or similar, it is 200mb Thanks for your help, Andrea
  16. is it possible for example to draw a block then enter precise dimensions manually instead of having to drag to size?
  17. HI Everyone, I really don't know if there's something I'm doing wrongly or something funny is happening to my version of designer. I have 1.2. I open AD, create a new page (A4) with Print or Print Ready selected. Without adding anything to the page just yet, I check my doc details and its auto changed to photo. I'm trying to work on an A4 document, what might the problem be please. anyone?
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