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Found 5 results

  1. Omprakash Selvaraj

    A true Lightroom Photoshop combo replacement

    Affinity Photo 1.7 beta completely replaced my Photoshop needs. I would like to have a Digital Asset Management software like Lightroom from Affinity. This will enable culling and then taking them to Affinity Photo for more detailed work. So how to do image management until we get another gem from Affinity? Nikon View NX-i does the job for basic image management. View NXi + Affinity Photo is a true replacement of subscription based Adobe Photography CC plan. Right Click The Image you want to take to Affinity Photo. Register If you have not registered before. Another way to take your image to Affinity Photo.
  2. Am I the only one asking for a file import system across the range of Affinity applications… C'mon Affinity! Give us a nice neat filing system for imports, one that seamlessly uses both file metadata and embedded keywords to search for images. Manages a common file system (whether Mac or Win) of media in a number of folders in a semi-rigid way and renames imported filenames on import to correspond to its predesigned workflow. Duh!
  3. Hey, Welcome to another episode from the SMTV camp. Whilst we patiently wait for a way to store and organise our pics from the team, have a look at this tutorial. We take a look at how you can (with a little hack) create a 1 - 5 star rating system inside of Affinity photo to organise and rate those gems of yours. Create a rating system inside of Affinity Photo Enjoy, Allan.
  4. Hey all, Take a look at this,.. In this tutorial we look at using a really cool app called Lingo to organise and store your assets, - icons, logo's illustrations, photos etc and how it works seamlessly with the Affinity Apps. Organising your assets -Tutorial Don't forget to click subscribe to stay up to date... Allan
  5. As a new user I appreciate the capabilities of Affinity Photo. However having gotten used to the ease of importing into my Lightroom library I am seeking advice on an alternative for downloading and organizing images. At present I am trying an all "manual " approach with each import being named by date/subject(s) then place into a master folder of images. Would love to hear your thoughts on how you do it. Of course I can continue to use my Lightroom Library but switching to an all Affinity workflow is my goal. Mike B