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Found 10 results

  1. I'm getting reproducible behavior with this sequence: Make a selection on pixel layer>Edit>Fill>Deselect When I deselect, the unselected part from the original selection also fills, making the whole layer a solid color. See screen captures for the before and after. You can even see the selection is active in the before image. I found that this also happens when I use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+F5 but it doesn't happen if I fill using the fill tool (paintbucket). I've been experiencing this for a while now. I think I noticed it even before I installed Mojave on my late 2015 iMac, but definitely ever since I installed Mojave.
  2. Is it possible to disable deselect as a history step? If I perform 5 actions, then undo 3 and click off an object by mistake, it erases my redo history.
  3. In the just released 1.6.6 retail version of Affinity Photo for Mac, pressing the Escape key does not deselect/clear the currently selected layer. The History panel shows a "Deselect" step every time I press the Escape key but the layer remains selected. This does not happen in Affinity Designer 1.6.0, even for the same document when I switch from AP 1.6.6 to AD 1.6.0 via the File menu > Edit in command. I am using OS X Sierra v10.12.6, recently updated with the Security Update 2017-001 patch.
  4. When I scroll down in a long list of layers to activate/deactivate some other layer it scrolls back up to the current highlighted/selected one. Unfortunately that is really annoying when I want to change background layers while I edit the front layer. So I have to scroll down again to find that layer again. So may I ask you to fix this bug that it doesn't scroll back? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi everyone! How can I lock layer's selection so if i click outside of the layer, It wouldn't be deselected? It's useful mostly in moving layers and working with vectors.
  6. I'm trying to selectively brighten my photo, so I used the selection brush to do so. However, after I deselected one of the selections, my brightening edits continued to change that previously selected portion, but don't change any of my new selections. How do I stop it from editing previously selected material? Thanks!
  7. Hi, is there a possibility to deselect single points (I am sure this ist not the correct term) in the curves (in Affinity Photo) without resetting the whole thing? I am new to the forum. Sorry if it was discussed somewhere else already, I couldn't find anything... Greetings and thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys, second time asking about this. Keyshort input isn't working to setup "deselect" in Designer draw mode. I am attempting to setup a command-shift-a keyshort to deselect in draw mode designer. I am able to input the keyshort but it doesn't work. In fact the command-d keyshort default doesn't work either (only in pixel mode even though it is shown in the draw mode keyshort prefs window). Only the escape key seems to work to deselect and I'd prefer to stay with my 25 plus year muscle memory keyshort. Is this a bug or designed behaviour and if designed I'm wondering why have the ability to assign a keyshort and have it not work?
  9. Seems like this might be a bug: you can pick the "Deselect All" command from the Select menu when there is no selection, over and over... Should it be grayed out? Happens in both vector and pixel personas...
  10. Command A doesn't invoke Select All, have to use the menu.
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