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Found 7 results

  1. firstdondiego

    Selection issues

    So, after this update to the latest version of AP, the ability to delete selections is no longer a thing apparently. It will only delete the entire image. No matter how I go about changing the selection or what selection method I use, it's only deleting the whole image. Why is that?
  2. The docs I am creating are simple text docs with small PNG imports (three-page doc). This did not happen on the pre-1.7.0 beta but only on the 1.7.0 beta. I have reported these via the Apple window after a crash but thought I should post them here. These crashes occurred when I deleted a window, when I cut a window to paste it elsewhere and sometimes simply when I moved around in the doc. A related problem is that when I deleted or cut a selected window on page two, everything on page one disappeared. I undo and then cut the text out of the window on the second page and paste it in a window on page one, and the delete the text box. It appears that there is a bug in 1.7.0 beta related to deleting, cutting even saving (a couple times a simple CMD S caused a crash). All of the above is not consistent since at times I can work for some time without problems. As I proceed I will try to keep a better record to pinpoint the pre-crash process. All the best in solving these and other bugs. In spite of these bugs, AfPub is a joy work with.
  3. I'm not exactly sure how to phrase this, so I've been having a hard time finding information in a search. I have an image with a canvas size of 1800 by 2700 pixels. One layer contains a photo that's 5460 x 1698. I'd like to delete all the excess of that photo. Basically everything outside the 1800 x 2700 canvas. I've tried cropping, clipping the canvas, and erasing, but nothing seems to work. (The eraser is not working at all on that layer for some reason.) My file is huge because of all this extra stuff in the background. Is there some simple way of getting rid of it? Does one of the tutorial videos cover this topic?
  4. As you can see in the attached image I am trying to figure out how to keep the arc of a shape of line when deleting nodes. On the left is the Corel Draw X8 example and on the right is the Affinity Design example. Is this possible? Corel Draw can do. Is there a way to do this in AD? Is there some type of setting that can be turned off or on? Please help. Thank you.
  5. I installed the 'Trial Version about 7 days ago from Affinity Photo website. Now I have purchased Affinity Photo from the Mac AppStore, so I now have two versions on my computer. How do I delete the 'Trial Version? Thanks
  6. I know this is the most basic of basic, but I can't find it. I'm going 'cold turkey' off Fireworks, and am SPELLBOUND with the power of this $39 program. I could maybe get rid of my Creative Cloud $29 per month charge if I can use A.D. instead of Fireworks AND Illustrator. BUT... one of the first things I tried to do was to delete a selection made with the selec. brush. I don't want to mess with masks nor layers, I just want to 'erase it' off the jpg, png (or whatever) image. After selection, even if I go to the Edit menu, CUT is not available. Delete says to use the Delete key, but it doesn't work either. What am I missing in such a SMALL thing. Feel so stupid asking such a basic question. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ess
  7. Hello--apologies for this simple question. Newbie here. I have scanned from a simple sketch on paper and placed it in AD. My issue is that the 'white' background paper (and its ever greyer paper edges) shows and I don't know how to eliminate it simply. Is there a simple button fix? Do I have to mask? Erase? I was hoping for an easy solution since I will be scanning dozens like this. All help appreciated. I attached the document. Cheers, Connie