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Found 33 results

  1. Hi, When you choose to "Save As" for a new document, Affinity Photo defaults to ".afphoto", its native file format. If I wish to "Save As" to a different format, I have to "Export" instead. There may be numerous reasons why this is the default way Affinity Photo works, but it is really annoying. Why can't we choose which method to "Save As" when we, select "Save As", without having to resort to exporting instead? Users complained about this in Gimp for many years. As an artist I save the largest majority of my images, like many do I expect as .jpg, or .png. perhaps even .PSD to be compatible with other people. Occasionally I will use .aphoto, but I have to consider future archival options too. Other software doesn't open .afphoto files either, at least, not yet. Instinctively you head over to "Save As", intending to save your work, then think, "Damn!" and then have to cancel, then select the "Export" option from the menu instead. You might say that I'll get used to it eventually, but I've been using Affinity Photo since it came out and I still fall into the trap. I know that Affinity Photo's native file format is best for Affinity Photo, so it includes all your Adjustments etc, but can't we have the choice? Just a drop down menu like other software like Photoshop where Affinity chooses by default it's propitiatory format, but allows you to select an alternative if necessary? The "Export" option is so unnecessary, not just for me, but everyone I've talked to who uses Affinity Photo. Can we have the option please? Even if it's a option to tick in the Preferences? Thanks, Jay.
  2. I'm trying to just get a basic brush but everything that says 'reset' doesn't rest them (under more button and also under preferences pane)...any other ideas or is this a bug?
  3. Hey there, I always forget to check the "Save History File with Document" after creating a new one. I understand, that not everybody wants to save the history by default, because it would make a lot of files a lot larger (I guess so?). But for others it would be nice to have a Checkbox in the (User-)Settings to get the history saved with the document by default when saving a document. Perhaps it would even be possible, to have a "per document"-exception-setting. Greetings, Johannes
  4. I am using the pen tool in Affinity Designer to create shapes, and the default stroke weight is 0.2 pt. However, I primarily use the stroke weight of 5 pt. Can I change the default to 5 pt?
  5. Recently picked up a copy of Affinity photo and though much of the program works like photoshop and was easy to switch to, I found some short cut keys missing which I feel are very important. There are no short cut keys for changing the foreground and background colors to Black and White (Photoshop has the letter D) and there is no short cut for reverting back to the original image (Photoshop has the '\' key).
  6. When a user "Exports" an image, the default selected field should be the Size > Width field. Currently, the default selected field is the "Aspect Ratio Lock" (see screenshot). This is a very minor feature request, but changing the Aspect Ratio is much less common then changing the image size. Please make the default selected field: the size > width field. Thank you for your time, consideration, and the excellent photo editing software!
  7. The "blend mode" drop down selector in "Layer Effects" panel is very stubborn in this build; it keeps resetting back to the default value, no matter what i change it to. Affinity Photo CB
  8. It's been a while, but it seems to me that in the MegaCompetition's apps, if you pressed D, you got a default black stroke & white fill. Is there any equivalent, or other shortcut strategy, to accomplish this in Designer? thanks in advance, - pbass
  9. I've tried manually dragging them apart and back to their original locations, as well as searching the 'View' and other main menus but haven't yet found how to uncouple them. Additionally, when I select something from the 'leaps' in front of the now combination Layer/Transform-panel. I'd love to know the 'How & Why' to this as it may come in handy in the future. But for now, I'd like to return the 'studio' to its original default panel set. *AD 1.5.4 on a MacBook Pro* Would someone please enlighten me? Thanks much, -Christo
  10. I've moved the toolbars around all over the place, and I would like to get them back to how they were by default.
  11. How do I set the default font for all my documents?
  12. I'd really like to have the feature that when you double click on a slider bar, it defaults back to the 'default' value. A lot of times this is just at the 0 value position. Lightroom and some other editing software have this feature, and I really like it.
  13. In separated mode in Designer and Photo, is there a way to change the default window size to fill my monitor every time I open or create a new document? Currently it's opening or creating everything at 68.8% every time as a floating window in the upper left corner area... the floating part I expected but I'd ideally like it to fill my monitor every time. It's not a big deal but just one of those things that get's annoying on the 23rd time.
  14. Possibly already mentioned somewhere but how do I reset all tools and or brushes to default?
  15. Does anyone know what's the default setting for saving (not exporting) JPEG? After editing JPEG files with layers flattened, we could "save" the file directly. However, I don't know the quality and other settings when saving JPEG. I know I could export JPEG file with the settings I want, but to speed up the workflow, it'd be great if I could know and adjust the settings of default JPEG saving. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Sleepy
  16. I've changed the color and alpha in the settings for Grid and Snapping Axis on Affinity Designer for Windows, and I'm unable to reset them back to factory default. Could you please give me the default RGB and Alpha values for the primary and secondary grids? Thanks!
  17. Is there a way to select a default file type (AI, EPS, PDF, etc.) in Designer?
  18. Hi again, When playing with embedded documents, two things are missing to me (but perhaps I've not found them yet) Let's say my embedded document has a width of 1024px. Once embedded to a parent document, we can decide (quite often) to resize it, and if ever, I'm missing: • An information on the transform panel telling me by how much it has been resized from its original size. (ie. transformed width = 643px --> scale would show somewhere 62,79% • A button + right click menu entry, etc. to instantly scale it back to it's original dimension What do you think?
  19. I'd like to clarify the role of the 'Document' when using artboards. I've created a number of files to combine into a single brochure and each one is on an artboard (to ease the final PDF export). To create the combined file I wanted to start with a blank document and embed all the files as kind of 'pages' in the order of my choosing. The problem I find is that the default 'Document' on a blank new file can't be deleted, except when you create an artboard, then it disappears (superceded by the artboard). So I have to start with one of my 'pages', then add more artboards, then re-save the file. But the starting 'page' won't be embedded in the same way as the rest. It just feels slightly disjointed and I wonder if I'm approaching this wrong?
  20. Have you meant it to be like this? It's always turn text to be Arial 12px. So I try to modify the default to be the same as store version(1.4.2) but I cannot understand the 'Synchronise default from selection' tool, how it work? Please help me.
  21. Hi, Is there a way to set which preset is the default under Export Options in the Export Persona? Having to reselect my preset for each image gets tedious when I'm exporting over 50 images. I know there's a batch processing option coming in 1.5 but is there a workaround in the meantime? Thanks!
  22. It would be nice to have an option for the "default font size". This could also be saved within a document and be set as "advanced options" if one creates a new document.
  23. I'm sure this is super basic, but so am I. I messed up my side bar/inspector and I cannot get it back to its default. Is there a quick fix for this?
  24. Hi, Is it possible to set a different default crop setting. I made a new one and want that one to be default when I choose the crop tool. Cheers Marco
  25. Maybe a side effect of what I was used to before AD (let's call it Anno Designer -AD- :P), but I greatly appreciate the automatic selection of "Export Selection" mode (as opposed to "Export whole document") in packages such as Pixelmator or OmniGraffle when you choose Export with something highlighted, and I miss it in AD. Is there a way I can achieve that in AD? At the moment, everything is driven from the document size but if you're experimenting you just set up a large canvas and try out ideas, and to then have to hammer everything back into a specific document size is quite an enterprise - ironically losing the whole benefit of vectorisation to pixel related issues. So far, the only way way I have found to exercise some control is by using an Export Persona Slice, but here too, you must start with first mapping the elements you want to export into one group, as the slice creation tool will otherwise create a slice for each component. Maybe a modifier to the "Create Slice" button would help. If you could alt-click or shift-click to create one SINGLE slice of all the selected layers instead of a herd of individual slices of each selected layer it would already be a big step forward. Anything I missed?