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Found 9 results

  1. WIndows 10 Home (1803), Designer I've just noticed that a thick dashed stroke doesn't seem to be rotated/skewed/sheared (or whatever) properly when fitted to an Isometric plane. See attached image where the versions are - from left to right - fitted to Top, Side, and Front (afdesign document also attached). Notice the shapes of the ends of the dashes; they don't fit with the rectangle. Workflow to reproduce: * New document; * Create black rectangle; * Create thick dashed line, with a butt or square cap (so it's easier to see); * Put dashed line within the rectangle layer; * Open Isometric studio (and create grid if necessary); * Select the Top plane; * Press "Fit to plane". dotted stroke on isometric plane.afdesign
  2. In Beta on Windows 10, any time I adjust the Dash settings under Decorations, the stroke reverts from its set width to nothing, effectively removing the dashed stroke i'm trying to adjust.
  3. As per title: a line can be either solid with a pressure profile, or dashed, but not both. See this thread for discussion and my current workaround, but it is less than ideal. Thanks.
  4. It's what the title says, a dashed line will look weird when aligned to the inside/outside of an object. Looks fine when centered. Please see attached image. Thanks!
  5. I adjusted the length and the space under stroke/dash to what I desired. The path was not connected as one continuous line. Then I decided to connect the ending nodes and noted that the length of the dash changed. Is this correct or a bug. Thanks. PS: I have now found that when the path is *not* continuous I can lower the length of the dash and it responds correctly. When I make the path continuous not only does the length of the dash default to a longer dash, but I can no longer reduce the length of the dash to what it was when the path was not continuous. Thus it appears that there is a limit of length in a continuous broken line beyond which no adjustment of dash length registers. When I break the continuous line, my desired shorter dash reappears.
  6. I notice that I cannot use Tab to get to move to the next option in the Dash line under stroke. I'm wondering if this is an oversight of intentional.
  7. Hello, When exporting this logo to EPS or PDF (haven't tried all formats), I'm losing a piece of the dash detail from the source file. Source file attached too. AD 1.5.1 Thank you SJI Logo Final.afdesign
  8. I started this thread because a search for “Dashed Lines” turned up nothing. I am having excellent results making working drawings so far. What I can not seem to find is how to turn a “Line” into a “Dashed Line” and being able to set the length of the segments and the space in-between them. For drawing with hidden lines this is a must. I know I can create the effect using individual segments but I also know that Core Graphics has built in routines for doing exactly this. Max AD Ver 1.0.18771 
  9. Option-hyphen and option-shift-hyphen don't yield the en and em dashes—where are they? Great program all considered!