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Found 709 results

  1. Hello, Great work on the new Designer / Photo release @affinity! I have a bug in Designer stable and beta (, when I try to open / activate the Brushes Panel the app crashes instantaneously. I had this problem earlier too, but was relieved when I saw it fixed in the previous release ( Now it's back. I had the same problem with Photo too. Now Photo won't launch at all (since the Brush panel is open by default I think, so resetting the Studio does not help). Yes, I tried removing all third party brushes, and as I said previous release worked without any problems. Any help is appreciated. (How do I roll back my active Designer / Photo instance to an earlier version? Simply uninstall and reinstall using the previous installer?) Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am using Affinity Photo App version on Windows 10 Pro Intel i9 CPU 32GB RAM. While running Affinity Photo in batch mode for JPG processing (to apply custom macro filter) the tool is crashing right after hitting OK button in "New Batch Job" Dialog box. I have tried unchecking Parallel processing option but to no avail. Please find the marco file attached for replicating issue. JPG photo resolution is 1702x2560 pixel. Denoise_Macro_Jan10_2020.afmacro
  3. AP crashes reproducibly when attempting a frequency separation. I usually do this from inside a macro that implements a widge filter. Interestingly the preview works, but as soon as I apply the macro it crashes. It also crashes when using the frequency separation directly. System info inside crash report: Crash report, Callstack etc is attached. CallStack_etc.rtf
  4. Hi, on starting any of the affinity apps they crash and will not open. I have deleted the apps and reinstalled. No difference. I have deleted the container files. No difference. I have given the apps all full disk access. No difference. And each time I restarted. The error reports are attached. Thanks, Peter Affinity Photo [582] crash file ProcessAffinity Designer [763]
  5. During setting up and altering a FX Gradient overlay settings AD crashes under OSX El Capitan, see the supplied video for the taken steps ... screencast.mp4
  6. I deleted some of the linked photos in my APub doc from the Finder. When I tried opening the file clicking on any of the three options causes the program to crash. I am not sure if this has to do with the new pre-flight tool? It eventually opened on the third or fourth try.
  7. Hello, when I double click the top or bottom of a text frame to resize it, Publisher continues to crash. Now that I've discovered what causes the crash, Publisher/that file wont open without crashing. Also, it crashes the new beta version too. I experienced this same problem during the original beta - apparently it hasn't been fixed? I would prefer not to have to redo all the work I've put into this so far. Please help! 2256 KBR Typesetting.afpub
  8. Hi everyone, Affinity photo crashes every time I use the defringe tool to remove purple outlines in photos. I am editing .jpg files and get the same result with multiple different files. When I click on the purple area the software will show a preview of the image with fringing removed, but when I click apply, the whole app shuts down. I have MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 and Affinity Photo 1.7.3. Would be great if anyone knows a way to fix this. Thank you.
  9. I am trying to edit a series of PDFs to redact sensitive information. Upon completing the edit of one file, I tried to save and not only did Designer crash, it crashed and restarted my whole machine without warning. Connected to this, I am editing PDFs and then trying to save them back as PDF. It is REALLY annoying that it is not possible to edit and save the PDFs without Designer wanting to save as a AFDesigner file. All I am doing is opening, deleting and wanting to save. Instead, I have to open, edit, not save as work progresses and then export to overwrite the original file. It was this clunky workflow that resulted in the aforementioned crash. I was editing the file, hit save and then remembered I needed to export, so I hit the escape key. Designer paused for a few seconds and then completely crashed my MacBook Pro.
  10. My Affinity Photo program just quits in the middle of editing a raw or processed photo - no particular step or action that seems to cause it. Unexpectedly, right out of the blue. A lot of work lost and a lot of time spent searching for answers. I see that there are a lot of posts in the forum re: Crashing. And, without a definitive solution. I'll continue to monitor the forum for a real solution - not a work-around. In the meantime I've shelved the program.
  11. Steps: Open Designer, load a project, begin working, randomly but regularly crashes to desktop with no message or dialogue. Sometimes it will stay open for over a half an hour, most times it will crash within a few minutes. I can't work with this program as it is, so I'd like to solve this. If there is any other information that would be valuable please let me know. Find attached the dump files as well as dxdiag for system info. Thanks! 1f31bb34-48d2-46be-845a-120d73a19296.dmp 4c3cdae7-b329-4bb8-b11f-3e3e2b2446fa.dmp 55aa9e29-9981-4fea-b65e-0cc957b28dc5.dmp 346e2f45-f7d9-41ca-b694-21b261da082b.dmp cda8490f-24e2-4351-85e3-101cd10d959a.dmp DxDiag.txt
  12. For a good while now, my Affinity Photo keeps crashing right after launch, no error no nothing (I see the startup window for a fraction of a second but that's it). There's no background process running either. I tried repairing and reinstalling multiple times, didn't help. I even installed 1.7.2, but this version didn't work either. I have the same Version installed on a laptop, where it works without any issues whatsoever. I hope you'll be able to help me.
  13. I have a windows 10 update 1809 - x64 My Affinity Photo does not work, I did a clean installation of windows and I installed the program normally by the Microsoft Store, however when opening the program it loads completely and it opens, and it closes without any kind of report, I already tried to reinstall the program, but it did not work. Can someone help me?
  14. Normally I don't work for print, so this is probably the first time I use print in Affinity Designer. I have a file with a simple shape on it only and when I try to print this to the printer the following sequence is consistent: - Printing the first time: Affinity Designer doesn't do anything, the printer isn't printing - Printing a second time after this: Affinity Designer crashes and closes itself completely Trying the above steps again after restarting again and again everytime the exact same thing happens. The printer is working fine, never had any problems with it and when I print with other software there's no problem at all; the printer immediately prints without any problem in other software. See attachment for the used designer-file. testfile.afdesign [edit] The problem seems to be in the custom printer profile file. When using the default settings there's no problem printing. But when using an earlier saved printer profile the problem as described above arises. I've compared the settings of the default settings with my custom printer profile, but the only thing that's different seems to be that the default looks at 'defined by driver' for paper format and the custom profile is set to A4. But when I set the default profile to A4 too it still works, so that's not the problem. The only difference I notice between the profile-settings and the default settings is that in the graphic dotted red lines appear when using the custom profile from the dropdown. Not sure what that means, as all settings in all tabs I compared seem to be exactly the same. I get the impression the older printer profile files are not compatible with the latest Designer version or there is a problem in loading/interpreting the profile file correctly? This is how the graph looks in default settings (I only changed paper size to A4 here, but it also works when set to printer default): And this is how the graph looks with custom settings loaded by profile (see red dotted lines) Here's the profile: my-print-profile.profile
  15. Everytime I open a specific file, Affinity immediately crashes to desktop. Any ideas? I've attached the file in question. berzerker.afpub
  16. Hi, I've a mobile shot panorama photo and when this photo with affinity, it closes automatically. No error / report on the screen. please can you help. PS - cannot upload the photo, attached screen print.
  17. Hello, to get away from Adobe CC, we bought Affinity (Photo, Designer and Publisher) on the Affinity website and worked with it for a few weeks to our great satisfaction. 3 days ago we wanted to implement the Google NIK Collection in Affinity Photo, but we couldn't complete the process because my Mac is frozen. After a reboot we couldn't start Affinity Photo anymore. The application icon bobbed in the dock, but it didn't open. Even a new installation with a fresh DMG version 1.7.3 didn't change the fact that Affinity Photo didn't start anymore. The other two programs Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher work so far, but if I use the Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer, the program freezes after a while. To work with the Affinity Collection without problems, I need a working Affinity Photo, because I don't want to use Adobe Photoshop anymore. What can I do to make Affiniy Photo work again on my Mac? Thank you for any further information! Detlef
  18. Affinity 1.7.2 Mac OS 10.14.6 MacBook Air 2018. I really like to use the affinity extension within Photos as it provide useful tools and a very simple workflow. However every time I use the Affinity develop extension it crash when closing. This happens every time I try and always with the same error message "Unable to edit with Affinity Develop, unexpected error occurred". What can I do to get this resolved? MatsF
  19. Affinity Designer for iPad crashes every time I copy a layer from one drawing and paste it into another drawing.
  20. edited - I'm using ver. -open image (tried 4 or 5 different images), or create new document (created a blank document then paint bucket fill) -add curves adjustment - crash, every time, tried many (10+) times I opened an image and added a curves adjustment and it crashed. It looks like I can't make a curves adjustment layer at all without crashing Photo. Created a blank image and got the same result. I tried every type of adjustment layer and only the curves adj. failed. specs Win 7 Home Premium x64 MSI B540 Tomahawk Ryzen 7 2700x Radeon RX 590 (software version 19.8.2)
  21. I am having repeated crashes when reordering pages in a four page document. There are some blank pages that I am trying to get rid of and then rearrange page order for different exports. It has become impossible. The first file is the .afpub that is crashing when a page is moved or a blank page deleted: Dec2019Jan2020Beaconlayout.afpub The second file is the crash report: AffinityPublisherCrash.rtf The third final is the final product that we are trying to achieve, which we created by exporting one page at a time and then building in Preview: Dec2019Jan2020BeaconWebResolution.pdf This is very aggravating and time consuming. Clanks McGraw--in Philly
  22. Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 on Mac OS 10.14.6 crashes, when changing document layout from facing pages to single. I have two master pages, A and B -> B is using A as master. Document has one page, with content, also outside document area. Publisher crashes everytime ticking Facing pages.
  23. I've been trying to recreate my character sheet for the Marvel Super Heroes RPG using publisher. On Windows 10, it causes a BSOD on save. On my Mac Pro (mid-2010) running macOS Mojave, it will cause a beachball of death after about ten to twenty minutes of use. At which point I have to power off the system and continue on the next boot. Rinse and repeat until finished. This is totally unacceptable for a pro product.
  24. While working in Affinity Publisher ( on Windows 10, version 1903 Styles panel, Paragraph, Bullets & Numbers, Bullet, Text, MORE I wanted to add other bullets, accessed through the MORE icon box. Every time I click on MORE, it crashes and gives me the Blue Screen. I have no idea what to do now. Thank you for your help!
  25. Designer crashed and brought down my computer. After rebooting, Designer won't open. I've tried restarting Windows again. Watching the task manager, I can see Affinity Designer open in the background processes for roughly one second before disappearing. NVidia graphics card, up to date on drivers. Event Viewer is showing a .NET Runtime error: Application: Designer.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.NullReferenceException at Backtrace.BacktraceDatabase.LoadReports() at Backtrace.BacktraceDatabase.Start() at Serif.Affinity.Application.SetupBacktrace() at Serif.Affinity.Application..ctor() at Designer.Application.Main(System.String[])

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