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Found 801 results

  1. Note: Font used in the document is Coval and can be downloaded here, it is open source: https://localfonts.eu/freefonts/bulgarian-cyrillic/coval/ OS: Windows 10 v. 1909 Processor AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics, 2900 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s) RAM: 32 GB (I also attached a copy of the System Information file) Attached are 3 crash dumps from Affinity Publisher and all produced doing the same operation. Issue: 1. Open the attached document. 2. Attempt to add a new single page to the document. Add the page before page 1 and use Master B as the Master. 3. Affinity Publisher will crash immediately. I was not LRB_single_page_layout_A6_.bg.afpub JeffShergalis_SystemInfo.nfo 70575138-a163-4217-930e-feccfdddde5f.dmp 2a7c5215-17bb-49a6-ba83-fab4681bdf75.dmp 324eb7b3-14f7-4f7b-9847-3acc7a2df453.dmp
  2. Affinity Photo won't launch (launches, briefly shows in Task Manager. then quietly dies). I figured I'd try to update and see if the latest version works, but the installer does the same thing. Briefly launches, then dies without any error messages. I do not have any of the listed conflicting software installed, I disabled my antivirus. That didn't work. The Uninstaller does work fine (meaning I uninstalled and can't check which version I had installed. New installer won't run after uninstall either). Affinity Designer has the same issue and won't launch either. Installed version for that is on Windows 10 x64 All other software on my PC (that I've tried so far) opens perfectly fine. 6c225bb1-655f-4d28-a8bb-dff32b7f52c9.dmp
  3. I have a MacBook Pro late 2011 edition running Mac OS high Sierra . I recently purchased affinity designer after owning the iPad version for years . Right from the first time the app crashes and won’t open !!! I have attached the crash report . Please help ! text.txt
  4. After opening Designer and using it for like 10 seconds or so, it simply closes. No error, nothing. This happens not every time but most of the time. I can't seem to find a solution or what is causing the issue. But this issue started appearing after the latest update. What would you need to investigate this issue? 87501147-3050-48c6-b07f-b9bf8746aa70.dmp
  5. After Photo and Designer I also use Publisher. After the installation I tried to create a first new document and every time Publisher crashes. It does not matter what I do, Publisher crashes when I try to create a new document. After that I tried to open an already existing PDF document. The same problem, Publisher crashes immediately. Photo and Designer on the other hand work perfectly! Any idea? Thanks a lot! Malcolm
  6. Hello, I am using Affinty to replace PS for about one mounth. It works mostly, but there are many glitch which feel weird. I will list a few: - Select (lasso) is extremely slow. The lasso is late compare to the mouse pointer. Sometimes is also does not work: You draw your selection, but nothing is selected, you redraw it, it works.. This kind of function was already instant on an Amiga 500.. how can it be slow on a modern PC ? - Change the brush size using the mouse (using Ctrl-Alt) is totally weird. Sometime the position on the pointer jumps to somewhere else. And even it it does not change, its a total painful experience. One ends up using the brush properties in the tool bar on the top - Exporting to Tiff (16bit with layers) usually produce a corrupted tiff and the picture is lost - Performance is sub optimal. PS CS6 on a MBP 2012 feels way faster than Affinity on a PC i7 8 cores/64Gb/RTX 2080 - I deeply dived in mask.. still could not figure out how the works. I could not thing about any logical function.. Sometime it works, sometimes it does, sometimes, it remove parts of the pictures.. -> Is it possible using one mask, to mask the content of a group ? If yes, how -> Would it be possible to add the option: "Mask behaviour like in PS" `? - Open a big tiff, resize, correct prespective and then flatten -> Affinity can not save this picture anymore. -> Work lost. -> the same without flatten -> it works - The Level tools only show the per channel clipping, if the master level is >0. - Afffinty crahes a lot. mainly while loading big file, Inpainting or just like this. Questions: Are others experiencing such issue ? Will the usability of the software be improved anytime soon ? Regards
  7. I have installed the latest version of affinity Publisher today and started working on it. When I am typing space through spacebar the software crashes and closes down without any warning. It happens with older files and new files both. It is a very serious problem, as typing space is very natural and I press spacebar without even knowing.
  8. I have a problem opening RAW files direct, I've tried Sony ARW raw files from my A7iii and Canon CR2 files from my 6D. Affinity Photo crashes immediately after displaying the embedded jpg preview file. I'm running version on Windows 10 v1909. I don't usually open raw files direct as I usually round trip TIFFs from Capture One. If I open the same RAW files using the "Open in Affinity Photo" option in Capture One the RAW opens correctly without crashing. Similarly using the right click "Open with" menu in Explorer opens the RAW without crash. The problem seems to only happen if the file is opened directly from the File - Open menu in AP. Is this a know problem and is there a fix or work around for it?
  9. Computer and Software are up to date, but Designer keeps crashing when I try to enter export persona.
  10. Hello! So, i was working on a new template for a CD cover, and as i was doing my thing, it crashed. I tried again, same results without knowing why. Then i discovered that writing the word "oeuvre" without the œ is fine, until i press spacebar to go to the next word, the autocorrect from Publisher that switches "oeuvre" into "œuvre" is causing the crash. I searched for similar problems, tried the cache clear, tried different fonts, same conclusion. BUT something is odd because when i'm trying to reproduce the crash, it doesn't come necessarily on the first try (i mean just writing the word oeuvre for example), i can write 5-6 times the word. FUN FACT : c/c the word with the œ included doesn't make the software crash. Sometimes it crashes right away, sometimes i have to write with the text tool, sometimes with the image box converted into a text box, sometimes i can do both. And the crash has two "endings", one is a clean crash, Publisher closes itself, the other Publisher freezes (blabla is not responding), and i have to close it manually in the tasks manager. I've been using Publisher since march 2020, never been bothered, even with the font i used to crashtest the problem, already used the word oeuvre for sure, so the question is : is it a bug from my side, or from the software side ? Sincerely, Azs.
  11. Affinity Photo version: (Beta) Flow: Start Affinity Photo Open WebP image file Use Crop tool to change image size Affinity Photo unexpectedly closed I attached photo that I tried crop. 1.webp
  12. Affinity Photo 1.8.4 crashes when using the patch tool on Mac 10.13.6 High Sierra. Whenever I use the patch tool and click to set the patch, spinning ball appears, then eventually AP crashes. I don't want to update my Mac since I still use the stand alone Lightroom 6. Occasionally AP will crash with the healing brush tool also. Attached screen shot of problem report.
  13. Version 1.8.4 Whenever I attempt to move to a page in the document by entering a number, Designer crashes... every time.
  14. Past 3 days encountering random crashes. Working on a simple node edit AD crashed, returning to the iPad’s Home Screen. Returning to the project it would randomly crash regardless of the attempted operation. Crash has been occurring after 3-8 mins of use. It consistently happens when attempting to return to my gallery from any project. I updated to iOS 14 2 days ago with the same results. App Store auto updates turned ‘on’. Help!
  15. The crash can be 100% reproduced on my computer. The file is attached. step 1: delete the btn symbol step 2: ctrl+z twice to undo "delete" and "set current selection" then AD crashes. Windows 7 64 bit crash symbols.afdesign
  16. Hi I noticed when trying to exporting one tile of a pattern via psd for photoshop CC that it got stuck on generating Export and my iPad would accidentally start heating from the app overworking it even thou it’s the IPad Pro 2018. Last night when I tried before it did that for 30 minutes. It’s really buggy since the last update and crashes even when I try to move layers
  17. Hi, I've run into a reproducable crash in the current app store version (1.8.4) of Publisher that's been quite a pain for me. I'm not able to install the current beta at the moment so I can't confirm if it crashes there as well, but I suspect it would, too. Basically, every time I create a document with a certain template I made, the app will crash if I: - creat artistic text - use the "Layer->Convert to Text Path" menu option on a curve If I don't use the template and just use a built-in preset (Print->A4, for example), the app does not crash and runs just fine, so I suspect there is something in the template configuration that is causing havoc somewhere. An important detail about my computer configuration: I have Japanese installed as my secondary system language (primary being “English (South Africa)”. The template in question does have some Japanese text in it, using "Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro" font, which comes pre-installed with macOS. I mention this as issues with Japanese text have been part of previous issues I've reported here. I'm attaching the following files that I expect will be useful - TextCrash.aftemplate : the template in question - Text on Path Crash Report.txt : crash report generated when I tried to "Convert to Text Path" - Artistic Text Crash Report : crash report generated when I tried to create artistic text I hope this helps! TextCrash.aftemplate Artistic Text Crash Report.txt Text on Path Crash Report.txt
  18. “Fill tool” is doing multiple fill actions by just scrolling/browsing the “Fill Type” carousel. It’s creating multiple history states by just scrolling the “Fill Type” option and sometimes causing a slow down and even a crash! I’ve attached a video demonstrating the bug, notice the “history studio”. Restarting the app didn’t help! Affinity Photo v1.8.6 iPadOS v14.0.1 (iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd gen) IMG_0903.MP4
  19. I was working in Pixel Persona. I had selected a part of the layer that I wanted to cut and paste elsewhere. The cut would happen, but about a second later the app would crash. It's somewhat reproducible. CrashReport.txt
  20. Hey everyone! When moving objects from symbols and trying to detach them, some of them will not be detached. I have to duplicate those items to be able to detach them. Frequently, this and trying to resize the detached objects will crash Designer. I am using iPad mini 5, iOS 13.4.1, Designer 1.7.1. Best wishes, Shu
  21. Hi, i’v been using affinity photo for a while and have been suffering with this issue. Very often.. I use it on iPad Pro, iOS 13.4 and now iOS 14, but immaterial of the iOS version , I often find myself encountering the issue of affinity photo freezing, and app crashes.. as it that was not enough often the toolbar top icons layers and colours, will stop responding.. I really hope you guys can resolve this issues and also bring some new update. It seems that then affinity team has forgotten about this app, hardly any updates of fixes..
  22. It seems that dragging a symbol into a clone of itself is possible when it's a nested symbol (a symbol inside a symbol). This leads to a crash Drag the child symbol of one of the symbols to be the sibling (drop it underneath) of the parent's clone's child (the clone of itself in the other parent). Crash Bug 2.afdesign
  23. Hey everyone! When importing a symbol from another file (copy and paste), Designer crashes. I am using iPad mini 5, iOS 13.4.1, Designer 1.7.1. Best wishes, Shu
  24. Hey there, I've just downloaded the new version of Affinity Publisher. So it would be version 1.7.1. I did not have access to beta prior. This is my first experience with the software. Since I opened it up, I've been having crash issues. Can barely get through adding images to one page and the spinning/not responding starts. Sometimes if I wait a while it works it's way out of it and sometimes not. I've been working for over an hour and have only gotten through page 3 of my document. I've been searching for solutions. Here's what I've tried so far. 1. Downloaded High-Logic and uninstalled a few hundred fonts that I wasn't using. 2. Checked the appdata folder for crash reports. Those folders are all empty 3. Held down the CTRL key when I started up Publisher and checked all boxes/ set it all back to defaults. The issue persists. As I've been typing this message, Publisher finally came out of it's spin, but I'm not going to get very far at this pace. Also, for some possibly further useful information, I had this problem sporadically with Designer and since that latest update, all those issues seem to have disappeared. I'm not sure if this is something going on with my PC or ? But I did see a forum thread somewhere that suggested this is not normal for Publisher and it should not be running this way. Any ideas or treasure trails you all can send me down to try and get this handled would be most appreciated. I was so excited to use this program and cut my time in half or more, but so far it's taking me more than twice as long to get anything done. Help?
  25. Hi Team, Letting you know Affinity Designer crashes almost constantly when copying & pasting layers from one document to another. This is on iPadOS Public beta 6. I copy from 1 document to another, and change layers from there. Tried Paste Inside to no avail. I rebooted the iPad Pro this morning and no go.
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