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Found 453 results

  1. Hi! Since I updated Designer to 1.6.x I've been getting pretty constant blue screens when moving shapes between groups and layers. The most recent one happened when moving a shape between a few levels of nesting (Artboard > Group > Layer > Layer > Group > Shape). The document I've been working at is at around 75 MB. The crash is always happening while I am dragging the shape inside the tree, before I get to release the mouse button. My system has 16 gigs of RAM, Xeon E3-1231v3 and Nvidia GF GTX 770. Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Nvidia's driver v388.59 (crashed also with previous version) and Affinity Designer (crashed also with The BSOD itself reports a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION in win32kfull.sys. The crashes started to happen only after updating Designer to 1.6.x from 1.5.x and I get no crashing with other programs or games so I thought I would ask here if anyone has any ideas.
  2. It is not possible to add a gradient fill to document palette as global colour. When adding as standard colour and then trying "make global", AD crashes instantly.
  3. Working on a scanned hand painted gouache picture A4 size 300 dpi. Using 6 layers. Two of them text layers. Nothing extreme. Was going to show my partner the design, zoomed in a bit, moved the design using the mouse and the space key when the crash came. Just like that! I had not saved for a couple of minutes. I had to redo the last changes. Not much work, but irritating ... Will ask my partner to step over to my desk later to have a look, hoping it does not crash again. Sometimes I miss Photoshop. I never had any crashes there. Too many crashes in Affinity Photo now, to many ... random crashes ... To many ...
  4. By opening preferences in Affinity photo 1.6.6 the app crashes on both, my iMac and my MacBook Pro on MacOS 10.13.2.
  5. This problem has persisted at completely random times since I purchased the programs in February, 2017: When selecting "Edit in Photo" or "Edit in Designer" either one will crash. Sometimes the file is retrievable, but often not. I am running Windows 10 updated and on a more than capable desktop PC.
  6. I'm having a problem with one of my projects kicking me out when I work on it. How do I send you a crash report and what info do you need from me in order to file one?
  7. It seems like every time I use the colour picker, Affinity Designer crashes. It's been crashing all day. Affinity Colour Picker Crash Report.rtf
  8. I have Affinity Photo Affinity has stopped working. 1. I was edit raw photo from Sony 2. with split view 3. i set preset detail and preset basic 4. Affinity has stopped working during changing White balance temperature from 5800 to 5500
  9. Hello! I was trying to create a Photoshop mockup like one in Affinity Photo I just opened an image on Photo and placed a vector document which I worked on Affinity Designer. Then I applied the live perspective filter which didn't rasterize the document and worked as a perfect Photoshop smart object alternative. But whenever I try to align the corner points of the live perspective filter, the software crashes with no crash reporter popup window. And also sometimes it doesn't crash instead render the document improperly. I have attached the links for you people to take a look at the issue. Please look into this issue! I have no additional plugins installed, latest graphics drivers installed and have even tried a fresh install of the software but the issue persists. Watch this video to see AP crash when applying live perspective filter - Watch this video to see the improper rendering of the same filter when applied succesfully with no crash.
  10. This is 100% reproducible: create a layer with a live displacement map based on "Underlying layers." Copy that layer to the clipboard. Affinity Photo crashes. If you disable the live displacement map layer first, the copy succeeds. I recorded a Camtasia screen recording of the bug in action here:
  11. Hi, I have a user that is using your hard and software for Affinity and equinox 2.0. It was installed on PC1 for years and worked without any problem, suddenly it stops working. I tried to re-install the software from the CD-rom gotten at purchase, everything is fine until i try to open the .exe file and it instantly crashes(xxmodulesuite has stopped working, windows is looking for a solution) the computer has all the requirements thats asked for, I am running windows 7 with all the latest windows updates. I installed it on a similiar specs machine with Windows 7 and it works without a problem. Could this be a driver issue? I have not yet checked that all the drivers are up to date. Best regards
  12. Hey! So I've been using Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro 12.9 second gen for 2 days now. The first day I only did some sketches to test all the brushes and settings and the second day I wanted to do a new concept art piece on it. Within my workflow I tend to make masks with the Polygon pen tool and then paint over those. At first everything went great and I was really enjoying the hell out of this awesome piece of software but then the crashes started to happen. Every time I tried to make a Polygon selection, mid way putting the points down (~5 points) it would crash. I tried quitting the app, reopen it, reboot the device but nothing worked. I even tried to lower the resolution of 3000x1800 to something smaller but then it crashed while resizing. At this point I was only ~7 layers deep, and unable to continue to work in this document. I exported it and continued in Procreate, which bums me out because I really need the advanced tools that Affinity photo offers. I hope I gave you enough information about the bug, if you need anything else, please let me know. Please guys, I really need this amazing software! Cheers, Mike
  13. I got the latest Version Update von AP ,but almost all the time when i try to export my adjusted Images like Mobile Phone Images or RAW Files and save to Disk, Photo stuck in the Processing Bar ,Freeze and crashing to "Debug" or Send Report Dialog Box.Happens way too much the Last 2 Versions ,killing my work im glad i create frequent saves and also AP do autosaves. Sometimes the Export Dialog peaks on my System to 100% every time i do something here.You call this Lag,some Problems are getting solved when i deactivate the embed ICC Profile on mobile phone Images, but no clue why also happen on my DSLR Stuff.I had no issues with this 2 versions before. Maybe it helps what Live Filters i normally use: -Unsharp Mask -Highpass -Levels and others i can't recall now. System : Same as Last time
  14. I'm using the latest versions of AP ( and Neat Image plug-in ( They used to work fine together, but both have recently been updated, and I don't know whether I've used the Neat Image plug-in since the updates. AP takes an exception and crashes after the plug-in call regardless whether I'm working on .tif, .psd, or .afphoto files. Other plug-ins seem to be fine (NIK collection and PortraitPro). A week or so ago, after a crash, the Crash Reporter window came up and I filled in the info but haven't heard anything about it. I expected to see some posts here about it but don't find anything; am I the only one? I'm using Windows 8.1 64-bit and the 64-bit version of Neat Image.
  15. After upgrading from the Customer Beta to the 1.6 final release and later the 1.6.1 final release, I cannot get AD to run at all. I have done a full reinstall to no avail. I have none of the conflicting 3rd party software installed. Running AD under a debugger returns the following:
  16. I’ve had to abandon my current projects on my iPad Pro 2017 since the app has become progressively worse. I can’t merge layers or adjustments without the app crashing or freezing. When I try to export a file in jpeg, tif to my iPad photos the app crashes. I can export to my flash drive from which I can then upload to the photos section in a workaround move, hassle. I’m updated on iOS. I’ve re-installed the app twice, no luck fixing the problem. My iPad is fully loaded with ram and storage. I love this app but am now stalled in my tracks. Help!!!
  17. Hi, Whenever I select Preferences, the program crashes every time. This is causing some inconvenience. Any solutions? Mac 10.13.1 High Sierra AP 1.6.6 Thanks-
  18. All, While using Selections the I run into multiple problems which occur after initial selection. 1. Trying to drag around the canvas to refine the selection by using the any of the Selections tools and the "marching ants line" disappears and the program will either crash or act like no selection was made. Sometimes panning around the canvas will bring things back but it is hit-or-miss. 2. After refining selection to mask, New Layer with mask or New Layer the a haze appears on the mask layer. This looks like a blur has been applied with streaks all over the canvas. 3.Cannot make selection without first creating a New Pixel Later. The Selections acts as if there is no information to select until the pixel layer is created and then the layer to make selections out of is chosen. Again another hit-or-miss issue. 4. After trying to add an adjustment layer to a mask, Photo will crash and when I re-open the program the adjustment has been applied in a checker board pattern on the mask and I am unable to undo without again crashing. At this point I have to start the workflow over for any meaningful recovery. The Selections problems make this program so unstable that I cannot use it for any work on the go. I do use the desktop version on MacOS but the point of having it on my iPad is to have the flexibility to create anywhere.
  19. After upgrading to 1.6.0. Designer crashes instantly when I choose View > Studio. The same happens when I choose Help and type a letter in the search field. This happens without or with a document open. According to the AppStore there is no new upgrade available. iMac 2,8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, MacOS 10.11.6 Update: Problem seems to have been solved by starting Designer with the CTRL key pressed and deleting the proposed entries in the following dialogue box. (I found this solution in an answer to a seemingly similar problem in Photo and I thought I might give it a try.) Thanks for reading.
  20. Open new document, create a new layer, move the new layer below background. It crashes instantly for me.
  21. Affinity Designer crashes when I try to open a specific document. I have tried resetting the user settings as per Chris_Ks post here, but no change. Even when resetting everything it will still crash. I would rather not publicly upload the afdesign file here, so I uploaded it to @MEBs dropbox. I'm on Designer 1.6.0 with OSx 10.13.1 (17B48) on an old Macbook Pro early 2011 with 8GB RAM Thanks a lot
  22. Mac OS 10.13.1 Cannot open Photo anymore since OS upgrade yesterday. Reinstalled Photo. Please advise. "Photo Quit unexpectedly" ....
  23. Ever since updating to Affinity Photo starts to bog down (and often bogs down Windows too) to the point of un-usability. Sometimes it will just lock up, where Windows says the program is Not Responding. Other times, everything seems alright then, suddenly, the program has shut down with no window in sight and all work lost. I did not have these issues with the previous version and I am certain nothing else on the computer has changed besides Photo. I'm running Windows 10 (1703) with an i5-2500K @4.2 GHz, 16GB DDR3, the OS is on a 500GB SSD, and Photo is installed on a 40GB SSD. This computer screams normally. Photo is the first program to drag this system down. Any help would be appreciated. I'd be happy to provide any additional information as necessary. Thanks
  24. The new 1.6 upgrade crashed whilst trying to save to a jpeg also when trying to tone map an HDR image.
  25. It appears that Serif.Affinity provides no way to directly contact support. Disquieting. For some reason, AP updated without my knowledge to v. 1.6.6. I bought the program directly form Affinity perhaps 20 months ago. I'm trying to replace Ps6 with this tool, but it keeps being problematic. Multiple reasons, but chief is instability. The following things might be pertinent: Updated to OS X 10.13.1 ≈10 days ago. I've had some data integrity problems with DevonThinkPro but it works. Still working with them on that issue. AP is the big bang. I'm now to the point where upon opening, AP will briefly flash the work space then go down without warning or response. The OS offers to send a crash report to Apple which I've done. That file is attached. However, this is obviously Affinity's problem. I've run such utilities as I have and can't determine any particular anomaly at this end. My programming skills are so distant as to not be relevant any more thus a pass thru the crash file doesn't reveal anything to me. I've considered completely wiping AP - via App Delete - and reinstalling. Not sure if that would fix the problem or just mask it against future problems. This is the critical problem with AP. Other things such not being able to get the bonus files - trivial. The fact that the .afphoto files can't be opened by anything else - important, not critical. Inability to call ANY plug - say Macphun - demanded. Details: Late 2015 27" Retina iMac. Max RAM. OS X 10.13.1. Heavy use as photo editing device and moderate use in statistical analysis. Other normal activities. APhotoBroken.txt