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Found 6 results

  1. Windows, saved on laptop, whatever update was live in spring 2020. Thank you so much for trying! Can you let me know if I should give up on getting back? I am super hopeful that I will have it printed this weekend. Thanks again! Edit: sentence above Cosmic_Cocktail_With_Critters_2.afphoto
  2. I was working on a painting in Photo for a few days as a birthday gift. I saved the project last night and this morning it asks if I want to load a recovery so I click "yes." Then it says that my file cannot open as it "appears it may be corrupt". Is there any way I can retrieve the painting? The birthday is today haha I do not need to do any work on it... just export it and print it. Any help is appreciated! Angela_Cosmic_Cocktail4.afphoto
  3. Hey Guys, Long story short: I was using Affinity Photo 1.8.4 and my computer (macbook pro osx Sierra) crashed. Once I restarted my computer and reopened the program, the project file I was previously working on said my file appears to be corrupted. Is there anyway my work can be restored? Thanks
  4. Just after putting the finishing touches on my deliverable I updated one more linked asset (exported out of Sketch to PNG) and from that point onwards my Affinity Publisher crashed and any subsequent attempt at opening it crashes AP. I am able to open a new document and edit it no problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Affinity — no luck. I tried using Time Machine to go back an hour to well before I made the last changes — still no luck. (So maybe the linked asset wasn't the culprit after all.) Attached, two crash reports and two versions of the file. Affinity
  5. Hello All! First of all, let me say that i am quite happy with this Software. I switched from Photoshop and do not look back. But.....we all know that Things take time I want to report an issue when saving Tiffs: I worked with a Tiff (Export from Capture One - Profoto RGB ) made my B&W work then flattened the Image (but with merge selected layers) and then wanted to save. AP showed up with the message "do you want to save with layers" or something like that. I did not want that and all i could do was to save a new file (even wih a flatened TIFF) . Then something happend with
  6. Hello, I cannot open Affinity Designer on my laptop. It crashes every time I try to open the program (the error message says, "Affinity Designer quit unexpectedly"). I believe I have a file that is corrupted. I have attached the file. I really need this file for an invitation I'm working on (I've already spent a few hours on it). My computer is completely up to date (OS X 10.11.5). I have uninstalled, then re-installed Affinity and the problem still persists. Please help! Below is a copy of the report. Thanks! Process: Affinity Designer [674] Path:
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