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Found 7 results

  1. Good day! If you would like to copy a part of any vectorshape, now you have to (1) copy the path, (2) select 2 nodes seperately, (3) break them, (4) ungroup the object, (5) delete the part you don't need. (6) break and delete node, if open path is required OR (1) copy the path, (2) draw a path on top of it that includes the area you'd like to keep, (3) mark the two objects, (4) use intersect-tool, (5) break and delete node, if open path is required I would very much like to simply (1) SELECT the part of a curve I want and then press (2) COPY+PASTE to paste the selection. Thank you for considering!
  2. Ever since I installed Affinity Photo Beta on my 2013 iMac, it has captured my paste function...I cannot paste amywhere; Affinity Photo opens every time I use Command + V or if I use Edit>Paste.... I will have to uninstall it to regain control of my past function.🤔😣
  3. When you switch to Photo persona within Publisher, and you make a selection to copy/paste - it doesn't work. It copies the whole page, not the selection.
  4. I'm using Affinity Designer, and I've been trying to take an artboard from one file and use it as the starting point for another. I've tried to do this using the "New From Clipboard" menu item, and by just duplicating the original file. Both give me the same problem. My initial artboard has dimensions in millimetres, and has a size of 376 x 586mm. When I copy the artboard and create a new file from it, the dimensions in the new file are 1175 x 1831.3mm If it was just a matter of resizing the artboard, it wouldn't be a big problem. But when I shrink the artboard to its original size, all of my fonts, shadows, borders etc appear much too big and I have to adjust them all manually. Any help here would be great.
  5. I have a file with a number of icons each on within its own artboard (originally created in Illustrator - it imports fine). With each artboard I have several layers; a grid (locked), a label (locked), a frame (no stroke/fill) and the icon (solid fill) itself. When I move the icons into Glyphs to create the glyphs/ligatures I typically copy both the frame and the icon enabling me to accurately position and scale the icon. This process has worked flawlessly for years using Illustrator, but I've run into a problem since I've moved to Affinity Designer. The frame (a square) is NEVER included in the copy/paste regardless of it being selected, filled, stroked, grouped with the icon on anything. What's even odder is that ANY square/rect appears not be copied over to Glyphs. Really unsure what's happening here, but have had to move back to Illustrator as I don't have time to debug this. I've attached the Affinity Designer file if it helps. icons.afdesign.zip
  6. I have nested groups of text frames and shapes that I copied. These groups were inside a layer in another group. I want to place these groups inside another layer and still retain the original groups---- but when I highlight the layer or place where I would like to paste this copy, it always ends up outside of all layers and also doesn't retain the groupings made in the copy-all frames and shapes get pasted as individual items on their own layer. Is copy/pasting groups not there yet?
  7. When I copy arrows I have created in one AD doc and paste them into another AD doc their size is greatly reduced. A group of arrows which was 3941.7 x 4642.7 became 708.5 x 835.7. Each arrow has a shaft and an arrowhead grouped, each grouped under its own layer. I have tried one arrow at a time (shaft and arrowhead) and the result is the same, a greatly reduced shaft and arrowhead. If I cut and paste within the same AD doc there is not problem. The copy is pasted exactly where it was and it is the same size. I can link the x and y and resize the objects to the correct size, but wonder why this is happening. Any ideas?
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