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Found 17 results

  1. My aim was to use photo to crop some photos to add into an email. I downloaded them to Photo, cropped them, clicked Apply, then did copy/paste into email, and all the cropping was lost. This surprised me! Any solution? thanks
  2. Note: I worked around this by placing a text file of my document directly int publisher. Pasting more than a page worth of text (plain text, copied from a text editor) into a text box crashes Publisher. Pasting a file directly into a textbox has the same result. I pasted around 4000 words into an a4 sized textbox. Crash. 2000 words. Crash. 1000 words. Crash. Slightly more than the size of the textbox. Crash. Just less than the text box size. Okay. Repeated with different text and files around ten times.
  3. When I copy and paste layers from my master page to put them unto a page, that's impossible on a page without layers, because when there are no layers the context menu (rightclick menu) doesn't appear on rightclick. It only appears when right-clicking on a layer, but the whole point is that there are no layers and I want to paste them in. So to paste layer, first we need to add some dummy layer first, just to get the contextmenu with 'Paste' in it. That's not really efficient. The contextmenu should also appear when we rightclick on the layers-area and we have layers on the clipboard to paste. (see video). no-menu-without-layers.mp4
  4. Just need some help. Using the selection brush tool I make part of a selection of an image that I want to copy and then paste so I can place it within the image but every time I paste I get the whole image and not the part I've selected. For example, if I have an image of a leg and shoe and I select just the shoe using the selection brush tool. If I copy and paste I still get the whole leg and not just the shoe. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  5. I just noticed this feature in 1.7! I love doinh that in Lightroom so I am so excited that Affinity now does this! I checked to see if 1.6 could do this and it appears that it can not. This is very quick editing if you have a photo shoot all done in the same place and all photos in the shoot need to be adjusted by about the same amount.
  6. Hi, My name is Benjamin. When designing in Affinity Designer in iPad, with my second gen Apple Pencil Touch, I have noticed that whatever width a single line has, I can't select it with (V) tool to move it. It is always starting in selection mode as soon as I press my pencil tip on the screen and drag it. And if I try to move anything with the wheel selection in Transform Studio, it is either moving at light speed across my screen, or like at an ak-47 gunshot rhythm.... ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta....and comes back either where it started originally to move from, or goes far away from the desired point of destination. NOT super handy and precise. I actually experienced better precision with my fingers... Also, when in other apps, fullscreen, and copying text or png icon, and trying to paste it in affinity designer, the app crashes completely. Have to reboot all the time. No exception made. I love your softwares and keep up the good work to develop others!! WE NEED ADOBE ALTERNATIVES LIKE YOURS!!! Love you guys Signed: FAN FOR LIFE
  7. Forgive me but I feel this needs to be said. Again. You guys really should make the copy and paste function more intuitive and easier to use when using AD. I spent an hour trying to copy and paste a selection of an image. I did --FINALLY - after going on google and researching how to make a copy of selection of an image. It was a complete waste of my time. I lost over an hour of work time just trying to get an image portion pasted. I should not, in a software program, have to continue to raster EVERY IMAGE Layer just to make a copy and paste. I should be able to just select a layer, ANY LAYER, make a selection and copy and paste that single selection or a group thru the layers selection and paste that. Almost every drawing program on the market is that intuitive, including Photoshop. I noticed that there are a lot of issues with users, both experienced and new, having this same issue with the software, and is really a stopping point of the creative process. Having to stop the creative flow to research why you can't copy and paste a selection is a time waster. I know there are ways around this issue as a programmer. Can your software developer write a code where when you make a selection, then select copy that it automatically rasterizes the image layer for user in the background and then when you select paste, viola, it pastes as an exact duplicate? I know coding can be difficult as I have worked with many developers on software projects, but this should be a small coding change that would take AD further than any other program. Just my thoughts on the copy and paste issue.
  8. Hi, I use Affinity Designer on Mac OS 10.12.6. I found copying and pasting text from Affinity Designer to other applications work on office apps such as Pages, Numbers and TextEdit, BUT it doesn't work on any web browsers, Adobe apps, coding apps, etc. I have to always copy and paste the text to TextEdit first, and then, to other apps I mostly use. I thought it's kind of minor bugs to be fixed soon with future updates, but after using Affinity Designer over a year and I still have this problem and getting tired of it Is anyone experiencing or aware of this?
  9. Affinity Designer on Windows 10. When I copy from Microsoft Paint in to Designer, the pasted image is flipped vertically. (see screenshot below - paint on the left, designer on the right) This only happens for me when copying in Paint and Pasting in to Designer. I have copied from Paint and pasted in to other applications and it is fine.
  10. Hello, I struggled some time, whether I should open a thread with this issue as I cannot provide a receipt how to reproduce the crash. But after it happened so often, I will do it anyhow. Affinity Photo (same issue with Affinity Designer) crashes, when copying an element from the layer panel, but only after working some time with the program. After a restarting the program everything works perfect. Saving just before copying does not solve this issue. The current workaround is a little bit inconvenient (but I learned to remember before copying anything): save the file, leave the program, restart the program, do the job. Anything else I can do to tackle this issue? Best, Chris
  11. I needed some bar graphs. I can easily do them in Apple Keynote or Numbers. But if I copy and paste from those apps, I get a raster image. I have to export them to PDF and open the PDF. Oddly enough, Microsoft Excel pasting works better. I wouldn't bother with creating charts in Designer if the copy and past from iWork apps worked well.
  12. I created a banner with black borders and grey-to-white gradients, and saved it as a afdesign doc. So far, so good. When I copied and pasted it into another afdesign job, grey turned into red and even lilac.
  13. Hi, I am new to Affinity, can you please tell me me how to copy part of a picture and paste in other part of the same picture. Basically when I remove the people at the bottom of the attached picture a dark colour stays over the white wall of the building so I thought I could copy another white wall and pasted over the darkened area. Many thanks for your help in advance
  14. Hello I am working on a series of product images. These images will be displayed side by side in a web shop. The finished images are simple composites made up of two separate images. I want to make each of the finished images have the same proportion and product positions. I am using guides to do this. Rather than go through the process of setting up guides for each of the different product documents, is there a way I can copy and paste guides from one document to another? Cheers
  15. I am new to Designer but I do have experience with a similar program (Pixelmator). I want to change the color of the tree but keep the tree trunk the same color as the original .png. So how do I do that? Please take me through the steps to achieve this result. For example, right now the tree is blue and the trunk is brown. I want to change the tree to green, but KEEP the trunk brown. Help! Thanks, everyone!
  16. I remember long time ago, when people made use of enormous towers with 486 CPUs in it, our raster picture manipulation programs had features like "paste on layer..." or "paste image under cursor", so you can right away drop the picture you have pasted into your project where you want it. its not that important, just came to thought...
  17. Putting AD to work while preparing a Apple Keynote presentation: I copy a group of vector objects in AD and paste them into Keynote. Only a low resolution raster image appears in Keynote (essentially a .png screen grab). Other Mac graphics programs like iDraw, Intaglio, etc. copy vectors as pdf so they maintain their resolution upon pasting into and rescaling in programs like Keynote, Pages, etc. Needless to say, this saves a lot of work over putting different parts of the graphic into different layers, turning off the layers you don't want, saving as pdf, and then inserting the pdf into Keynote. I realize that copy and pasting graphics in legacy programs like PowerPoint and Word is more problematical.
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