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Found 11 results

  1. In Affinity Photo on iPad 8th generation I find the extra menu at the bottom very distracting when I don't actually want to use it. Is there any way to hide it? I can hide all the other toolbars, but that box is always visible, and it's driving me nuts. Thank you for helping me out. - Rora
  2. The node/move tool usually show a "procedural" shape's generation settings (as well as fill, stroke, etc.) in the context toolbar, but it doesn't when it is a mask. Only "curves" shapes display properly in the context toolbar when used as a mask. In the example: select the node or move tool select Triangle A and look at the context toolbar, then select Triangle B and look at the context toolbar. There is a lot of missing information, for example "Top point" But if you select one of the shape tools, it will show these settings properly. Context Toolbar Shape Bug.afdesign
  3. Hey there, the context toolbar of the artistic text function in Affinity Photo is suddenly lacking the stroke options. I can't find an according option in the view / studio settings and there are no hidden elements on right of the context toolbar (no double arrow). Where is it gone and, even more important, how can I get it back? Kind regards
  4. Hi Affinity-Team, I have a laptop which I use on separate displays and as stand alone equal times. I always have the issue that the context toolbar is disappearing on either one of the different screens. Even if I try to turn it off and on again, it stays disappeared. I assume this might be larger issue, but I would love to have all the windows, toolbars, etc. to be on the exact same place where I left them, last time I have been on the specific display. When I connect to different monitors / beamers the operation system also remembers my display resolution for the different screens. Maybe this is a possibility for Affinity Designer / Photo to adopt. Kind Regards Tim
  5. I'm working in AD 1.6. As before, I can chose the option I want in the Swatches pane under Appearance and the change remains. However, when I click "Fill" or "Stroke" in the Context Toolbar, the default is "Color" and there does not appear to be a way to change that. Thus, if I want "Swatches" in the Context Toolbar (in "Fill" or "Stroke"), I must each time go through the same process. Is there any way to change this default to "Swatches" or some other option?
  6. I'm working in AD 1.6. As before, I can chose the option I want in the Swatches pane under Appearance and the change remains. However, when I click "Fill" or "Stroke" in the Context Toolbar, the default is "Color" and there does not appear to be a way to change that. Thus, if I want "Swatches" in the Context Toolbar (in "Fill" or "Stroke"), I must each time go through the same process. It would really be nice to change this default to "Swatches" or some other option and have it remain so when I go there again, and when I bring up the doc again.
  7. I don't know how long it has been missing, I was searching for it to work with the Gradient tool, but no matter what I do I can't get it to appear on my Mac Pro 5,1 running El Capitan. I tried following the instructions in this thread - The toolbar is available in Affinity Photo running on the same computer and the toolbar is working on my Mac Pro laptop running Sierra. Do I need to reinstall the program or do I need to (finally) upgrade to Sierra?
  8. Hi, 1. The documentation says that if I choose an Associated Tool for a brush and later click on that brush in the Brushes panel, it should automatically switch to that associated tool. Sounds great, unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Later, choosing that brush just assigns this brush to my currently selected tool, it doesn't switch to the associated tool. And I don't see the icon of the associate tool on the right side of the brush, like I've seen them on some screenshots in the forum. I think, the documentation mentions them as well. 2. I don't think the other drop-down fields (Blend Mode and Wet Edges) in brush settings work either. The Context Toolbar doesn't reflect the changes I made in the brush settings, when I set a Blend Mode (but I see the changes on the canvas). If I switch to another tool and back to the previous tool, the context toolbar shows the correct Blend Mode again. I don't know, what the option "Don't set to ..." is supposed to do, but it changes absolutely nothing.
  9. Hi, i would find very useful a "use selected (active) brush as an eraser" quick toggle on the context toolbar in "pixel" personas. This would improve painting or texturing workflows as in some cases i would prefer to erase with same brush tip to maintain initial texture & look. Yes, there are keyboard shortcuts to quick toggle eraser brush but i would still have to reselect the brush i had first, adjust size and settings, also if not careful one can switch between tools by mistake and be forced to ctrl + z after.
  10. I had an issue with a layer in AP not showing any changes made to it, so I deleted the layer and carried on without issue. I was working is seperated view mode and hit Tab to hide all working palettes, when I hit Tab again the Tools palette and Studio palettes reappeared but not the Context Toolbar palette. If I leave separated view mode the Context Toolbar reappears, but disappears again if I enter separated view mode again. I've tried the obvious things like selecting "Show Context Toolbar", rebooting AP, restarting my iMac (27", early 2015 OSX 10.9.5, 24Gb) and even upgrading from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 but the Context Toolbar is still missing. I have been using AP for over six months without any serious problems so this seems strange. I had a look through the forum and can't see any other reports of this problem so any ideas or suggestions as to how to get the Context Menu back would be much appreciated. Thanks - Zaphodz
  11. When editing number values in the context toolbar for things like shapes, upon completion hitting Enter does not release focus from the field. Escape also does not release focus from the field. This makes using keyboard shortcuts something of a challenge. Enter does release focus from the field when entering font sizes in the context bar, but escape also does not remove focus. Also, when selecting the font size field, the text will not infrequently jump a font size.
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