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Found 19 results

  1. Perhaps Serif should reduce the number of icons to be get a more consisten UI? E.g. the lock symbols in the export setting and the Colour Panel. Basically they are doing the same: Locking / Protecting something. But in the export settings the icon changes to an open lock, whereas in the Colour panel the lock gets a slightly different background colour. Nothing to identify the current status easily here.
  2. I know that adding more (additional to the already existing 10) than a handful languages to a project can cause a lot of work / costs. But how about involving the community? I doubt, that all the language specific strings are hardcoded so I guess know they are somewhere located in files in a few DLLs. So couldn't these files be translated voluntarily by the community or against a small benefit like e.g. a download from the shop?
  3. Don't get me wrong here, I would appreciate if working is done fast. Unfortunately this is not the case, a proof for this are the many bug reports regarding HWA. I do know that HWA is new to the Affinities and that bugs are not avoidable. With this in mind IMHO HWA should be turned off by default. So asking here again: Where do I have a measurable benefit? I mean in which use case. Or do I have everywhere a benefit? I would love to see a benchmark image with a benchmark macro to compare HWA on and off. My programming abilities are mediocre, but I could imagine that HWA should only ki
  4. After several minor and major updates I ran into problems for the first time upgrading to 1.9. To get back to the usual working speed I decided to do a full reset. Before doing the reset I backed up all the "things" I added to the Affinities. After the reset everything was smooth again and restored all my "things". That I forgot to backup important macros was a disaster (glad I used them in the betas too). So my request for an installer would be: "We detected a previous installation. Should possible extras be backed up and restored later by the installer?"
  5. I would call it bug, but perhaps it is just a limitation? 1. Create a new document with document units in metres and 300 dpi. 2. Type in 50 in Page width and use the tabulator key to jump to the next input field. Result: You'll see that the page width is reduced to 22 m. 3. Now change the DPI to 72. 4. Type in 50 in Page width and use the tabulator key to jump to the next input field. Result: 50 m are kept as value. 5. Now change the DPI to 300 and create the document now. 6. Look at Document Setup / Spread Setup. Result: The document has now a page
  6. When you look at dialogue boxes or labels in the applications they are not written consistently regarding uppercase and lowercase. E.g. take the Layer menu of APu. There is the entry of "Convert to Curves", a bit lower it reads "Float With Text". Or the print dialogue saying "Bleeds and Marks" and "Print To File". Yes, I am a nit-picker.
  7. Is there any reason why the German translation is longer than any other language? In the German version it is called "In Affinity Designer bearbeiten...", in other language it is just simply called "Edit in Designer...".
  8. Could / would it be nice if I switch the colour format in a document and the default palette for this "new" colour format would be loaded? Right now the default palette is loaded at document creation. If I change the colour format I have to load the default palette for this colour format manually.
  9. From time to time you have some documents which won't load due to a bug inside the document or the application. So here it would be helpful to abort the loading instead of forcing the whole application to stop.
  10. Personally I dislike the UI Style Dark, because for me it is too ... dark. But my personal taste is not the matter here. There are some flaws in the UI Style Light which were over and over reported, but were never fixed. Attached you'll see a screenshot where I marked the arrowhead area. I know what these buttons are for, but the contrast is not user friendly. Another point (also already reported) is the uniformity (correct word?) of the panels. Still happens, when all three apps are open I click a panel of the wrong application. Why not using the application colours to separate them vis
  11. 1. Draw a square of 40 x 40 mm. 2. Use the Corner Tool at one edge and drag it to a maximum value. In this case is about (not exact) 40 mm. 3. Revert this action. 4. Now type in 100 mm for the radius (+ Enter). Result: The radius stays at 100 mm and does not reset to 39,99992 mm. IMO nonsense values should reset to maximum values.
  12. Working with the Node tool the status bar text is cut off. You can see this during different "mouseovers". As German is a "lengthy" language I guess this is happening at other places too. This "bug" applies for the complete Affinity range. Maybe Serif should make a 2-lines status bar for some languages or at least an option for it?
  13. I noticed this while testing if the "origin greater than 400" bug was fixed in the latest release (which is not). One can prevent the vanishing popup by scrolling up / zooming out. Video attached. distance-popup.mp4
  14. Yes, not one of the best places, but where to post else? Yes, this was reported before, but was never never fixed in the years before. Take it as a small reminder. It is a bug for sure, everyone saying this is a feature request is COMPLETELY WRONG. One of the things annoying me from when I started using Affinity: Affinity is (partly) not capable to memorize colour assignments from Swatches. Two examples ... 1. There is a rectangle filled with colour RED from the Swatches panel and there is a line with a stroke colour of GREEN from the Swatches. Now click the rectangle and look at the
  15. Apologies I this is already covered elsewhere. If so, I hide this post. Divide a 15 teeth cog with settings visible in attached image. Left the intact cog, right after the division.
  16. A special one from me. Works in all applications, but maybe this is no bug? 1. Create an element and group it, create another element and group it. 2. Select the elements in both groups and use Geometry -> Add. Result: Both elements are now in one group, but there is still an empty layer. For a "clean" document I would like to see this tidied when doing step 2. empty-layer.mp4
  17. This should work in all Affinity applications, so I used ADesigner to have a forum to post to. 1. E.g. create 2 ellipse so that you have 2 single layers. 2. Select the 2 elements and export them as WMF. Result: Exported WMF is 3,32 KB big. 3. Move 1 element into the other. 4. Select the "remaining" element and export as WMF. Result: Exported WMF is 1,09 MB big. Attached a simple document to try yourself. nesting-makes-bigger.afdesign
  18. May sound nitpicking, but if you use the command "Add chord to Swatch" and want to Undo this action, it is not a single step, but several steps depending on the sub-option you selected. Undo is defined as going back one step.
  19. Maybe you want to have a look first at my attached image? Sometimes it gets difficult for me to differentiate between all the Affinity applications. Often enough I pick a wrong panel which belongs to the other application. One should say, then switch to Dark UI or make them a bit darker, but for me a light UI is the best UI to work with. With the disadvantages of the light UI I can live. Maybe it would be a good option to colour at least the header of the panels to orange, pink and blue like in the icons for the applications.
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