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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for a compatible drawing monitor to use with Affinity. It looks like the Wacom monitors are compatible, but I'm looking for something a little bit cheaper in price. Any suggestions?
  2. Hello, good morning. I have bought Affinity for Windows because I have Windows on my computer at home. But i will buy a Mac soon, is there an option to download Affinity for Mac also, if I already have a product code? If not it's really a shame that I have to pay for a Windows version, and pay also for a Mac version. Regards.
  3. Hello, I have Affinity Design and am thinking of purchasing Affinity Photo, but I have one question. Is Affinity Photo compatible with other programs like adobes photoshop? I need to edit documents on photoshop for school, but was wondering if I could do my work in Affinity Photo at home, then send the doc as a PNG, or JPEG etc to the school which has photoshop? thanks :)
  4. Having designed a simple basic sign in AD, I exported as a PDF and saved text as curves. The signmaking company I use opened the file and explained to me that they had never experienced 'behaviour' from a PDF like this before and asked me which software I used. It took several minutes of the person's time to change and edit all the outlines from the PDF. Signmaker Pro works on a windows platform. Can anyone explain or exchange similar experiences?
  5. I have been looking already long time for an alternative for Illustrator, but I am working for stock agencies, and they insist on Illustrator compatible EPS vector files. Unfortunately, it seems like Affinity Designer Eps does not work well with Illustrator. I created a very simple test file, just a circle filled with a simple radial gradient, only two massive colors, no effects, no transparency, and saved it in EPS format. By saving I have chosen the option ( I have german interface, so i don't know how it sounds in English) „allow no rasterizing at all“. After opening EPS file in Illustrator gradient was rasterized. To be sure I created a few more files with gradients, as simple as the first and they all did not work in Illustrator. By saving the same files as SVG gradients got saved, I was able to edit them after opening in Illustrator. Did I anything wrong, or are EPS gradients exported from Affinity Designer generally not compatible with Illustrator? It would be really sad, I was so happy to find an alternative for Illustrator for my stock illustrations, but without option to create gradients it is not really an alternative. Can you help me?