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Found 16 results

  1. See illustration. Clicking the colour block in the tool bar brings up this pop-up (as well as via other places). I use Swatches a lot - most of the time in fact. Because I'm working with branded designs 95% of the time with prescribed colours. Even when not, I tend to be disciplined about colour - creating palettes of colour to work with as I go along. This means swatches are my default modus operandi. I really wish the pop-up would remember the last thing I accessed and therefore, go straight to Swatches. Sure, if I then choose Gradient one time, the next time I go in, it'll go
  2. Hi Guys Just a quick question is there anything in development for installing .ACO Swatches from Adobe products into Designer, Photo and Publisher also the ability to import .pat files the latter not to concerned about. .aco would be a game changer for many companies considering the jump to Affinity. Many thanks Mark
  3. *If Publisher isn't showing you colours as you expect, try opening and closing it a couple of times and restarting Windows first before bashing your brains out on the colour management settings.* Working on a Publisher document this morning I noticed the colours were way off what I expected compared with the doc elements I'd done in Designer. As an example, here are two colours - Cyan and CMYK (aka "fluorescent yellow") - as I expected from what I was seeing in Designer: But here is what Publisher showed with EXACTLY the same colour management settings as Desig
  4. Good day, Is there a way to see what the Pantone colour value of an object is? I'm working in a "Print (Press-Ready)" document. I applied a Pantone colour, and also added the colour to the swatches panel. If I hover over that swatch later, how do I confirm what Pantone colour that swatch represents? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I am not a professional but have a background in design and now that I have retired I am working on posters for local group where I volunteer. I hoping to stop using Adobe products and I am now getting to grips with Affinity Publisher which I really like. I have always been rather confused about colour management and colour space settings and in the past when using Indesign I have got myself in a muddle and been fiddling with settings that I don't understand! So I would like some advice about simple basic settings that I can set up as my defaults when I use Publisher. I des
  6. Hello, I am starting to re-learn Designer with the arrival of 1.7, and there are a few things that I didn't undertsand first time, with no improvement on understanding with the new version First one is a biggie: What on earth is OpencolorIO. Mind you, I don't work in animated movies and rarely handle LUTs (although it may happen). I checked the help files (didn't help), checked the OpenIO website (Very obscure language), and also this very forum (with a link in one thread refering to explanatory videos - link is broken on Vimeo) I am generally fairly familiar with colour manageme
  7. In an attempt to get my head around Publisher’s PDF export behavior (compared to Adobe’s which I’m rather familiar with), I stumbled upon this thread which only touches some of my problems: Some settings in the export process (under File > Export > PDF > More) don’t seem fully developed yet, so I hope to find some clarity here: PDF/X-1a: The standard only allows CMYK and spot colors, so the options “As document” and “Grayscale” don’t make much sense, right? PDF/X-4: The standard allows several color models, but if I want to output CMYK-only (despite enjoying other X-
  8. Hello devs, As a photo enthusiast I use a calibrated wide gamut monitor. Affinity does support colour management for the workflow but it seems, the application itself is not colour managed. Nowhere I can find the option to select the appropriate (calibrated wide gamut) colour profile for my display. For office work I use a standard sRGB profile on my monitor as default since Windows GUI is way too over-saturated when working with AdobeRGB. But for photo work I use calibrated AdobeRGB profile. Problem with Affinity is the same: when working with wide gamut co
  9. Greyscale become multicoloured when printing from Affinity Designer. Obviously a conversion to/from color profiles happens inside Designer. How can I prevent this from happening? (This happens to all colours. It is just shown best with greyscale.) My printer expects data in the same colour profile as my AD files working profile. (ISO coated v2 (eci)) When exporting a PDF/X1a and printing with Adobe Acrobat everything is OK.
  10. Hi, JPEG files without embedded profile will be always automatically converted to sRGB without any warning, even if the working colour space is set to AdobeRGB and the warning is checked under Preferences/Colour. However the handling of TIFF and PNG files without profile is correct. Please take care, Thx!
  11. I'm glad to see there is some rudimentary colour managament support in Affinity photo. To be useful however it should also support rendering intents. When converting from one colour space to another it's quite importent to define how the colours are converted. I.e. what happens to colours that are out of gamut in the colour space the colours are converted to: Key rendering intents: - Perseptual rendering intent: All colours are "moved" into the gamut of the new colour space. The visual distance between the colours are kept, but none of the colours are kept the same. - Relative colorimetr
  12. I am new to Affinity and mostly I am pleased with it but I have just hit an issue. I am processing a set of high key model images. So, there is a model and a plain white bright background. In Affinity, I have used a white balance adjustment layer to ensure that the background is a true white. It looks correct in Affinity itself and also when the image is opened in Windows picture viewer but when uploaded to the web, it seems to have a slight pink colour cast. Do I have a problem in the export (using a batch job)? What else might be the explanation?
  13. Hi! I need some advice on colour management on iPad Pro using AP since the colours on my exported photos look different on my desktop (calibrated iMac with sRGB). The colour settings in AP I have left on sRGB. I turn off True tone and Night shift before working in AP. Obviously I need to calibrate my iPad display, I have mailed Datacolor since their app Spydergallery is gone from App store. That might fix my problem but I am not sure. My question is, since I have a display with the new P3 profile, should I not use that as default profile and export the images as sRGB? Regardless
  14. Hi, can anyone advise, I have a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 II, I take photos in RAW with Nikon D7000 and adjust in Affinity but recently printed off on A4 and not happy with colour as per screen, this may be due to calibration of my macbook pro, (retina) but also down to the paper I used which was quite old Looking at various options on the net, i.e. calibration, sRGB against RGB etc., I also on Affinity under document found Convert or Assign ICC profile and within this options for printer and paper and at bottom highlighted was sRGB. My question is, under either or both of these profiles shoul
  15. Hi Guys, I Really like both AP and AD, I am however stumbling upon a problem using different colour profiles when roundtripping via tiff from lightroom (version 4). Simply put, when using sRGB and Adobe RGB the colours in LR (library module) and AP are consistent. Using the ProPhoto profile however, the colours are 'wrong'/different in AP as are the grey levels. I searched the forum but could not find a suitable answer. Any editing using this preferred profile is therefore pointless. I also checked the file in preview and Pixelmator, both were next to identical to the LR view leaving o
  16. Hello Just purchased AP as a quick & unbloated alternative to PS (stupid cloud). I work as a print designer and something I use to do a lot in PS was converting images from RGB to CMYK with a specific colour profile (eg: sRGB -> ISO coated 300%). However, if I choose "document -> Convert ICC Profile" in AP I only see RGB-profiles (and no rendering options). I can convert of course with "document -> Colour Format", but that doesn't give me any options on how I want to convert my images… Am I missing something? kind regards, Benjamin
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