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Found 6 results

  1. Colour Chooser, RGB/HSL Slider, RGB/HSL value is correct. Now change Slider type to CMYK, and slider value is incorrect. Change CMYK value, for example only click to pulldown button, and Sliders value is reset to correct state. Now change Slider type back to RGB/HSL, and Sliders value is also incorrect. Must change RGB/HSL value, for example only click to pulldown button, and Sliders value is reset to correct state. Alternatively, just change a value other than the currently displayed Slider type, and its values will be corrupted.
  2. I'm new to Affinity Photo so I may have missed the obvious here, but I can't seem to get 'white' on the colour (color) chooser. I'm using Windows 10 and software version is If I import a black & white image (as shown in the attachment) the white appears slightly brown or beige. All totally uniform. The colour chooser doesn't show any pure white at any point of the scale and greyscale just goes from beige to black. Not sure if there's a preference or adjustment but I really would like to see a true white and, furthermore, to be confident the other colours I produce are realistic and not somehow offset when I export the file.
  3. Edit a text style. In "Color & Decorations" tab, click on any of the fills to bring up the colour chooser. Hit "Escape" on the keyboard and AD crashes. Changing tab (including changing, then changing back) in the colour chooser, then hitting escape, does not cause a crash.
  4. Hey, Affinity forum. New user here. I want to use Affinity Photo for digital painting and concept art, like one would with Photoshop. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to toggle on and off the Colour Chooser window. By double clicking on the color picker on the right, I can open up the Colour Chooser window, but I've yet to figure out a way to toggle it. If there are any other concept artists out there, who might suggest a more efficient way to switch between colours, feel free to illuminate me. - I'm on a hobby level, but want to get more serious with it. Cheers!
  5. I would be nice to have lab colours in the colour chooser as per attached. Kind Regards
  6. I didn't find any instructions for using the Colour Chooser. Playing with it I have found I like it the best for creating and modifying colors so far in AD. But what I can't find is how to get the colors into the stroke color field. All changes I do go into the Fill field. What is the secret? There are workarounds like setting the color into the fill field then using the stroke eyedropper to set it, but there must be an easier way. Also in the Colour Chooser there is an eyedropper which works like the typical eyedropper. Next to it is a circle that mirrors the color selected, like the larger square in the upper left, what is this circle for? I don't find that it does anything. Is there an easy way to save the color chosen into a custom swatch? FYI I'm currently using the Beta 1.0.202013 if that makes any difference.
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