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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, After few minutes of using the software, I was desapointed on several points. (Please let me know if these features already exist, I am in beginning of learning). Color panel (with wheel and triangle): Rather than clicking many times for choosing a color: In color triangle, be able to use the keyboard's arrows: -vertical arrows:(white to black) -horiz arrows: saturated to unsaturated), -Pageup/page down being min and max of most recently changed between brightness and saturation (vertical or horizontal) Marc Tétreault
  2. I'm not sure if this has been posted. I did a quick look but didn't notice. And maybe it isn't actually a bug and I'm just silly. However I have a document that I was creating images of all the characters supported by custom LCD displays that we use at work. We have one that is a green background with black text, and then one that's blue background with white text. So after I finished with all the green, I started to create the blue ones. I made it so that they actually have all the pixels that you see on the LCD so each character is actually 41 different layers(the backdrop and then the 40 pixels). When I was recoloring from the green to the blue, I'd select all the pixels to change them from black to white. If I chose white with the color picker, and then clicked on it to change the colors, then the opacity of the layers stayed the same(I had 100% opacity for the pixels that are "on" and 10% opacity for those that are "off"). However, if I used a swatch, then the opacity that I had set was blown away and everything was made 100% black or white depending. I did try this on both the Mac and the Windows version and both act the same way. So maybe I'm just thinking that they should operate differently than they actually do? On a side note, if anybody wants some LCD fonts... I got 'em. There's a screenshot of the green background. I know that's from my iPad and not Windows, it was just more handy at the time that I made the screenshot.
  3. Okay, on Photoshop i was able to instantly change my color swatches back to black and white with a shortcut. Is there a way to similar in Affinity photo? Also in Photoshop when I color picked a color on another image it and it became my currently bucketed color i could switch to another document and it would stay the same, in Affinity it would be what i was using in that document beforehand and it would in the color picker instead so i have to make another click to make it my primary. Is there anyway to stop that extra step? it really slows my workflow from what i had in Photoshop.
  4. Hi, It would be really helpful if you guys add the Eye-dropper to the color picker panel of the Lens Filter adjustment layer. Thanks!
  5. I noticed when using gesture pinch out/in to zoom out/in sometime the color picker active randomly, this is a problem because it keep changing the color of the brush. It happened on pixel persona paint brush. It also happened on vector persona but the color not pickup, only showing the picker round magnifier. * I find a solution to avoid this, by turn on “touch for gestures only”, but I still not understand.
  6. Hi guys, new to the forum and not sure if this is the right place to post or if there's another post like this. I've looked but couldn't find it. At the moment there's a shortcut to select a color off a layer but it feels very odd from a user's perspective. I see the color change in the color slider/wheel when I select a color but it doesn't automatically apply. I'm not sure if I am missing something here, but when you use the eyedropper tool in Illustrator, you select the layer you want to change the color, use the eyedropper tool and select something else and it automatically changes it to that color. Is that something that can be done for Affinity Designer too? I just see the color changing but it doesn't apply to my selected layer. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, i found a secound real Problem in using Affinity Photo as a replacement for our Photoshop inhouse workflow. The first and even bigger Problem is, that Affinity Photo imports and embedds PDF files printed from CAD applications as a vektorfile, and not as a pixellayer.... the reason for this is that affinity photo for sure tries to stay flexible so you can still change the curves. but in this case this is nonsense, because you allways make the changes in CAD applications. and so, you get an embedded vektorlayer, which has strong antialiasing problems in between of the fillings.. ....... i ll get to this back later in another post, even when this Problem is allready known. Just because this workflow problem, prevents the whole architektural society from using affinity photo, which is very sad and could be solved " easily" (maybe its not ?) by just importing pdfs as rasterised layers that are embedded.. just like in photoshop... (So i developed a Workaround for this by using layer effects, coloring an embedded pdf and after this putting a outline in the same color on top, to fill the antialiasing gaps..) Now here comes a good message.. in afinity Photo 1.6 i can decide to just print my contend and also the embedded pdf files and overwrite the used 300 dpi, in the print dialog, and use for example 1200 dpi. so in the printing i can get rid of the antialiasing seams inside the pdf file, while i can still see them in the viewport. But the print is allright. but now the Secound problem for this post.. When using the embedded pdf, Architects often use differing colors inside the embedded file, and i need to make selections from those differing colors. THIS at the moment doesnt work .. i have to duplicate the embedded pdf, rasterise it and than make the selection from the rasterised file, use it, and afterwords delete the pixellayer.. THIS costs so much time again, that the architects in my company will kill me if i force them to use affinity photo. is there any other way to get a solution from this ? i put a screenshot for clarification to this post.. please Affinity...... Help the architectural Soziety.... there are about 130 000 Architects in Germany !!! most of them that do Competitions use this one workflow to print pdf´s and use them in Photoshop to make them better and they need it embedded... and working.. Its the one Single by far most important feature for them when they do Plans ........ (renderings are another thing).. So is there another way ?
  8. It seems impossible, but i get three colorpicker zoomobjects on my screen. The colorpicker stays on top of the image. See enclosed screendump.
  9. After updating I experience repeated crashes changing colors in gradient fills.
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