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Found 1 result

  1. Many time in graphic design we have question which color use. So I think very usefull will be add sugesting color feature. Working example of this is Adobe Kuler website. Why? It is a automatication process of choosing new color. Some people do it by intuition, by other by math. For beginner and I think many professional it can improve workflow create for example few version of web layout or for photographers what background choose to complete picture. More explenation (with great free ebook on using colors with curves) is on Wacom page Wacom Color Master here - ebook titled "Color Theory: Understanding and Mastering Curves" (I'm recommed this lecture) and in basic of colors in video Natalia Taffarel on YouTube. Simply this feature is help to choose colors well working together. What? Type of sugesting colors: Complementary Split Complementary Triad Tetrad (Double Complementary) Analog Accented Analog Custom Options change from sugested colors saturation and brightness to still get harmony of colors. How? 1. Choosing color It's simply choose color and get colors matching to type fx. Triad - that is as Adobe Kuler does on webpage. After that we can add colors as pallete to document / application with option setting global color to better changing them in te future. 2. Finding pallete Detecting pallete used in document. Based on that sugesting which color match to selected type (fx. complementary) or not. On photo is finding which colors you can use to background / text descibes etc. 3. Sets of color in pallete First you create pallete to use in document and make them as set color with global colors. After that you make new using option 1 or option 2 and after that you create new set. Then you can change set using in document. In Affinity Designer for example you can create duplicate project linking to base (when you choose source copy change too) on Artboard. Only difference is that you for Artboard 1 choose set 1, and for Artboard 2 you choose set 2 of colors. On Artboard 1 you have typical version on website layout and on Artboard 2 you have version for morning (news websites use this when some very important person died like president, pope etc.). In Affinity Photo it can be classic set of color for older people more toned and more dynamic for young people. For example photographer makes elegant frame for photo with two version of background fx. making avatars with photo. Sets color in my vision are variation of colors within document pallete. So we have all sets colors in document pallete, but by choosing set we choose which global color are used in document now. For example I create frame and set one set of global colors named "boy" and second set named "girl". By clicking which set I use I get variation using in label design now for boys (set "boys") or girls (set "girls"). Summary I don't know why many application is not doing this on the standard. Choosing right color is a base of graphics and photo editing. It is not look like a very complicated make color wheel and sugesting color on them. For me it could be very usefull option for many of users. If someone feel well choosing color how Affinity application do now then in can simply uncheck / select option "not sugesting". For others sugesting color is automatication color theory without getting a long lecture with math calculation for it.
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