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Found 5 results

  1. I have read many threads on this topic but cannot find what I am looking for. For example, in my architecture work I want to simply use layers in luminosity mode and brush in the luminance (brightness) of a window layer. This is quite common in PS and ON 1 Photo Raw. However, when using this work flow on Affinity 1.7.3 the luminance (brightness) of the layer I am blending in actually produces the color of the layer and not the brightness. So for example if the window I am blending in has some yellow color cast the yellow appears in the blended layer instead of just a brightness. This is true for shadows that are blended in also. Can anyone tell me if I need to use a different blend mode to achieve brightness or shadows without a color cast or is there something additional needed in the luminosity blend mode to achieve brightness/shadows without a color cast.
  2. I have a color cast issue, in Affinity Photo, that I am trying to explain, in terms of the cause. I use Nik Silver to generate B&W pixel layers. Most of the time I am using RGB16, ProPhoto. I was working on an image and noticed green and red in a layer that should be grayscale! I have two computers, with dual monitors - all calibrated with Xrite. I used the color picker to confirm that the RGB values are the same, so the areas are gray, but the display is not! The layer is the output from Nik SilverFX, without any toning applied. I changed the pixel layer to grayscale, then the color bands disappeared. I then tried various color spaces. Strangely, the color cast that manifests in ProPhoto is removed if I switch to sRGB: I then gave ROMM a shot, but the color cast returns: I then tried LAB16 and HDR32 - no color cast (I didn't upload the HDR32 example): I am trying to understand what's going on, and how to explain the display output, at least to myself. But, I can't since I don't really know what's at issue. I also exported the file, about 572 MB, as a PSD, then opened it in PS CS6. I don't see the color casts, banding of red and green in PS. So, I am inclined to conclude that: -it's not a hardware issue, as the banding shows up on two different computers (Nvidia or Intel graphics; Windows 10 Pro; four different monitors - all Xrite calibrated, recently) -is a software issue, probably related to Affinity Photo or Nik, since the color space does impact the display within AP. ProPhoto and ROMM seem to have the same issues. Output files (JPG, PNG, TIFF) do not show the color issues. I generally Develop into ProPhoto 16-bit, to start, and only switch to sRGB and/or 8-bit on export. I searched the forum content and could not find a similar color space issue. Perhaps I don't know which terms will produce the similar issues? Thanks for any suggestions, Greg
  3. Hello, Last year, I've changed my camera and bought a Fuji X-T20. During this time, I spent a lot of time trying to remove a magenta color cast in the blue of my skies. I thought it was me or the way I used the camera. But using others raw converters (On1 Photo RAW, Luminar, Capture One Express Fuji) , I found that it comes from Affinity. Finally, it can easily be corrected when turning off the tone curve in the develop Wizard, and shiffting a bit the red curve in the develop personna. Do you know if we can define a specific tone curve that can be set as default in the develop the wizard ? Also, do you know if Serif planned to improve their Fuji X-Trans conversion algorithm ? Best Regards
  4. When importing CR2 (Canon RAW from 5Dmkii) files, they often look very different. In the case of blue colours, the highlights have a very strong pink/purple cast to them. This is quite a contrast to when using Canon's Digital Photo Professional, and Apple RAW preview tools, where they maintain the expected colors Note: I've already switched to using Apples RAW engine. It did not resolve the issue. I've attached a small screen-grab to highlight the issues, along with a CR2 file that clearly exhibits the issue. I'm using version 1.6.7. IMG_0439.CR2
  5. I'm running Windows 10 with Designer Within the document, but not the palettes or status/menu bars, there is a yellow color cast to the artboards (see attached); even deeper in the background. Even within the otherwise neutral grey Color palette, the little circle swatches have the same cast. I can't see anything in the Preferences I can change. Is there a way to correct this? It makes judging colors properly impossible. The only other thing I can think of is I'm running f.lux color temperature software, but nothing changes when I disable that (maybe I have to remove it entirely?). Thanks!
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