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Found 8 results

  1. If anyone uses the clone brush a lot and is constantly changing the angle, scale or flipping the selection, you might agree with having a button to reset the brush back to defaults
  2. I’ve reviewed the desktop version video entitled “Using Clone Brush Tool between different Affinity Photo docs” and have not been able to figure out how to do this on the iPad. Any thoughts? It seems that the Sources Panel is a critical link that may be missing.
  3. In Affinity Photo (AP) I have not yet discovered how to copy pixels from one doc to another. I have done my repair on one AP doc and want to use the Clone Brush to transfer my area corrections to a different doc of the exact same proportions. I can of course do this in Photoshop and may have to revert to this method, but I would like to know if I'm missing something. Within the same doc it works well but not to another doc. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Does anyone know a way how to accomplish a smooth transition between the lighter and darker area (circled in red) or which tool to use for that other than the clone brush?! Thanks
  5. I'm an AP newby and I'm trying to use the Inpainting Brush and the Clone Brush. I'm working on a background jpeg layer (single layer file) and I have Opacity and Flow set to 100% when using the Inpaint brush. I paint an area, which gets covered in red. When the progress bar is done the red area is only slightly covered. I still can see the area I intended to change but it looks like the opacity of the brush tool was set to about 50%. I have to apply the inpaint brush 3 times to cover the area. The Clone Brush does the same thing. Is there some setting I'm missing? Thanks in advance, Tom L.
  6. When using the Clone brush me iPad pro start behaving strange, circles apear and doet want to go away anymore. Press and hold doesnt work
  7. Hi, When using the clone brush tool, I notice that I have options to set the rotation, scale, and opacity of the cloned area, but I can't find any way to adjust the location of the clone source once it's been set. I find it much more useful to adjust this location using the keyboard shortcuts, rather than the rotation and zoom. For reference, the way to do this in PS, is holding Option + Shift + arrow keys. It's extremely useful when the source of your clone has a repeating pattern. Is there a way to do this in Photo? Thanks
  8. In Affinity 24216, on my 2014 Macbook Pro runnning 10.10.2, for the crop tool to work: In Preferences: performance: either "use hardware open GL" or "use only integrated GPU" has to be checked. The crop tool also works if both are checked, but if neither are checked, the crop tool just won't work, jumps all over the page. If one of these is checked, the crop works-- on single clicks. But if one tries to hold down the command key to drag over an area, the base site moves as if aligned, even if "aligned" is unchecked.
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