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Found 19 results

  1. This remains unfixed, and is actually not limited to Publisher, but a bug across all Affinity products. 中日韓亞洲標點符號排版問題
  2. As below, Chinese characters' preview cannot be displayed correctly. And some fonts are aimed for Chinese, like Source Han Sans, but the preview is showed in English. May be this is another point to improve. For example, in Chinese mode, we can show the preview like "中文 Abcde", rather than showing fonts' name.
  3. Search in Japanese/Chinese isn't working. I reported this a while ago and it haven't been fixed. https://affinity.help/designer/ja.lproj/ https://affinity.help/designer/zh-Hans.lproj/ https://affinity.help/photo/ja.lproj/ https://affinity.help/photo/zh-Hans.lproj/
  4. Hope Publisher could add the support for Chinese soon. This is the only thing that could stop me from using Publisher completely, since the the layout would be wrongful with Chinese letters filled in. Adding these could help a lot! Avoid putting punctuation marks in the beginning of a sentence. (Needed the most.) Widow and orphan control. Ability to control the padding between East Asian language and other language when they are mixed in a paragraph.
  5. Please make hyphenation for English words in Asian language possible. If I enable hyphenation on Asian text, text style will be totally broken. Adobe's can hyphenate only English words in an Asian language.(Refer attached image)
  6. Typing position was changed unexpectedly. (When entering the Chinese)
  7. could we please request better vector handwriting support? chinese or japanese characters require much more visual feedback and stroke fidelity than alphabetic characters the vector pencil tool would work if we had an option to hide the nodes until (re)selected, i.e. option to hide automatic node display, as the nodes obscure visual feedback for handwriting the vector brush tool has too much auto smoothing/lag even with no stabiliser enabled, distortion in alphabetic/english handwriting is ‘relatively’ minor (for non-calligraphers) but completely distorts handwritten kanji of no
  8. In China, vertical typesetting is very common。but now,Affinity text tool not support this function。I often use it in my work,support this ,Please!
  9. Hello teams.I m a Chinese User. I want buy AD,but I dont have paypal or cards. So,here's Question: Can u guys make a payment about Aliplay or Wechat pay? Because this is two of pupolar payment in China. Thanks!
  10. Affinity Designer doesn't arrange text correctly which contains English words and Han characters. The line-breaking after word Pattern is not expected. Here is what I found through my observation: windows 7 x64 Affinity Designer beta
  11. 1. the latest version font selection still badly crash and freeze in here. Same problem for both designer and photo. 2. vertical arrangement text is a very important way for Asian languages 3. There're at least 25 millions people using Traditional Chinese as the only official language. So it's kind to offer Traditional Chinese locale. It's very easy to transform Simple Chinese into Traditional Chinese. If there's any difficulty to you, I can transform for you for free. Just send me the Simple Chinese locales. Your kindness is much appreciated.
  12. This happens on every Chinese paragraph in the text frame, if I press SPACE in the paragraph, it returns, instead of put a space in there. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the text format, because the SPACE key works normal after replaced the text with English content. You can randomly pick a Chinese paragraph to test it out. Both macOS and Designer are latest version. Thanks for fixing it!
  13. When using shape text in Chinese, the character will jump to the outer bottom of the shape (as screenshot shoes). This bug will not appear when using frame text. I suspect the problem occurs because AD define the whole sentence as one character, because problem will solve when adding spacebar between character.
  14. Hi, May I produce my Chinese version tutorials like following steps: 1. I download your official tutorials videos from 《In-house Affinity Photo Video Tutorials》 2. We translated it into Chinese after familiar with it. 3. We dubbed the video with mandarin and cut the video in order to match the audio. sometimes we add some visual effect to emphasize the detail and important point, like call out text, zoom in buttons etc. 4. Finally,we made a very good chinese version which the most faithful to the original one. The attachment is a demo of it. i'm appreciate if you have t
  15. Hi there, I am Chinese user, and I mostly type chinese text. I love Affinity Design, but when I type chinese text, I can't select chinese characters. In the chinese characters, the same voice have more text shape. so, I need select correct text to use. Does anyone can help? Thanks! - 大家好, 我是中文介面使用者,我也常會使用到中文輸入的部分。但是我發現當我在輸入中文字的時候,我的文字選擇器跑不出來。所以當我需要選擇想要的字時,輸入器一直沒有反應。 不知道板上有沒有人有一樣的狀況? 請好心人士協助一下~ 謝謝
  16. Hi, I am Chinese no any background for Photo design, I love Affinity Photo when I saw it from App Store, however all the Tutorials offer from the website are English, if someone can include the subtitle to Chinese will be more help for me. Currently I throught Adobe Phtotshop CC course (Chinese version) to get the knowledge then transfer to Affinity Photo.
  17. I can see your company is improving with language, but can you guys add some big population language? Such as Chinese.
  18. I'm confused to see lots of error codes in AD when I open my Ai files in Chinese. It totally disturb my mood to finish my portfolio......plz add Chinese in soon.
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