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Found 10 results

  1. It would be really helpful if it was possible to adjust font size, leading and tracking etc. using the up arrow and down arrow on the keyboard.
  2. Colours in Character panel in light mode are wrong. See the example below. Both greens are the same, but should look like the one in Swatches panel.
  3. Selecting a font collection in the Character panel shows the previously selected collection, instead of the one selected. So, for example, if I select the "Sans" collection I see whatever was previously on (e.g.: All Fonts), then I select the "Serif" collection and I get to see list of fonts included in the Sans collection. Affinity Designer 1.8.3 macOS 10.14.6
  4. I'm on Designer 1.6.1 on Mac running High Sierra and can't tab between fields in the Character and Paragraph panels (works fine in Transform). I removed the default shortcut of using the Tab key to Toggle UI but that didn't help. Is this a bug? Please do enable tabbing between fields in all panels in future releases. Thanks. Here is a link to a screen recording showing how tabbing works properly in Transform but not in Character/Paragraph: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a4Rq4CbxbVtgfsY0vgocRECgVWMjSi04
  5. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug so I'll ask the question. When I have a cell or a number of cells in a table selected, I can change the border - of whichever border-selection is currently selected in the Table panel - of those cells via the Decorations tab of the Character panel. Is this something that was deliberate? It's a kind-of-nice short-cut if I don't have the Tables panel open - even though I can't choose which border selection I want from the Character panel - but I don't know if having it at the Character level is appropriate. I'm not sure where would be a better place, it just seems a bit odd.
  6. The Character and Paragraph panels have become 'inactive'. They will not open. via dropdown or the menu boxes. Have I switched to some operation mode or is this a glitch? Thank you.
  7. Both Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer crash immediately if I do any of the following: 1. With either app open, with no document open & with the app hidden (CMD+H), disabling certain fonts in Font Book cause the Affinity app to quit unexpectedly, for example PilGi. (PilGi is one of the Fonts available for download in High Sierra.) I have not determined if disabling only one of the downloadable fonts do this. 2. With any document open in either app, including newly created ones with no layers, opening the Character panel & selecting certain Font Book 'smart' collections from the popup cause the app to crash immediately. This is the list displayed in the Character panel on my iMac: Selecting either "(kind) OpenType" or "(kind) TrueType" does this. These are very simple 'smart' collections: 3. Disabling or enabling at least some fonts in Font Book while either Affinity app is open with a document that has text selected will crash the Affinity app. It does not matter what font the text uses or if the Character panel is open or not, so it is not limited to disabling a font currently in use in the document. • Additionally, one of my Font Book 'smart' collections fails to appear in the Character panel list. It is also a very simple one: It includes some common monospaced fonts like Courier & Monaco, plus Roboto Mono Light, all of which are enabled & appear in the Character panel "All Fonts" list & in the Context toolbar "Font:" lists, & are usable from there. I have no idea why this smart collection does not appear because the others I have created with the "(style)" prefix are similarly based on a "Design style" collection criteria & do appear in the Character panel list. I previously had a separate issue with the Font Book collections (both smart & regular) displaying the fonts from the preceding collection (so for example selecting "Script Fonts" would show the fonts in my "Google Fonts" collection instead) but I finally figured out that was because what is now named "Font Book Favs" was previously named "Favorites" in Font Book, which apparently conflicted with the Affinity app "Favorites." I have tried resetting fonts in Preferences > Miscellaneous with no effect.
  8. In Affinity Designer my character panel will not open. I click on the tab and in the drop down menu and it simply does not open. I have tried to find where I can do a reinstall. Does Affinity permit a reinstall? At this point I'm sorry I bought it. If this isn't resolved I'll just go back to Illustrator for good. i do a lot of type layout.
  9. The Text Height field in the character panel could be more convenient if it was a +/- field instead of a pure dropdown menu. It's also not possible to change the values of any of the fields by more than +/- 1 by keyboard arrow input. If you press your arrow more than once your selected artwork starts moving up and down instead of the value of the setting. Thanks so much for this great piece of software and please never turn into an evil company like Adobe ;)
  10. Sometimes when I'm in the Character Panel I can down arrow to step through all the fonts. Other times I find my text moves when I down arrow. It's now moving the text, anyone have a suggestion on how to get it back to stepping thought the fonts?
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