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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I have recently purchased Affinity and delighted with it. However as a previous Lightroom User I am missing the library /catalogue facility I get with that. Is there a good software that works well with affinity for managing my photos so that I can catalogue and group them and sort and pull out photos based on the metadata entries in the way I can with Lightroom.
  2. Hi, I'm currently looking at moving to AP from Lightroom. Does AP store its edit changes in a catalogue, as Lightroom does, or does it store the changes in a sidecar file with the raw image? Secondly, I've read through other entries in this forum and somethings still unclear to me. I shoot in RAW format, make changes and then export to jpg for printing, etc. Can changes that I make to RAW files be edited at a later date, the way Lightroom does? That is, RAW files retain a history, and changes can be undone.
  3. I am desperately waiting for a feature offering a catalogue structure (DAM) - similar to what Aperture was offering. There is a lot of good photo editing programs out there now (like Pixelmator, Picktorial, even Photos) - but none (apart from Capture One) that rivals the DAM capabilities of Aperture! As someone who has over 600 GB of images in 20+ Aperture libraries well keyworded with all the Metadata - I am hoping that within the next version of Affinity photo there will be a catalogue feature - then the only serious competitor would be Capture One …
  4. Hi all, my first post. Affinity Photo is really good and I'm swelling the ranks of ex Photoshop CS6 users, now that PS has left us behind and is no longer updating Raw files for newer cameras. The only gripe I have with Affinity is there is no part of the program that can open a folder full of Raw files and create thumbnails of the images enabling me to easily select the image(es) I want to work on as Photoshop Bridge did, actually Bridge did a lot more than just that, lot's of sorting options for instance, but that will do for now. Thanks Chris
  5. I was very excited to read that Serif is going to develop an Affinity Digital Asset Manager. As an Aperture user who cannot find any suitable replacement, I am hopeful that the quality and attention to detail which the Affinity products are known for will lead to an excellent option to migrate to. Given that I presume the DAM is in early stage development, I thought it might be worth putting down some features that are important to me in the hopes that they will be considered for inclusion. In particular, Aperture (and my need for a DAM) is a key part of the process of selecting/rejecting
  6. Hi. I'm just waiting for my new iMac to come and I'm thinking about starting fresh with a new set-up for my photos. I'm an amateur / hobby photographer. At present I just shoot jpg but would like to learn to use RAW as well. Up till now I've been using Picasa for everything and much prefer it to Photos for mac - maybe just because I'm used to it, don't know. But, I'm thinking of taking my editing up a notch and buying Affinity. My question is - what software do Affinity users use as a catalogue / viewer to go along with Affinity as your editor? And what are the workflow steps you use?
  7. I’m very impressed with both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and may well decide to cancel my Adobe CC subscription. Unfortunately, I have over 20,000 images catalogued in Lightroom, so I hope Affinity will release a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) a.s.a.p..
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