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Found 6 results

  1. ronnyb

    Crop tool

    The escape key doesn't cancel out of the crop function on my 2017 15" TouchBar MBP. It would be great if it did, or if you added a Cancel button on the TouchBar. Thanks for all you do!
  2. Hi, When one opens the brush edit dialog for an existing brush and touch some sliders for experimentation, the changes are auto-saved and there isn't a Cancel or even an Undo for them. How do you recover you original settings for the brush? Please add Cancel button to the Brush Edit dialog to throw away changes, and also make it possible to Undo it after committing the changes.
  3. What I did… 1. Hold Control and click-drag on an object, as if creating a copy. 2. Before releasing the mouse button, press Escape to abort the operation. 3. The copy is created despite the operation being aborted! This may be 'by design', but I find it counter-intuitive. 4. Now select a different object. The blue outline shifts to the new selection, and the selected object in the layers panel changes… BUT the transform handles remain on the previously selected object. 5. Move the transform handles, and the selected object is targeted, but the transform is mirrored!
  4. Hey, I recognized that, when you want to cancel the Option of "Do you want to save this file" (.afphoto), than the Image is closing instead of cancelling Best regards
  5. Hi, I got .NEF image. When tried to export to PNG and canceled it i get an Alert with no more information. I continued my work and all is fine. But in my opinion there should be some more information when Alert occurs.
  6. When I change settings in the fx settings window, I can only "Close" the settings. Often I am changing settings and in the course of changing I realize that this change was no good ;-) So I would appreciate a button "Cancel" aside the button "Close". Best, Dietmar