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Found 8 results

  1. Guys, Buying once is enough to use it on MAC and PC or i need to buy individual copies for both Operating systems... and can i run on both devices simultaneously or only one device can run at a time... Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I am in the process of exploring Affinity Photo ( on day 2 of trial ), and so far, after initial frustrations, Im beginning to enjoy the potential. I do have a question though: at the point of purchase, is there an option to buy a physical copy, a disk, containing the programme, or is it all via digital download? Could I add it to a cd/dvd (or maybe a compact flash card/usb memory stick) to keep a hard copy? Or once purchase has been completed, is this software only accessed via an online account? Im new to purchasing software this way; I still prefer to buy software on a disk in a box with fancy designs Its nice to have a physical disk to keep hold of; but maybe Im just behind on the times. Thanks for any help. tee cee
  3. Dear Customer Support, Please see the attached file. This is the situation I am facing. No popup blocker is active in my browser. Also, I tried to pay several times, from Firefox, Opera and Chrome with no success. May I ask for help, please, if possible. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I just want to know how if I purchase a license to Affinity Photo for iPad on the iTunes AppStore on the Mac, why I cant see that purchase in my iPad AppStore with the same Apple ID, is weird!!
  5. I thinking of buying the Affinity Designer application and I would like to know: - Can I Install in all the computers that I use (at the moment one Desktop and one Laptop)? There is a limit? Or the limit is the user only? - Do you sell direct (meaning not buying in the Apple App Store)? - Do you have special prices for upgrading? - In future minor upgrades it all by the App Store or direct download? - Is there a direct email for support? - How does this work or where can I find more info? Thanks!
  6. I can't buy this software from apple store because there is no my country in options. Can I buy Affinity Designer from some other source with paypal? I am not from US.
  7. Is there an other way of purchasing Affinity software than using the payment types of the app store? I don't have a credit card and click and buy doesn't work. Can i get an emailadress for email contact with sales?
  8. if i purchase this product can i put it on more than one mac