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Found 4 results

  1. I made an arrow curve in Design and continued editing it in Photo. I am trying to get a stroke that looks like fire, so I went to the stroke settings and set it to textured line style. In the brush panel, I selected the one that kinda looks like a fire(it doesn't). It will not apply to the curve's stroke. I tried using a different brush but none of them are being applied. What is the problem here? I will attach a screenshot and the file, but be warned. There is some NSFW things in the project I've hidden. Please don't tamper with them if not necessary. Bfurs_LevelUP_H.afphoto
  2. I used Affinity version for window 10 64 bit. Graphic Card Geforce GTX 970 I found this error. It happen most of the time I do this procedure. I draw some sketch with brush. Then I open chrome browser and see some web page. Then I draw again in Affinity photo. The brush behave strangely . The brush strokes are all straight line. I can't draw freely it always appear straight line. This error is resolved by save and close the drawing and reopen the drawing. Then error completely gone. Please fix this error .
  3. I have a question about how a textured stroke is aligned to its vector spine (or framework) in Affinity Designer. I have a stroke that I want to use as the outline of a fill. I am including a .afbrushes brush file with one brush in it and a .afdesign file with the stroke applied as an example. The example uses a brush stroke I created: CD_hairtest’’. This has a base and “hairs” standing up off the base. See attached image. This stroke is was built to be drawn freehand as an outline. I would apply a fill to the outline as a second step. My problem is: The textured bitmap seems to be aligned/placed in the center of the strokes “spine” and when I apply the fill - the fill shows halfway up the “hairs” of the stroke. I would like to be able to change the placement of the stroke on its "spine" or "frame" (not sure what word might be used to describe the vector container the bitmap stroke resides in) at the bottom (or top) or outside/inside of the strokes shape. I am including an image that may make what I am writing about more clear. I do not know if there is an option already in AD to set the stroke on the outside or inside edge of its spine/frame. I wasn’t able to find something that does this. Does anyone know if this feature exists and how to get to it? Thanks in advance if I am just being thick and need someone to point out the obvious. If the feature isn’t there - I can deal with adding a fill fitting under the stroke. It’s just a lot of extra work. If the ability to change the way a stroke is aligned around a fill isn’t available as an option - I would definitely like to see the idea added to a future feature list. Align stroke: Center. Inside. Outside. CD_hairtest.afbrushes.zip cd_hairtest.afdesign
  4. Is there a way to keep all brush strokes in a single layer instead of making a layer for every stroke?
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