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Found 22 results

  1. When activating the pressure control for the paint brush tool, it is possible to draw a stroke beyond the default size (see attachment). I find this not very useful, because it takes away control from the drawing process - I have good reason to choose a certain size. It seems not possible to restrict the size to the chosen value in the brush settings. Referring to the attached image, even with pressure control activated, the stroke must not go beyond 16 px. It should be possible to have the option to restrict the size.
  2. When activating the pressure control for the paint brush tool, it is possible to draw a stroke beyond the default size (see attachment). I find this not very useful, because it takes away control from the drawing process. Is it possible to restrict the size to the predefined maximum, while keeping the pressure sensivity? Referring to the attached image, even with pressure control activated, the stroke must not go beyond 16 px. If not I strongly advise to add such an option.
  3. Is there any way to lock the brush size when changing brushes? There have been a few instances recently where I've created a drawing using curves, or imported an SVG from Blender, and then wanted to apply a brush to the curve(s) retrospectively. Selecting a new brush sets the stroke width to that set in the brush settings. Doing this with a group overrides any difference in the stroke widths within the group. This is especially frustrating when experimenting with different brush styles as each selection then requires and adjustment of the stroke width to something acceptable. Invariably all the brush sizes are too large for the designs I'm working on. Am I doing this wrong or is this just the way it works?
  4. Dear Develover Team, I hope u can add free distort scale and perspective distort scale,, if I Ctrl+left click object corner transform, i can distort scale on object. AND please , if I change brush, previous brush size not automatic reset.. Pliss add this feature On AFFINITY PHOTO AND AFFINITY DESIGNER on next update, because without thats tool and automatic reset previous brush, make me bit frustrated when Im making A Illustration and manipulation photo... ex distort transform object : I hope u can respond my request, Thanks #Dear Developer Team ❤
  5. Dear Developer Team, i can't right click with my stylus button on layer panels n pixels persona mode. because this bug i can't only work with my pentab, and i was force to using mouse. If u read this, I hope u can fix this bug soon. And the Last, I hope the brush size don't automatic reset default size after using other brushes, BECAUSE thats so annoying =__= and waste my time for make illustration project. Because of this, after I want to reuse the previous brush, I always change brush size Again and Again, oh my time,,, Thank if u read this #Beloved Developer Team ♥ INFO *XP PEN DECO 03 PEN TABLET *Windows 10 Home
  6. Hi, i am feeling stupid about this but the fact is I pressed some wrong key combination and some toolbar functions have disappeared. I spendt the last hour trying to bring them back by any mean but i am stuck here... Some of the missing functions are "refine" and "brush size" among others. can somebody please help ? thanks
  7. I tried again to create images brushes with AP, but the default size of 64 pixels for new brushes is turning this into a very annoying experience. If I draw a 24 x 50 pixels or 200 x 150 pixels large object for export as brush, then it should stay this size and not blown up or shrink. Apart from the size issue the new brush becomes blurry when it is increased to the current default size. The fact that I can change the brush size afterwards is no help. The current solution is good for simple shapes but not for the creation of more sophisticated brushes. At least it would help if the user could choose between a fixed brush size or the original size. This may not be a problem for most users but for artists who need a lot of brushes for their work it is a serious matter.
  8. The brush size/hardness control is working on Affinity by using Alt+Mouse_RC+Mouse_LC. However, there is no way of doing the same thing using a tablet pen (tested with Wacom Intuos Pro). I should be able to do this very easy, similarly as demonstrated in this video with Photoshop. This issue is reproducible in the beta release 1.7 as well.
  9. in Liquify Persona: The slider for brush size is divided into 2, 32, 64, 128, 256, 327... This it's too roughly . Better would be: 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 36, 48, 64, 128, ... . It would also be better to increase / decrease the brush size in steps of 1 using the arrow keys (as implemented in PS). Example: To enlarge a pupil, a small brush size is required. But on the slider can be adjusted via mouse (tablet) only: 2px, 32px, 64px, 128 .... In this example, 12px is the best value. Scaling is therefore not practical.
  10. Using windows 10, using the Selection brush for example: use the toolbar slider to change the brush size, when brush returns to image the active cursor is an arrow instead of the selection brush.
  11. Affinity Photo help documents that one can change the brush size (exactly as in photoshop) by moving the mouse left/right while pressing the Alt-key and the right mouse button. In the current windows version this seems not yet to be implemented (similar to the up/down adjustment). Is this feature in the pipeline?
  12. Is there a way to make the actual size of the brush show as you're working? You only see the size of the brush in the middle of the screen when you change its size. Thanks, RL
  13. I've now verified that the missing circle indicating brush size is not just on my Surface Pro 4. At least one other has the same problem. So I'd like to report this as a bug. Even when I attach a mouse to the Surface Pro 4, there is no circle indicating the size of the brush. Also the key combination Alt + LeftMouse + Right Mouse with drag does not work on the Surface Pro 4. I understand the priority being given to the Ipad Pro version, but this is something that should be working in the current release, it's working fine on my desktop computer with the same OS version, Windows 10. Thanks
  14. I can not see the size of a brush in APhoto on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 and cannot find any settings that affect the cursor appearance?
  15. Several requests focused on ease of use: Brush size: Rather than having to go to the toolbar, let me press, say, ALT and drag my mouse to change size. Show the changing size as I drag my mouse so I can quickly and easily get the size brush needed. The request is similar to how one can change brush size in Lightroom. Changing zoom factor: There are some screens where it seems I cannot change zoom factor without leaving the tool in use. Let the zoom change work at any time in the midst of any tool without having to leave the tool. Pete
  16. The use of the square brackets to change brush size seems to be very haphazardly applied. Currently (or at least last time I checked a few weeks back) they don’t work in Liquify, Develop or Tone Map but do work in Photo Persona but rather irritatingly stop working when you enter Refine Mask or Selection mode. To me it is axiomatic that short cuts be as global as possible. Having them appear and disappear can get a little irritating when they work in one place and not another. The Ctrl-Alt click and drag in image to change brush size is global and works in all of the above. I really think this should apply to the bracket keys as well
  17. HELP! I am completely stuck. I tried all settings but somehow it will not work... Q: How to configure Wacom Intuos Pro + Affinity Photo, that key ring can be used to alter brush size? configure zoom in/out to work correctly? Will appreciate any help! :) CU, Roland
  18. Would be better to be able to see the current brush size while sizing it right on the drawing otherwise you're going back and forth all the time. Not good the way it is now.
  19. The enlargment of the brush with a shortcut is not possible in german because there is no button for ][-brackets. Could you please change it to . and , or + and - or + and #. I think this is easy to do but really important for the german keyboard.
  20. Does anybody see that effect as well? If I use a soft brush then the brush cursor shows me a circle of the size that I set for the brush, but the brush effect reaches outside of that circle. This is driving me crazy! I cannot rely on what I see when I am working with such a brush, I always have to zoom in and redo the brush drawing in the areas where I do not want it. I attached a small visualization of what I mean. You can see a 400px soft brush effect (painted a black "spot" on a white canvas). Since the screen capture unfortunately did not capture the mouse cursor, I drew it back in in black. Is this a bug or a "feature"? Cheers Frank
  21. I've bought your new Affinity Photo after trying it out a little during the beta. It has a lot of potential! As I'm living in Sweden I have a Swedish keyboard layout, which leaves me with really annoying problems when it comes to some keyboard shortcuts. To get the keys '[' and ']' requires me to press two buttons, ALT+8 and ALT+9... which of course doesn't work for changing the brush size (as the keyboard shortcut seems to be programmed the wrong way (same problem with Adobe products)).. As you can understand this is quite annoying... so, I try the next thing that I find logical, using the mouse wheel in hopes that it will change the brush size.. but no, it scrolls the image up and down... Ok I try a third thing, right clicking in the hope of getting a slider to be able to change the brush size, but nothing happens... The fourth thing I then try is to find settings to change keyboard shortcuts... but this is missing... searching the forums I see it is on its way.. Now, if I bring up my wacom board it might be solvable, but I don't always have it with me. And I would really like the scroll wheel on the mouse to change the brush size, this would be soooo convenient and fast, much better than having to use keyboard shortcuts (though this should be an option too)... And a right click to get the brush size change would be helpful too (which is what I do in PS), but it is not as fast as using a scroll wheel to just change it instantly. Please consider this input and I hope to find this resolved for the next update so that I can work effectively and actually use this software. Thank you!
  22. Greetings All! I have a question about increasing/decreasing brush size in Affinity Designer's Draw and Pixel persona. Note: I have my Wacom tablet setup to change brush size via mapping [ and ] to pen rocker switch. I've noticed that the value for increasing, or decreasing, brush size appears variable, with no consistency. For example, I start with a brush size of 10, click ] to go up, brush is increased to 11.8. If I click [ and go down, the brush is now 9.8... not 10. Is there anyway to set, or lock down, the brush increase/decrease value? The reason I ask, is I'm doing artwork for a comic strip and I vary between two brush sizes. It would help if my increase/decrease was a set value, as I end up having to do a lot of clean-up work on brush strokes in post. Regards, jB
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