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Found 9 results

  1. Is there an equivalent to Adobe Illustrator's shaper tool I can use to quickly cut off excess elements of overlapping shapes? In Illustrator, once accessed using the shortcut shift + m, it can be used to quickly cut and combine selected shapes. (I have attached a video demonstrating the feature) Since this tool was pretty handy in quickly creating new shapes out of a bunch of others, it would be stoked to learn if something similar exists within Affinity Designer! Thanks in advance. PS: I am new to the forum and forums in general, so let me know if I may have posted this the wrong way Shaper Tool Demonstration.mov
  2. Hi folks, A view month ago i created an issue because the boolean operations are not working correctly in some circumstances. But this tool is very help and useful to create own vector shapes. So my question is when do affinity intend to fix them? I know, it´s a very complex thing that needs time, but my first posting about this was in september 2018, four month ago and so i want to ask when it is fixed. Perhaps there is a timeline? Greetz Uwe
  3. Hi! I am busy designing a logo figure in Affinity Photo but I am quite new to this program. The problem I am currently having is that I can't cut a shape out of another shape. Now I found very helpful how-to videos where they use the boolean olerations tool but I can't seem to find it in Affinity, as seen on the picture I attached. Is there anyway I can cut the shape out OR find the boolean operations? Thanks in advance!
  4. There seems to be a problem with using the boolean operation "divide" on shapes with smart nodes. It creates a very strange effect (see attached image) Also, if I use the boolean operations with alt pressed to create a compound path, all the operations create undesired effects on paths with smart nodes. These things work normally on regular nodes. I hope there is a fix for this? Thanks!
  5. Hello, There seems to be a problem when doing some operations on groups of two triangles (selected from the shapes menu). When doing any sort of boolean operation on them (such as intersect, subtract, add or any other) the result of this operation is invalid. Below you can see examples of the bug. I have repeated it numerous times, restarting the app etc. Perhaps I am not understanding something correctly? I tried shoes different than triangle and they all worked properly. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yx9e8o7bae11eow/AABirLfqS3dCj1Z-z8NjxsYKa?dl=0 Cheers!
  6. Boolean operations can result in incorrect geometry. This seems to most often happen with shapes with rounded corners. Sometimes the problem can be worked around by converting the shape to a curve before applying the boolean operation, although this shouldn't be necessary. See attached file and screenshot for an example ("Example Boolean Bug.afdesign" and "Boolean Bug 1"). Another problem often exhibited when performing boolean operations is faceting around the edge of filled objects. Combining two layers by grouping does not exhibit this issue. See "Faceting - Boolean" and "Faceting - Grouped" (attached) for examples of this behavior. The only difference between the geometry in these two screenshots is that the two objects were combined with a boolean operation in one and grouped in the other. Example Boolean Bug.afdesign
  7. I often use the boolean operations but sometimes I have to take several extra steps because of the way Designer performs the operations. As it is now, if I have a shape that has any overlap (and I have set the fill mode to winding (non-zero)) and then I add some other shapes that I want to subtract, it also subtracts the overlapping area too. This seems odd as it kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a winding (non-zero) setting. I would like to request that if a shape has a fill mode of winding (non-zero) that the boolean operation treat the overlapping areas as part of the whole shape. This would greatly help me to work faster. Thanks! Sorry if my explanation doesn't make sense, please see my attached sample. BooleanQuestion.afdesign
  8. Hokusai

    Boolean operation problems

    I don't know if this is a bug with boolean operations or not. I often use the boolean operations in my drawings. I most often use the combine option and sometimes the add. I made a few drawings using Affinity Designer and I noticed that it takes a long time if I have more than 30 or 40 objects to combine but it would combine them (although it would take a long time). Now I'm working on a drawing and I have 1,043 objects to combine (for me, it is not uncommon to have several thousand objects to combine) but Affinity Designer won't combine them. Affinity Designer just displays the "Combine nodes" message but doesn't do anything for hours. Has anyone else had problems like this? Is there a limit to the number of objects that I can combine? I played around with it and it seems if I use squares or "regular" shapes then it works just fine but if I use oddly drawn shapes and then try to combine or subtract them, it gives Affinity Designer fits. I tried both the Apple App store version and the beta too.
  9. I have a drawing with only 2 shapes in it and I want to subtract the orange one to make a hole in the green one. No matter what Operations button I hit everything disappears. I reverse the order of the layers and still everything disappears. See the attached video. I'm just doing a cmd Z between each to get them back. What am I doing wrong?