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Found 65 results

  1. Hello, I'm having recently some trouble with bleeds. I'm a newbie to graphic stuff, I've created a poster and now i need to print it and cut off the edges, so there are no white borders around it. In the document setup, I've set the bleeds to be 3mm on each side. When exporting, I've added all the crop marks and all the stuff, but when I export it to the final pdf file, the bleed marks are 3mm away from the poster, not in it actually (please see attachements, and the bleed is much bigger just to notice the difference). I want Affinity Designer to put the bleed marks in the actual poster, so there will be part of the image cut off. Unfortunately, I can't set bleed with minus at the beginning. Could anyone please help me? Thank you. A lot. Mike ostrava4.pdf
  2. Hi, This is perhaps a bit of a newbie question, so I apologise in advance but I can't find the answer in the forums. I am creating an A4 document to design a tri-fold lealfet in Affinity Designer. I set the document size as A4 landscape with 25mm bleed lines all round BUT I can't see the bleed lines in my workspace and in fact, according to the ruler the document is exactly A4 size with no bleed lines. When i export as PDF there are no bleed lines either What am I doing wrong ? Is there a tutorial specifically to set out a document from start so it can be properly set up to then be sent to a printer ? Thanks in advance PS: I am not hugely knowledgeable about graphic design / print so any help welcome. OBH leaflet inside.afdesign OBH leaflet outside.afdesign
  3. Hey guys, I have a problem when trying to save pdf for print. I had successfully done this before, a number of times, the same exact way and this time it just doesn't work. Maybe It's something I'm missing here, please help. So, here is my problem. I am trying to save banner design with 3cm bleed and crop marks. I did set up bleed to 3cm in Document setup, I did include bleed in export pdf options, and I did make my elements bigger than artboard. And my bleed is still not saving... What am I missing?
  4. Great work on the Designer iPad release (if only I could afford one!) just a wee niggle here with something thats driving me round the bend (since the first release of Designer) I've adapted my workflow to accommodate a workaround for accurate bleed but I'm just wondering when we're gonna get the ability to rasterise bleed and not just clip to only whats on the page? I've just been working on a CD digipak and noticed that my print ready PDF/X4 file is viewing an vector area with transparency oddly on adobe reader on iOS (looks OK on Acrobat pro on the mac) - easy problem to solve: rasterise but....... screen cast Yeah already got a workaround in place but a one click solution would save me a few rounds of F's Praise be to PUBLISHER (which will hopefully solve these probs?) Rasterise prob.mov
  5. Simple request would be that the rasterise feature actually acknowledge the bleed associated to the document. Currently it takes the trim size but for print related work it would be far more functional to be able to place elements into the bleed and then when rasterising have the finished article have the bleed included. All the best, Mark
  6. I am new, so please be patient. I need to export with crop marks. I have read other threads that instruct to export to .pdf, select MORE, and select INCLUDE BLEED AND PRINTERS MARKS. However, I do not have that option. Mine only says INCLUDE BLEED. If I choose that option, there are no crop marks on the exported file. Very frustrating. I am able to print the source file with bleed and crop marks, but the export dialogue does not have the option. Any help would be wonderful!
  7. I've been really exited to make a switch from Illustrator to Designer but I'm having difficulties with the bleed setting and exports. This is really annoying me big time and it should not be this hard to achieve. I hope I don't have to go back to Illustrator for this. So I've done the following: Set up a new doc 80mm x 50mm with the bleeding option set to 3mm. So in fact the document should be 83 x 53 mm. I now understand that Designer does not show the bleed while in the design process, so I'll try to ignore that (When is it coming?) Then, when going to PDF export, I turn ON the [Include-bleed] option and turn ON the [Include Printer Marks] (such as cropmarks) The outcome is a PDF file with cropmarks but no bleed Then, when going to PDF export, I turn OFF the [Include-bleed] option and turn ON the [Include Printer Marks] (such as cropmarks) The outcome is a PDF file with cropmarks but no bleed What am I doing wrong? I created a Youtube vid with this exact problem. Many thanks for helping!
  8. Hi, basically, the title says it all: I would like to be able to set a bleed value directly when creating a new document. Currently, I have to create the document and then go to "File" and "Document Setup" to set a bleed.
  9. Hello, Is there a way to export a document (book cover - 3 artboards), with bleed (5mm)? The only thing I have found is this: ...and it does not work for me. Either this method neither normal method (jus exporting PDF with print marks checked in options does not work. AD exports image to the exact size of documents, no graphics in bleed area. The impossibility of exporting my work with bleeds for print is a disaster for me. Please help, P.
  10. Mensch Mesch

    AP Invisible bleed PDF (for print)

    Create a document, let me say in DIN A4 (297 x 210 mm) Place an image which overlaps at least 3 mm on all edges (trapping). Select the following settings in the PDF export dialog: This is the result: Image is still 297 by 210 mm and the bleed is invisible. Affinity Photo does not add the bleed in the exported PDF. That means, that professional printing in a printing house who will cut the paper after printing won't work.
  11. Cubelab

    Missing bleed on pdf

    In Affinity Designer I can set the bleed in ‘document setup’ and when I export as pdf I click ‘more’ and tick the ‘show bleed’ tick box but when I check the pdf there is no bleed. Can anyone help please? thanks! (moved from beta forum by mod)
  12. I have a business card with 2mm bleed in one document on two artboards. On both is a thin line going in the bleed. Now, when I export a PDF-X with export all is fine. When I export with Export Persona the line on page 2 is cut at the end format and so is the background. But the bleed is not ignored: end format is still correct. In the Export Persona I created 2 identical slices for page1 and page 2. I made a demo, see in ZIP attached. bleed.pdf is fine, S1.pdf is fine, S2.pdf is cut. If it’s not a bug, what could be wrong? AD 1.6.0 on OSX 10.9.5 Bleedbug.zip
  13. Hi, I am new to affinity and I have a question about "include bleed" and the positions of "crop marks" when exporting to PDF. I think crop marks should be set on the bleed and not on the document borders, when "include bleed" is selected? At least that's what I expected ... or did I miss something? In Affinity Photo there is no possibility to add bleed to the document, in Affinity Designer there is this option, but both have this option in export persona? I am a little bit confused ... In the forum I have found some discussions about bleed, crop marks, ... but I think there is none about my question. Thank you Erwin
  14. I'm designing a file for print and need to include bleed with my artwork. I am using a combination of vector and pixel elements, which includes pixel brushes. I have attached a screenshot of the close up of my artwork, and my brushwork is cropped by the constraints of the artwork trim area, whereas the vector elements are unaffected. Is there something I am missing? I have added bleed to the document but can't seem to paint on the bleed area. Is there a setting I need to turn on in order to do this?
  15. Hi, I ask if you can implement the voice of "Bleed" also in the "New Document" Panel. Another thing: The translation isn't correct at 100%: "Bleed" is to translate with "Pagina al vivo" and not with "Smarginatura". It is correct but in Italy nobody use Smarginatura when we're talking about the part that will be cutted. Thanks
  16. After rasterizing an image all the part of the image out of the Artboard has been cut off and the bleed area which has been setup for the document has been ignored - I have no image parts visible out of the Artboard anymore. This of course is not acceptable as I need that part of the image outside of the Arboard to fill the bleed area - that's for the bleed is for. How to solve this? I have special situation where I need image to be rasterized together with some overlay text elements to get the desired output (for some reason what I see is not what I get after print export, so I only get the desired result after rasterizing the visible elements. Less important but a bit strange to see - The command for Rasterize in Affinity Design is written as Rasterise (with S instead of Z).
  17. I see that bleed area guides have been on the feature roadmap for Design since summer of 2014. When might we expect to see this feature?
  18. Is there a way to print multiple artboards in Affinity Designer on one page with the bleed and crop marks applied to each artboard? Currently the crop marks are for the whole artboard group.
  19. Hi! I've a problem with exporting a pdf file. My document is set up to have 3 mm bleed in every direction, but the top and bottom bleed marks are not showing up correctly when I export it. I've attached the files here, a screenshot from Affinity Designer (everything looks normal there), screenshot from the .pdf file and the .afdesign file. I've been using Affinity designer for similar projects and haven't had a problem with bleed marks before. I exported the file using different settings, but no difference there. Any tips what should I try next? testi.afdesign
  20. I've been using AD for a month. I've been making two page marketing sheets of various sizes. For a document, I created two artboards for front and back so I can see both at once. I setup bleeds which you can't see onscreen before exporting. My questions are: 1. When I export to PDF with bleeds showing, my front page has printer marks but no bleeds while the back page shows the printer marks and bleeds. I definitely have the content going outside the artboard on both pages, so why would the back show bleeds and the front doesn't? 2. Should I even use Artboards at all for a 2 page document? It seems like some things don't work right with Artboards. Is there a better way? 3. When is there going to be a way to see the bleeds onscreen? It's tiresome to export and check the export just to check a bleed. Thanks in advance.
  21. The inside stroke has bleed of the shape colour. It really messes up how the stroke should look. EDIT: It also does it for images inside a shape
  22. Hi I know this has been a topic many times but I am having problems with my bleed not showing and I am going to print on Friday! I have selected 3mm bleed in document setup, and in export ticked the boxes for include bleed and include printer marks. The first version I did is showing the bleed but now I am on the final version they are not showing up. I have sent it to the printer and it is also not showing for them so it is not my pdf reader issues. The only main change I have done is given the document background - a coloured rectangle a 3D effect rather than just flat. Would this be the issue? Please help. First draft woodland version 1.pdf Woodland Explorer Cards 1 - 10.pdf
  23. When I print a document created in or imported into AF the output is over 100% and part of the content bleeds off the page. I've double checked all my settings and downloaded the newest printer driver and the issue persists. I've exported the document as a PDF and printed it out in Preview and it still prints out too big. Other documents printed in Preview print correctly. Anybody have a work around or a fix?
  24. I created a new document in Designer with two artboards of 6,000 × 1,240 mm, and set up bleed of 50 mm on all sides. I then dragged in a simple vector group from the Assets, scaled it, centred it on Artboard1, duplicated it and centred it on Artboard2, and made some changes to the vector shapes on Artboard2. It all looks fine in AD, but when I export it to PDF and open that in Acrobat, the pages appear blank until I open the separations preview, which I have to do on each page to reveal the artwork. And then the artwork has shifted off centre by a significant amount. I’ve tried creating a new document from scratch and varying the order and methods of creating artboards, duplicating the vectors, etc, using only the first artboard, excluding the bleed, and a few other things, but always with the same result. It’s not the first time I’ve run into the issue of the missing artwork that is revealed by opening the separations preview. Any suggestions for other things to try? Any known issues with anything I’ve done? I’ve attached the AD and PDF files in question. TyreZim sign logo 6000 x 1240.afdesign TyreZim sign logo 6000 x 1240.pdf
  25. Hey AD pals, help here would be greatly appreciated. I have a logo design done on my MacBook with AffinityDesigner 1.5.4 and have it set up as a document on an artboard with both vertical and horizontal Cut and Bleed lines visible on the document in all 3 Personas. The Cut and Bleed lines were done 'by the book' using the menu item 'Guides Manager' and the file has been named and saved. My problem/question: I need to export this artboard showing the Cut and Bleed lines to the sticker printer however when I go into export mode and export it (so far have done .pdf, .jpeg, and .eps), the file described above exports successfully but WITHOUT the Cut and Bleed lines being visible in the exported file. Please advise on where I'm going wrong and/or what step I am missing. Thank you! -Christo