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Found 4 results

  1. I'm using a color balance adjustment layer, I toggle the "Preserve Luminosity" checkbox and nothing happens. I attach the same process done in Photoshop with exaggerated settings and the expected outcome. Photoshop: Affinity (Both are exactly the same, the histogram doesn't change one bit)
  2. This isn't really about Publisher - although it is about publishing - but as there's no 'General Discussion' forum I'll just ask the question here. (Moderators: Please feel free to move or remove as you see fit.) Does anyone know if there is a free tool, into which I can feed a PDF, that will tell me - preferably page-by-page, or if not then by document - what the ratios of printed ink colours used would be? I've probably not explained that very well so I'll give a short summary of the situation... I edit a small newsletter for a local charity group which is printed by a volunteer on his personal home/office inkjet printer. The newsletter is on normal A4 sheets, only about 6-8 pages each issue, about 80 copies each run, and isn't published particularly regularly, but he would like to keep printing costs down. One way to keep the costs down is to limit the amount of colour used and, as such, I've been 'rotoscoping' (probably not the correct term) the images to get a 'small bit of colour on greyscale' effect (think of the girl in the red dress in "Schinder's List" but just for still images). Because of this I have been wondering if there are any tools available - for free, I'm not paying for something I only need once in a blue moon - that will tell me the relative amounts of each ink colour that will be on each page when a document is printed. In other words, I would like to feed a PDF into the software and it will tell me what percentage of the colour on each page will be printed with the Cyan ink, and the Magenta ink, and so on. These percentages may help me to be able to 'balance' the colours used so I don't produce something that will force the volunteer into running out of any one coloured ink. For example, a bad 'balance' might be: CMYK - 40%/20%/10%/30%, while a good 'balance' would be: CMYK - 10%/10%/10%/70%. I can sort of do this by eye but it would be better if I could get something that will do it 'without prejudice'. Does anyone know of such a tool that would help? (I know it's probably a bit of a weird question but I thought I'd ask it anyway.)
  3. Hi, I think affinity misses heavily on some good colour correction options. Other software brands allow for almost automatic correction or profiling using great/xrite colour checker cards, e.g. passport, SG24 or DG which are all industry standard. Without that option of automatic profiling Affinity photo is not really to be any valuable tool for pro users who take colour processing seriously. Please add this feature. Thanks.
  4. Hi All, I've had Affinity Photo for about a week so far, andI am getting to grips with it slowly. Although I amalready convinced that the panorama functions are the best I have seen, (Moving over from PT Gui). It will take me a while to learn everything, but I am already convinced it beats my previous tool, Photoshop Elements. But there is one feature I am missing, and I can't find it - is it possible to set the white balance by clicking on a point which should be neutral grey? Thanks, Nick
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