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Found 11 results

  1. Windows 10 64bit Affinity Designer Steps Open file Click on Export persona Expected Result Export persona mode opens, works like a charm. Actual Result Affinity Designer freezes. This might be related to affinity-design-crashing-when-slice-panel-is-selected. However for me Affinity Designer already freezes when I switch to Export Persona mode. I attached the file in which this happens. Please note that exchanging the content of the afdesign-file doesn't fix the freezing. freeze me.afdesign
  2. The attached file crash 100% when clicking on the Slices tab when about to export in Export Persona. SetIcon.afdesign 2019-08-31 01-28-28.flv
  3. Affinity Design Crashing when the Slice panel is clicked on in export persona. It's not happening in all files - but happening with some files. I have attached one dummy file to which is crashing on my system. Steps to reproduce the bug: Open the attached file. Go to export persona. Click on the slice tab - and it crashes! I am running affinity designer on Windows 10 64Bit, Intel i76700 16 GB ram and 6 GB Nvidia Graphics GTX970M card. Business card bug report AD 2019-09-07.afdesign
  4. Windows 10 Home 1903, Designer Steps to reproduce: * Open Designer; * Create new document; * Switch to Export persona; * Application hangs. I don’t think many people would want to do this in practice but I don’t think they should be penalised for doing so.
  5. Hi AD freezes (crash basically) when I press export persona using file created in AD on ipad export on ipad itself works perfectly fine file is attached file.afdesign
  6. I am working in a studio, sometimes I recibe some documents but when i try to export it whit the Export Persona the program stop working, I attached a video where show the problem, the low frame is becuase of the software which I used to record it but the Affinity works as normal, but when I change to the Persona to Export, becuase I needed to export just one part of the document is when it crash. For now what I do is open a new workshop and copy and paste just the part I need it whit the export menu, but are more steps and is not optimum. nCZfDPKiyp.mp4
  7. This is happening on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with Affinity Designer I have this one file that crashes Affinity Designer when switched to the Export Persona. I can manually export each Artboard fine in the Draw Persona. It gets more complicated, though. I have this file link-embedded in several other files (Problem file > other files). Those other files can be switched to the Export Persona fine, but clicking on the Slices pane causes a crash. Exporting from the Draw Persona still works in those files. But it gets weirder. I have one file in which I have link-embedded one of those other files with the problem file link-embedded (Problem file > other file > this one file). It does not cause crashes when switching to the Export Persona or using the Slices pane, and can successfully export all Slices as expected. I have attached the problem file. P.S. I know it isn't supposed to be possible to link embed files in Designer 1.7.2, but I needed it because I keep editing these files and link-embedding made replacing old versions much easier. When I needed to reload the link-embedded files, I would just open the file in Publisher and update it there. Emblem.afdesign
  8. I have three 960 x 960 work tables at 96 dpi and I cannot export them in Persona mode. The program freezes and I have to close it. I leave some screenshots. I've been attracted to work because of this. I look forward to your help. Greetings.
  9. affinity designer, the export persona doesn't work
  10. Hi, I have 2 artboards for wine labels. Everytime i go to slice mode to output them, the program locks up and crashes. It doesn't even show the slice mode, locks up before that. this is new to Here are screen captures to the progression on the crash. Gary
  11. Here is the file which caused problem for you guys to examine Banner self order.afdesign
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