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Found 3 results

  1. Good day Affinity Forum, Yesterday I bought the latest version of A. Designer for Windows. Sadly after installation I instantly ran into a very weird technical issue which makes the software unusable for me personally. Once the application is launched, I get about 3-5 seconds of normal control/use. Then it starts stuttering and causing screen flickering on my monitor. The weird and interesting thing is that A. Designer application is only stuttering while I am ''in'' the application window with my cursor, and using the application. I have tested and replicated the issue with multiple applications opened and the stuttering & screen flickering only happens when I go into A. Designer. As soon as I move my cursor out A. Designer, the stuttering and flickering stops and other running applications are not affected by stuttering or flickering. After tracking CPU and GPU temps/speeds/voltages whilst having this issue, I can safely say that all of those are stable, except for a small bump in load on the GPU, but of neglectable size I would think. I have a Dell S2417DG gaming monitor, 2560x1440, running at 144Hz, with Nvidia G-SYNC ENABLED. (While I am typing this it comes to my mind that I still need to try and reproduce the issue with lower Hz settings and with G-SYNC DISABLED). My gut gives me a feeling there is some sort of interferance from A. Designer with the Nvidia drivers or the Nvidia G-sync tech. I have the latest Nvidia drivers for my RTX2070 installed. Now here comes a fun fact for the developers who read this; I had the exact same technical issue as described above, on the same new desktop with the Spotify Music application. After some testing with different Hz settings and G-SYNC on and off, the stuttering and screen flickering still happened in Spotify. Then when I went into advanced settings, I disabled the option ''Hardware acceleration'' and poof, spotify worked like a charm again. On all different Hz settings, with G-SYNC on and off. No more stuttering and screen flickering. I do not know exactly what the ''Hardware acceleration'' option in Spotify does under the hood. I checked for a similar option in A. Designer but I could not find it. Perhaps this ''Hardware acceleration'' is built in the A. Designer code by default? I tested with Rendering settings in A. Designer on ''Warp'', but this doesnt fix the issue for me. I am very curious if the people from Affinity are perhaps able to reproduce this issue on similar hardware. Or if anybody has experienced this issue at all. In the meanwhile I will wait and see if the next Nvidia driver update will fix this problem perhaps. The application is currently unusable for me sadly. Fingers crossed for me I will be able to use A. Designer in the future on my current desktop. My 2 weeks old desktop setup; W10 pro 64-bit Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO Intel i7-9700K Gigabyte RTX2070 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz Thanks in advance for your time, best regards, Pascal
  2. I recently built a new computer with a Threadripper 2920x CPU, except for that the rest of the system is exactly like the previous; 128GB RAM, RTX 2080 Ti and loads of storage capacity. The only difference between the old and the new is the old had an i7 5960x. The performance difference between these two computers in Affinity Designer and Photo is extremely disappointing. I searched a little bit and found similar discoveries with the previous generation Threadripper, but I didn't find any solution to the problem. What is the problem? The cursor is fluid and moves nice in Windows and other software like Modo, Maya, Photoshop etc, but in both Affinity Designer and Photo the cursor stutters or lags across the window. It's so severe it's impossible to work. Have anyone with Threadripper or Ryzen 5/Ryzen 7 experienced the same? I hope the dev team can take a look into this as well. For what it's worth I will record a snippet of video when I get a moment.
  3. Issue with Gsync turned on, Affinity app will flicker when moving the mouse changing the brightness either darker or lighter. I have confirmed it is Gsync cause when I turn it off it stops but with Gsync on it starts to flicker again. I do not want to have to turn Gsync on and off every time I want to use the app. Makes the app unusable for me with my monitor. I will try to get a screen recording and update forum.
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