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Found 6 results

  1. AD 1. AD File 2. Print dialog (preview looks ok) 3. Printout (scan) All line attributes in the document are the same, except for the line color: The exported pdf is ok, exported bitmaps are also ok.
  2. I loaded a file created in Affinity Designer Version into the latest version When I printed the 6 page document, whole pages where printing dark grey (almost black), some pages OK, and some graphic elements totally distorted. By distorted I mean the line weight was altered, from a .5pt line to a much thicker line when printed. Another thing that stood out, was, in the Print dialog the preview was displayed in a red shade. Is this a feature or a bug? I would prefer to see the preview in the colours as created in the document. Has the current version changed so much that previously created document may not print correctly?
  3. Some of the lines on the attached file print out at the wrong thickness. Bubble_Overall.afdesign
  4. I tried this with Fit to Printable (this one)... Shrink to Printable... Not exactly what I was expecting. There's one side that has a very thin black line within the border... if it matters. Designer Version
  5. Complicated situation ahead (sorry English is not my main language) with the pen draw a horizontal line across the page (stroke width 5pt) duplicate the line 4 times below with the move tool shorten some of the duplicated lines to different sizes with a simple drag (drag to resize selection) although the stroke width wasn't changed, when I print, I get 5 lines with different stroke width when I print to PDF with Pdf-XChange the strokes display and print as intended (same stroke with) redo points 1-2 now with the move tool shorten some of the duplicated lines to different sizes with shift+Drag (preserve aspect ratio) the print is right (same original stroke width) there is something wrong!! in case 1 the print driver follows the "preserve aspect ratio" scheme by increasing or decreasing the stroke width in case 2 neither the display nor the print changes when resizing by shift+Drag (preserve aspect ratio) the stroke with is not affected by the operation (wich I can understand btw.) to me the conclusion is: do not print from AD or AP as any thick stroke could be looking different than intended hope somebody can reproduce this printed on a Hp laserjet 3015 PCL5
  6. 1. Create a Text 2. Draw some line apply a rotation of 69.3 3. Print Observed : line become thicker in printed document. Money Receipt.afpub