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Found 8 results

  1. hi! i write a normal text, several paragraphs, with artistic text tool when i later want to change a letter and click on it the cursor appears two or more lines below - always please fix/ help
  2. The Artistic Text Tool and Frame Text Tool have the same keyboard shortcut. I'm wondering if there is a good reason for this? I hover over the Frame Text Tool and find T is the shortcut. So I hit T, go to drag out a box and find I have the Artistic Text Tool. Maybe I'm missing something here.
  3. I've just installed on Windows 10. It installed very quickly and with no errors It looks great, matching or complementing the layouts for Photo and Designer. I thought I would try to import a text file into a new document. The option to do this is under the Text menu but is greyed out. I found I could make this active either by creating a text box with the Frame Box tool or by using the Artistic Text tool. The Frame Box tool worked well but was not what I really wanted to do; I wanted simply to have a document that fitted the width of the page and created new pages to contain all the text I had imported, as can be done with OpenOffice or MS Word. When I tried using the Artistic Text tool and imported an unformatted block of text from a file, the result was an extremely wide box of text that overflowed the page in both directions. When I used 'Zoom to Selection' I was able to reduce the width of the box to the size of the page. This had the effect of reducing the size of the type to being too small to read. I can understand that this is something one might want when being 'artistic' but , again, did not achieve the quick result I had hoped for. In the attached image, the first block is using the Frame Box tool, which constrains the text to the width but does not expand in height , creating the necessary pages to display it. The second block was the result of using the Artistic Text tool and bringing the size of the created box back to within the page dimensions, which reduced the text size accordingly. These two tools remind me very much of PagePlus, which was a good alternative to Word but I didn't use it very much and don't recall how I might have done what I tried here with Publisher. Any advice ? [Edit] I found the answer in another recent post , "Auto text flow across pages". It is , basically , to use the Frame Box Tool, enlarge it to the size of the page and then use the Shift key to auto flow across pages.
  4. The Artistic Text Tool does not display Emoji characters. Please add this to the ATT, thanks Please see also the attached video, maybe I do something wrong, if so, I appreciate any help and hints. Artistic Text Tool 2018-05-25 09-14-54.mp4 Cheers, Roland
  5. When attempting to add another layer of text the HSL Color Wheel will not select a new colour other than black . Tools do not activate. Am trying to activate any tool, none are working. Cannot understand which action caused the issue. Especially need to use Artistic Text Tool, mode is chosen for Pixel and the photo image layer is rasterised. Complete mystery as I cannot find any prior conversation that discusses this problem.
  6. Affinity Designer 1.5.5 - is there a quick and easy way to change or convert a Frame Text box into an Artistic Text box? Yes I could copy paste content into a new new text box, but I'm just wondering if there is a built in conversion option I'm not seeing.
  7. In working on text and graphics on a complex geology map I quickly go back and forth between graphics and text. Many thanks for adopting my earlier suggestion to make the Frame Text tool much easier to work with. I now have a request for exiting the Artistic Text tool. Here is how I quickly work using keyboard shortcut "s" for the move tool, "d" for the node tool and "c" for the pen tool. Thus my left hand can get the tool I need without moving around the keyboard. Meanwhile my right hand always stays with the mouse. When working in a text I can quickly click outside of a frame text without initiating a new frame text, then with my left hand chose one of the above shortcuts. However, when clicking outside an artistic text things get more complicated. Unless stopping and paying very careful attention while pressing one of my above shortcuts I can easily make a mistake and create a new artistic text. One must be very careful to note if one has selected a *line* with a text on it, or if one is inside the text itself. In the former case, clicking outside this selection does not activate a new artistic text, but in the latter case clicking outside does. This is confusing, or it at least increases the potential of making a mistake and then having to back up. Thus my request. It there anyway to program AD so that clicking outside the actual artistic text on which one is working would guarantee that a new artistic text is not created? Seldom, if ever, do I want to do go directly from editing an artistic text to creating a new artistic text. Thus I wish that creating a new artistic text were not so automatic. I would find it much more useful if clicking outside the artistic text would take me to the Move tool or the Node tool since I almost always want to adjust something with those tools. Perhaps one click would allow one to exit the Artistic Text tool and two clicks would remain in Artistic Text tool. Yes, I know I should work more slowly, stop and make a concerted effort to see just where I am (inside a text of just on a line of a text). However, since you have made the exit from the Frame Text tool to one of my shortcuts so easy, I now wish that there might be a similar solution for exiting the Artistic Text tool. Thanks for at least considering this.
  8. Hello Just bought affinity designer and trying to learn how it works but every time when click on artistic text tool or uses shortcut T affinity designer crashes. I cant write any text. The whole report of crash is in attachment. Thanks for any help.

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