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Found 9 results

  1. Granted it took Adobe something like 20 years to put this feature into Illustrator, so I'm not expecting this to appear overnight, but is there a way to convert between these two kinds of text types?
  2. Hello! I’d love to make the report more precise but actually all I’m sure of is included in the title ☹️. I use Designer on iPadOS 13.4 (currently on beta, but the problem had been there before it’s release), app version 1.7.3. App crashes during writing, when deselecting text tool (both art and frame), when changing text attributes, whenever during using text actually. I tried really hard to find the specific path leading to crash but I couldn’t. Tried reinstalling app. The crash is so often for me that I was sure somebody have already reported it but as I see I am alone, so my only idea is that the bug is connected with my language settings - my device language is Polish which Designer doesn’t support (and I have another problem with that, which I reported before, unfortunately still unfixed: Link) Thanks in advance!
  3. A few years ago I mentioned this problem but cannot find that thread now so I'll mention it again. I use my own shortcuts in AD to move quickly from one tool to another (keys near my left hand). These work very well except for this below. I use the convenient "s" for the Move tool and "d" for the Node tool, the same on handle of the pen for my Wacon board. After working with the Frame Text tool I click outside the text box with my Wacom pen or mouse and immediately I can go back to the Move or the Node tool via my shortcuts. However, after working inside an Art text I must be very careful. Clicking outside the text often results in creating a new Art text,, and inside the text is the "s" or the "d" of my shortcut. Sometimes, however, the shortcut works, and I'm on my way. After many tries (going slowly or quickly, etc.) to discover what I'm doing differently each time, I find no consistent difference. Is there any thing you could do to make the transition fool proof? If not, what consistent method of getting out of the Art text mode would you suggest, short of going to the Toolbox and choosing a different tool, which is a real drag that I resist?
  4. I attached a screenshot below. My question is - how do I manipulate text like the picture to curve/warp only the bottom or top part of the text? I understand that I would likely have to convert the layer to curves. But after that, what would I do to keep the top of the text on a line, and and curve the bottom of the text as it looks in the picture. The red lines are added to emphasize what I mean. Thanks!
  5. Of no great importance but I noticed that for both Art & Frame text blocks flipping them vertically results in upside down text, just as I expect. However, while flipping Art text blocks horizontally causes the text to be written backwards as if in a mirror, like I expect, doing that with Frame text has no effect except for flipping where the extra control handle to change text & frame size at the same time appears. Is this by design or just a minor bug?
  6. I am concerned about having the smallest size of SVG since I use them in creating an app. I understand why and when Art text and Frame text tools are used but wonder if there is any difference in the actual letters or sizes when exporting them as an SVG (other than their obvious look on the page). My concerns are: 1. With the same amount of text the Art text appears to make a smaller sized SVG than the Frame text. Is this to be expected? 2. In importing my docs, city-names were imported into AD as Art text rather than as Frame text, which is the way we would have created them in AD. Now we are wondering if we should recreate all of these Art text city-names as Frame text city-names. Any comment whether this would make the AD export of these names larger SVGs? 3. Is there any way to convert an Art text to a Frame text or vice-versa? I doubt it but thought I would ask.
  7. I love being able to click and drag on the canvas and set the size of the type before typing or pasting copy. However, I hate the odd point sizes it creates. Can you make the default behavior be to only set type using WHOLE point sizes, unless holding down a modifier key, which overrides this "unit snapping" and restores the current behavior. Version 2.0: A preference for setting up a graduated unit scale, so that type only sets in user-defined sizes: 4pt, 5pt, 6pt, 7pt, 8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, 21pt, 24pt, etc... These could be based on natural typography scales...
  8. 1) place art text in your document 2) select art text using the move tool 3) apply generous kerning (e.g. 50%) using the ,character' button on tool bar 4) center text Result: text is off center (shifted to the left) due to kerning space after last letter of the text Workaround: not found, because kerning cannot be applied to single letters when using art text
  9. Would love to see the ability to shape Art Text. I'm a new Mac user, still on CorelDRAW X4 on VMWare Fusion. I'm looking for a good Mac Vector replacement, but it seems that every vector program is missing a few key features that I use regularly in CD. I will be listing the ones I'd love to see in Affinity. So far nothing is really a good replacement for the features I use. Would love to see Affinity become the Mac's CorelDRAW!
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