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Found 5 results

  1. On the IPad Pro - 10.5 / 2018 as well as 12.9 /2020 (iOS 13.7) - I have the problem, that Nikon raw files from the D850 won’t be imported properly from Affinity. Instead very often only the thumbnails will be imported with 120*160px ... and the image is very ‘pixeled’... I attached a photo. It happens on almost every second imported RAW file!? The import I try is from apples photo app on the iPad where the images will be displayed correctly. Also an import to the RAW power app (as a verification) works fine. The problems appeared recently after the last updates of affinity and iOS. I need help, as I bought the new bigger IPad explicitly for Image editing.
  2. Posting here to add to the .Nef file issue with the iPad version 1.8.2 of Affinity Photo. When I import the Raws from photos they open up as extremely pixelated, small sized files, with the message: following message is displayed: “Assigned profile: Photo iPad assigned your working profile (sRGB IEC61966-2.1) to this unprofiled document” as a 120X160Px size file. Is Affinity opening the thumbnail image for these filetypes? Im also noticing my images are flipped in some instances. Luckily my Google-FU led me here and I have been able to get into editing my raws using the drag and drop trick. I shoot Both D850 and D800 Nikon Cameras, hoping Devs can have this bug fixed soon. Thanks!
  3. When loading portrait orientation NEF files from my Nikon D850, this fails and a mirrored pixelized image turns up. There is no problem with landscape oriented NEF files. When processing the portrait oriented NEF files into JPG in/camera these JPG can load into Affinity Photo - this is my only workaround right now. There was no problems with this in the previous version. The device is a iPad Pro (12,9") (2. generation) running the newest iPad OS version 13.4. Have just updated to version 1.8.3 and the problem remains!
  4. Hi guys I’ve not used the app in a while but I’ve noticed that if I start a new project from “import from photos” and load a photo to from my Photo Stream A weird thing happen If I import from my photo stream the resolution gets dramatically lowered - why is that? The imported photo looks way worse than if I open it via the photo app, it’s quite pixelated. Is there a setting to tell AP to not lower the resolution of photo stream photos? thanks. Fed
  5. Hi there, I have this problem with this app For iPad and it is driving me crazy. Some of the RAW it read and some of them no. I cannot understand what could be wrong with it. The ones that doesn’t read it said something like the iPad select a work profile because the picture didn’t have one. It makes no sense, beside that why one it can read and the other no if it is the very same profile? And every time that the picture can’t be read, and the iPad put that work mode, all the image is insanely pixelated. Hopefully it can be fixed soon, really appreciate your help in this matter.
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