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Found 1 result

  1. I have noticed that the AP liquify persona does freeze up and hang after extended use. Typically, I start the work day by opening up Affinity Photo after powering on my Mac. ( incidentally, I am running a Mac workstation running Sierra OS and have 16 GBs of ram) On any given day, I use the Liquify persona a lot, repeatedly going into it and making adjustments then closing out of Liquify. I would say that within a 4-5 hr work period, perhaps half the time might be in the Liquify persona, "sculpting" my painting. This is such a great tool! Here's the issue, though. Once I get to the point of having AP open for over approx. 5 + hrs. and having visited Liquify on and off throughout the day, its at that point when the liquify persona becomes non responsive ,freezing up. My solution is to close down AP and reopen it which seems to reset everything within AP and then the Liquify persona performs as expected. Reminds me of the time, years ago when working with the 3D app. Softimage running on a SGI machine, I had to close out of Softimage every half hour and reopen the app because the software got so fragmented and began to generate unpredictable results. Could this be the case with AP and the liquify persona? I can live with closing down AP to reset Liquify but thought that the developers might want to know about this issue.