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Found 6 results

  1. I scan an 11 inch x 8 inch BW photo at 800 dpi saved as a windows tiff file. Open it in APhoto select resize document to 300 dpi with the resample option disabled. Image size as displayed in dialogue boxes is now 31 inches x 22 inches (which is what you would expect). Click resize. Open document resize to check and it displays the original size 11 x 8 inch dimensions now at 300 dpi. Did the same procedure in Photoshop and it worked exactly as expected. So something appears very seriously wrong here. Anyone confirm please?
  2. Hello, I want to change the resolution of a picture without recalculation. After that the image dimensions have to change accordingly. In Affinity Photo 1.6 this worked very well. Since Affinity Photo 1.7 the image dimensions remain the same. This means, whether I check the box or not, the image is always recalculated. Is there a bug? A new installation of Affinity Photo 1.6 doesn't work anymore. What can I do if I only want to change the resolution of an image? Greeting Do Ädäm
  3. Version 1.7.1 Problem with scaling / dpi if I follow your instructions from: https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/SizeTransform/imageSize.html?title=Changing image size "To scale an image: From the Document menu, select Resize Document. Ensure the Resample option is switched off. Change the DPI to control the number of pixels (dots) which will be printed per inch when your document is printed. Set higher values (e.g., 300dpi) for professional printing. Click Resize. You will see no change in the image on the page as this procedure only affects the image's metadata." - It works fine, as long as I have "Einheiten: pixels" = „units: pixels“. But when I change to centimeters, it DOES change the image though I have the Resample option switched off (see screenshot). thanks
  4. So, opening Resize Document with the image units set to mm (or any physical measurement) and resample un-checked: if I increase the dpi, I would expect the physical dimensions to reduce, but nothing updates in the dialog, unless I check and then un-check resample, which then updates the dimensions properly. If you change the resolution with resampling unchecked and just click resize, when you re-open Resize Document, its done what I asked, it's just a bit unnerving hitting resize without knowing for sure what will happen. This a bug in Photo 1.6 too (at least I think it's a bug).
  5. When using Document Resize, when changing the dpi (with no resampling) the dimensions do not dynamically change - the window doesn't show the new dimensions of the document. The only way to see the new dimensions is to click Resize and then re-open Document Resize.
  6. markuswaeger

    Bug in Resize Document

    Changing values on DPI in the Resize Document dialogue while Resample is unchecked and Units are selected as inches or metric values does not affect the Size. Correctly inches or centimeters should rise as DPI is lowered and vice versa.