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Found 7 results

  1. I've seen something similar posted before without solution or mention that this will remain this way or if this is something that will get a solution: I have the option to disable dithering enabled, though this appears to only impact the viewport, which looks as I'd expect, and not the file exports. Is there any way to disable this when writing to a file? My current workaround here is to script out the transitions in Illustrator as rects per color value, then copy/paste them back into Designer, but the more I have to do this in a drawing the more it pushes me back to an application I'd like to be off of. I think dithering as the default makes a lot of sense, I just wish there was a way to disable this. Is there something I'm missing? This currently puts a major kink in our overall workflow as the dithering negatively affects the final result. I understand from an aesthetic perspective the dithered edges may be more ideal, but the ideal in our case is the banding. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm on Windows 10, Affinity Designer, but exactly same issue on Affinity Photo When making a gradient from transparent white to a solid black over a blank transparent document, there is some black pixels noise. This only happen with transparent document. Same issue in Affinity Photo. Same issue with older versions. Why an issue ? : This is a big one because I craft textures for video games, especially for shaders and I need perfect continuity, and precise values. The noise is made of pure black and white (opposite) in this case. I also need textures to be perfectly tillable so noise is an issue. I need the gradient tool to be reliable. Open Affinity Designer Create a new document Document Setup>check transparent background create a transparent rectangle to fill the image. trace a gradient with the fill tool in the middle of the screen. From Transprent White to solid Black. export to PNG or TGA If you open the image, the RGB channels have black noise at the begin of the transprent gradient. I tried with other software, and they export a clean output. Also not format depend. Thank you NoiseGradientIssue.tga GradientIssue.afdesign
  3. Is it possible to truly disable dithering for gradients? I only found the option in the performance settings, which is however limited to the preview rather than the final result. Meaning as soon as the gradient/s in question are rasterised the dithering is back on, which leads to undesirable results. (Preview) (Rasterized/Exported)
  4. Hello, I've taken a simple gray gradient from Illustrator with the following problem: If I export the Gradient as PNG (@ 1x, @ 2x, @ 3x), AD creates huge files (1Mb, 4MB, 9MB), in Illustrator are the sizes (61KB, 176KB, 340KB). Enclosed the file information AI <> AD and the AD document. What can I do or what am I doing wrong? :-) Gerhard Grauverlauf_1680x1050.afdesign
  5. I'm wanting to use gradients and other features in Affinity to generate displacement maps for shoe tooling (bottom of shoe etc.) and such, but upon export I'm getting dithering. I have my settings set to not dither gradients though. The image shows what gradients look like in affinity, and then what they look like on export (this happens to be an 32bit exr but it's happening on all images). If I have just one gradient layer, no transparency or blend modes- then it exports correctly. If I have two layers though and any transparency or blending modes enabled, I get dithering. I was really excited about the higher bit depth in affinity for gradients just for this use, so it's a bit of a bummer to find this issue. Hopefully it can either be fixed OR I have to check some other setting to get it working right.
  6. I'm currently taking the plunge and switching to Affinity Designer from Fireworks for creating graphics for my games. Currently the biggest issue for me is the inability to disable dithering when exporting to a PNG, specifically around gradients, regardless of whether the "Dither gradients" setting is turned off in the Performance tab of Preferences. The reason this is needed is that I create a lot of 9-slice graphics, sections of which are resized on screen in the game to create things like variable sized buttons. If I use a gradient for these graphics, I end up with lots of ugly little lines all over the final result due to the dithering on the exported image. Unfortunately, I discovered this much too late and have already spent a lot of time redrawing all the graphics for my current game in AD. Please can you give me an idea of if/when this will be fixed so that all this work doesn't go to waste? There are many situations where you'd want to disable dithering, so this seems like a strange omission, especially as you can already disable it within the app itself.
  7. I've tried to create a smooth gradient which - after discovering that dithering is a 'performance' option in the settings and disabling it - looks OK in Affinity Photo. However, exporting the image (apparenly no matter what format) re-introduces the noise and my gradient is once again not smooth: (left: magnification of the gradient as displayed in Affinity Photo. right: magnification of the exported png image) Not being able to completely disable dithering is imho either a bug or a terrible oversight. another thing that seems dodgy about gradients is that sometimes changes to positions or midpoints of pivots don't get saved but reset to their previous setting when saving or switching to another layer. The way gradients work in Affinity Photo's current version is pretty much unusable for me, which forces me to go back to GIMP for this task :(
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