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Found 7 results

  1. Camera: Panasonic GH4 Mac OS Version: 11.2.2. Affinity Photo Version: 1.9.2 ------------ Affinity photo ruins Bokeh and color of Raw files. I don't know why... The program changes something automatically that I do not intend. Whenever I import Raw files into Affinity photo, Bokeh and color are ruined automatically even though I do nothing. Other basic program on Mac shows same, but only Affinity Photo shows difference. When I changed Raw file to TIFF on Mac and imported it into Affinity Photo, there was no problem on TIFF. Same Bekeh, same color, same l
  2. Hi! I noticed some problems with RAW processing (Fuji X-T20) when intense blue stage light appears on the photo. There are no details in it. In addition, during basic processing, this light changes its shade to purple. RAW file download: https://we.tl/t-KoS6tF7RyZ SOOC JPG: RAW from C1: RAW from Develop Persona: My settings:
  3. Hello guys, I learn how to work with Affinity Photo. I have got enclosed a file from this source https://discuss.pixls.us/t/out-of-the-box-raw-rendering-not-up-to-jpegs/6669/23 and I have tried to change the colors of the bridge. In another editor, I can change the colors quite well but in Affinity Photo is a problem for me. If somebody can help me with how to correct these colors I will be delighted. DSCF1110.RAF
  4. So i bought affinity photo and designer not long ago, literally 2-3 days before the discount appeared... And now i'm having weird issues with it using raw files. Fuji X-T1 raw import looks very weird compared to photoshop Please see attached pictures. Here's the raw file https://www.dropbox.com/s/dki5sxll5fx0v6w/bigwheel-colors-messedup.zip Why does this picture looks like the big wheel is oversaturated, no shades of purple, just uniform purple all over it in affinity photo and on photoshop it has many shades of purple all the way to white? What i'm i doing wrong in af
  5. So here's what it's doing. When it imports into the develop persona, for a brief moment you see the actual RAW then it appears to re-render the image as this horrific mess. How do I stop this from happening?
  6. Created an HDR image of the interior of a church. Low light problems were obvious and CA and Fringing was expected. Brought up the required filters to remove the CA and Fringing separately. No indication of removal on the first attempt. Repeated the action several times with little on no obvious removal of chromatic aberration. The same with the de-fringing filter. I gave up and used a free program (GIMP) which removed both CA and fringing after a little work. Affinity Photo 16 has to be better than this, surely? Zoom into the gray pillars and the CA is obvious. Fringing, green and red, c
  7. Essence: developing from RW2 often get purple instead of blown/blue highlight. For last half year I'm getting hang of Affinity as my primary photo finishing editor. It is a painful learning curve as interface is a bit rough, but It gets job done. I can't afford PS anymore, and GIMP still does not support 16 bit color yet (officially). So Affinity fits the bill pretty good. For my arsenal of Sony cameras Capture One is the king, bundled version. SilkyPix too cluttered. RawTerapee works very well but painfully slow even on my pretty good spec i7. So, Affinity become my default developer and
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