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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Affinity Team, I am having a few issues in importing my CR2 RAW files from my Canon 800D Camera. I am using the Apple (Core Image RAW) engine for RAW Files and it causes the images to display like the example picture attached below. I have never had this issue previously before importing images from my Canon 800D Camera and I think it has only started since updating my Macbook Pro to the latest macOS Mojave. I can strangely tho be able to import a Panorama or Stack using those same RAW files and the issue doesn't happen. I can also load images using the Serif Labs Engine with no issues also however it does remove most of the colours from the image for some reason and has so since the beginning on any RAW File. I am not sure if the Issue is Affinity Related or Apple Related and would love this to be fixed or find away to fix it. THANKS!!!
  2. I'm new with affinity photo editor and the problem is when I'm shooting with my Sony camera in RAW and trying to open my photos in preview it seems normal, but at the time I open in Affinity it looks like fisheye photo or smth (I attached photos below ). I can't find any information anywhere. Maybe someone knows what the problem is and can help me with it?:)) Thanks :)
  3. Hi, Really hoping you can help. I am having problems with opening Raw files captured on my Fuji X-T2 (.RAF). The files are displaying with one segment of the image repeated in another segment of the image; either the top left quarter of the image is repeated in the top right quarter or the full left half of the image is repeated in the right half. I have tried lots of different files with the same result. This is only a recent problem. I am not sure whether I've run any updates that may have caused this issue as I've not used the software for a few weeks. I've attached a screenshot so you can see the issue. As far as I know I'm running the latest version of Affinity Photo. 1.6.7. I am running macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. Thanks in advance. Kenny
  4. Hello - when I open a Sony ARW file I get something that looks like the attached. Is this a bug or is it a setting I need to apply? Kr - Philippe
  5. Hello, I keep having the same raw develop bug previously mentioned by several other people (but apparently not yet fixed) where a raw photo splits into two identical photos when I open a photo in the raw develop persona. It is not possible to edit it at all. This doesn't happen with jpgs and seems mostly (or maybe only) to happen when using the Apple Raw engine instead of the serif raw engine. I didn't have these issues with raw files while using Affinity photo in the past. This has happened with raw files from two separate cameras -- Sony RX100 m3 and Olympus Pen F Using a late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch on Mac os Mojave. 8gb RAM, 2.4 gz intel core i5 processor, graphics are intel iris 1536 mb Please help. I bought Affinity Photo so that I could use it with raw and jpeg files, not just jpegs.
  6. Hi - I am stuck a little here. When I import RAW files from Photos with the Apple RAW engine switched on in Assistant the first image usually goes in OK but then subsequent images fail - either black screen or a multi pane effect with parts of the image in each. Switching to Serif engine fixes this but the images appear underexposed and flat. Images are taken on an EOS 80D in manual mode. Any suggestions of workarounds or fixes please?
  7. Hi when I open an ORF into Photo I get half the original image duplicated. Please see attached screen dump from my Mac.
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