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Found 3 results

  1. I posted this on a pre-1.8 thread, since that's where the problem was posted by another user. There the problem was acknowledged as caused by a software glitch. If that's still true, the bug persists in the latest Affinity Photo version--so here's its description again. I have Wacom Intuos pen tablet PTH-651 with newest Wacom driver 6.3.38-3, newest Catalina 10.15.3 Mac OS, and newest Affinity Photo 1.8.1. The adjustment layer presets do not respond at all to my Wacom pen, except one preset that twice turned my document red all over, with no functioning alternatives. The preset thumbnails do respond to my clicking with my Bluetooth mouse, but not to anything I do with the Wacom pen. I bought Affinity after the Catalina upgrade trashed my Photoshop CS6. I removed and then upgraded Wacom's driver so it would play nice with the latest iMac upgrade. That helped. But the threesome of Affinity, Catalina, and Wacom still have the functionality issue described above. Is the malfunction due to unresolved incompatibility between the OS, Wacom, and Affinity software? If so, will Affinity resolve it, maybe in tandem with Wacom designers? Apple upgrades may have caused the glitches experienced by Wacom and Affinity, but Apple seems only to shrug off the messes it makes of nonproprietary apps, shifting the burden of functionality onto the app designers. If I'm experiencing the result of a software bug, I look forward to Affinity and/or Wacom upgrades that make everything work as intended. If what I'm encountering user error, please advise how to correct it. Thank you for your help!
  2. Clicking on one of the presets in the palette (no matter what type of adjustment type) doesn't apply the setting 95% of the time. Using Wacom Intuos in the video, seems to work fine if i use my trackpad. 2019-12-13 18-42-21.2019-12-13 18_47_04.mp4
  3. I have a weird issue with my Wacom stylus. When using Affinity Photo it works, almost everywhere. Selecting tools, moving image boundaries etc. It also works in the Adjustments / Layers / Effects area. I can select one of the bars - for example 'Exposure' - and then move the Exposure slider left and right. All good. The issue happens when I try and select a Preset for those adjustments. I tap the stylus on the preset thumbnails, and they 'flash' once as if they have been selected. But nothing happens to the image. I thought it was a Wacom / Affinity issue but then I happened to try selecting the Preset thumbnail with my finger rather than the stylus (I have the Wacom touch pad version). My finger is able to select the presets, the thumbnail flashes and the image changes to suit the preset, however, the stylus can not, despite the thumbnail flashing to indicate it has been selected. With both my finger and the stylus the thumbnail flashes to indicate selection, but only my finger actually change the image. Any ideas?
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