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Found 5 results

  1. You used to be able to right-click on a photo in Mac OS's Photos app, select "edit with... Affinity Photo", make your edits in AP, press Save and FINITO, the edited/fixed file was directly saved into its original location in Mac OS Photos. Seamlessly, simply and FAST. Now this is no longer possible!! I know this is a bug you have been aware of for over a month, but as we still have no feedback, I thought that writing it in the appropriate section would help AP's developers speed this CRUCIAL fix up ASAP (by reminding them)! Dear Developers please hurry! One of the main reasons we love Affinity is because of its ability to work flawlessly & seamlessly with Mac OS.
  2. "Edit with" from Photo to Affinity Photo don't work with 1.7 ..worked with the 1.6.7 .
  3. Lately, I very often get crashes when multiple files are open. AP closes down completely; after restarting all open files are opened again, sometimes without the latest adjustments. I'm not sure yet, but I think this especially happenes when AP is started by choosing AP as the program to edit images from within Fotos (for Mac). The Mac shows a crashreport which can be sent to Apple. Wouldn't it be better to send the report to AP as well ? I attached the latest one. The crash occurred when I closed one of the open files (all from Fotos) after saving, instead of closing the file, AP closed down without saving the other ones.. Another strange thing that happenes a lot: when working on one of the open files, a keystroke does not perform the supposed action, but instead makes one of the other open files become active. Even make all of the others become active in a short sequence (one after the other). Like some unknown user took over the mouse. Affinity Photo_2019-03-14-144621_iMac-van-Gerrit.crash
  4. Hi. Tried to find existing bug about it, but wasn't able to. After I updated my iPhone to iOS 11 Edit in Affinity Photo stops working with new photos. It now throws an error: Failed to open file /Users/iadramelk/Library/Group Containers/6LVTQB9699.com.seriflabs.extensions/intermediates/Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument The file type is not supported. Other Affinity Photo extensions works. Extension from RAW Power also works. If instead of using extension I click "Edit With" in the photos list, it will open without throwing the errors. But the photo will have artifacts and there will be no controls to edit it. It's probably related to the new apple file format. Affinity Photo 1.5.* worked fine with older photos (taken before the update to iOS 11), but Affinity Photo 1.6.6 stopped working with them too. It opens old photos in Affinity without throwing an error but didn't show any controls to actually edit them. Example HEIC file in attachment. Any ideas how to fix it? IMG_1365.HEIC
  5. When I use the Apple Photos 'Edit With' option to edit a jpeg in Affinity Photo, I can edit the image just fine, but after saving and exiting, the image hasn't been updated in Photos. Steps 1. Right click an image (thumbnail view or single image view) and choose Image->Edit With->Affinity Photo, or right-click the image and choose Edit With->Affinity Photo 2. Make some alterations to the image. 3. From the menu, choose File->Save 4. From the menu, choose File->Close 5. Close Affinity Photo The image hasn't been updated. Using latest update to High Sierra on a 2013-ish Macbook Pro 15" with 16GB RAM. Tried restarting the computer. A similar process works as expected using another couple of photo editing tools I have installed.
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