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Found 8 results

  1. I have been struggling for days trying to create exported LUTs which did not seem to fit... Now I realise that if "levels" adjustments are used (among others) on a picture and that I export a LUT, the corrections on the color channels wont be taken into account in the LUT, only the adjustments on the "master" channel will. Don't trust exported LUTs with adjustments made on the color channels of the "level" adjustement. The only way to get a correct LUT (in this case) is to generate a LUT with the exported adjusted image and the original. NB : all channels on the "curves" adjustments are "ok" for LUT export (in RVB only). Did someone else have ever noticed this bug ? (I did not find any topic about this specific problem) I am working on the french version ( with Windows 10.
  2. Hi am new to affinity and I am just beginning to explore the app. I have been experiencing an issue when importing luts into Luma (that have been created in affinity). The colours are not correct (appear to be reversed) Do know when this might be resolved? Many thanks
  3. Hi I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnJzswOe1xk (LUTs for Tonal Adjustments (Affinity Photo)) and in my version of Affinity Photo it is now not a 3D LUT but just LUT and when I tried repeating steps I load LUT file in adj layer and nothing happens... Did you disable the functionality somehow? If so maybe it would be best to just remove the video? Untitled.cube
  4. I don't know if this is a real bug, but definitely is a malfunction of the procedure. The same problem happened to me with windows and another user with MAC. I link here the topic related to the problem. Thanks for the help! https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/34633-lut-dont-works/
  5. Hello, so in Affinity Photo I had a chain of adjustment layers that I wanted to export to an LUT (specifically in the .cube format) but after I did and put the LUT on another image, it turned it a brown colour and that's not what it should've looked like. But when I export the LUT to a .3dl, it shows up fine on the image. I just really want to have the .cube format so I can use it in other software.
  6. Hi, I exported a LUT from affinity photo and imported it un Luma Fusion, problem is they don’t look the same at all. Seems like the problem comes from Affintiy since i have the same problem in DaVinci Resolve. Any idea?
  7. Hi Affinity team, I'm the lead engineer on LumaFusion, and a number of our users are exporting LUTs from Affinity Photo (fabulous app BTW) for use in LumaFusion. We've found that the .cube LUT files have red and blue components reversed (.3dl LUTs seem to be ok and are a good workaround, but we recommend .cube to our users since the spec is more complete and reliable). Thanks.
  8. So Ive been exporting my LUTS from affinity and using them in LumaFusion. The process is great save one adjustment...The White balance adjustment. If I cool down my image in Afinity Photo and export my Lut, my image is warmed up in Luma Fusion and vice versa. Same goes for the tint, If i add magenta, i get Green and so forth. Is this just my iPad or can i get some help. I’m on the IPad Pro 10.5. Everything is updated.
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