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Found 6 results

  1. Affinity Photo (German) on a German Windows 7 (64bit) behaves as follows: Create a new document with some background and at least one additional layer using a mask, so that only parts of this masked layer are visible. Resize the document, e.g., reduce the number of pixels. The document dimensions get smaller, but everything still looks as desired. Fine. Directly after the resizing, undo this resizing. The previous document dimensions are correctly restored, but, depending on the previous resizing settings, the contents of the mask is either fully or partially lost and can never be restored again with the history. This seems to happen very 'reliably' - no document in which I ever tried this behaved otherwise. Andreas Weidner
  2. Document resize - Undo - Save leaves rectangular artifacts on upper left corner of some masks. I'm attaching a corrupted document (mask of the exposure adjustment layer is corrupted). You can follow these steps to reproduce: Open an afphoto document with a mask under an adjustment layer. Enlarge the image size using "document resize" (2x, 3x...etc) (either from menu or from export dialog). Undo (no need undo if resized from export dialog). Quicksave Ctrl+S. Exit Affinity. Relaunch the document. Rectangular artifacts proportional to resize (in 1/2x, 1/x size) will emerge on the upper left corner. The corruption is permenant. Mask needs to be redone to be fixed. DSCN3334.afphoto
  3. Photo is acting strange with a document I'm working on now. To see what I mean please check the attached document and do the following: Resize the document to 8000 px width Do undo You'll see that the masked pixel layer looks strange after undoing the changes. I've also attached a screenshot. resize_undo_mask_bug.afphoto
  4. Hi, I've got an image with background and some layers, one with a layer mask, mask selected for editing. When I resize the document to half/half size, fine. But when I now undo, I sometimes get a correct undo, sometimes the original size in a half/half image. It also happens when toggling back and forth, see video. Something isn't always undone correctly. undo-redo.mov
  5. Top layer: level adjustment Second layer: curves adjustment Third layer: actual photo (background copy) set to 85% opacity and Screen blending mode, with mask Bottom layer: untouched photo After loading .afphoto document next step is resizing. And here comes the problem: if I undo the last operation either I get resized (correctly) mask but shifted top-left direction, or unresized (or even enlarged) mask shifted bottom-right direction. Sometimes redo/undo couple of times fixes the issue, but not always. Please let me know if you can recreate the issue or should I upload an example (files I work with are usually quite big, about 200 MB).
  6. When you undo the resample operation on a document with a layer mask, the layer mask size is not restored correctly. Follow the following steps to reproduce the issue: - Create a new image a 72dpi - Add a pixel layer and fill it with a color - Add another pixel layer, fill it with another color, add a layer mask and paint something on the mask - Resize the document increasing the dpi value to 300, keep resample check enabled - Now, undo this operation - Layer mask now has a wrong size, select it with the move tool to check it's outline I'm using affinity photo 1.5.1 on El Capitan
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