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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Forum, mein Affinity hat seit gestern einfach so einen Farbstich. Weiß = Gelb. Egal in welcher Persona. Bei anderen Programmen ist alles in Super. Windows ist auch ok. Am Monitor kann es eigentlich nicht liegen. Habe extra einen anderen zum Testen genommen. Ich brauche Unbedingt Hilfe brauche das Programm wieder richtig. Und das möglichst schnell.
  2. Kasper-V

    Christmas video for 2018

    Yes, it's that time of year again. My Christmas video is made with a 'borrowed' image, chopped up and manipulated with Affinity Photo, animated with Anime Studio (a third-party package marketed by Serif a few years back) and brought together in Serif MoviePlus X6. Merry Christmas!
  3. Apologies if this has already been covered, couldn't find it in search. In AP, my added brush sets are listed in the order added. Is there either a way to arrange them alphabetically, or change the order ? For example, two different sets from Frankentoon, might have a set of DAUB brushes in between, due to date added, i'd like to get them a bit more organized.
  4. I can no longer export and PNG file from affinity photo. It just hangs for hours saying calculating. the file is around 50 megs and I never had issues before. I am running a MacBook and ran all disk checks and no errors. I have to kill (force quit). Really need some help here. It just hangs forever.
  5. Open an image. Make adjustments in Basic including WB. In this instance change to 5500K. Create preset named "test". Close AP. Open with a Raw image. The default WB is 4635K. Select the preset "test". The WB does not change from default. The screen shot shows the settings as I saved them on the left then, on the right, opening again and selecting the preset. Notice the WB does not open or change temp if you do open it. Is this a known bug or normal behavior? AP 166. OS 10.12.6 Thanks.
  6. Hello. I am doing architectural design. I've used Affinity tools recently, it's probably something I'm not familiar with. Please let me know if Photo already have a feature on. When open vector files such as PDF, EPS, etc., I need a checkbox to turn off anti-aliased. In architectural drawings, it is often necessary to suppress the blur of lines. Thanks always.
  7. I'm thinking of buying the software but I want to know if this software (Affinity Photo) tends to Digital artist. Does it have varies brushes? Tools? To help with your art? And when updating; will it provide more tools for digital artist or just photographers?
  8. Dear Affinity Team, I´d wish for a solution where I can select colors from my picture (f.e. with the eyedropper) and make a gradient out of it. When I try it now, I can only select one color and the gradient is then applied automatically. I´d be glad if you could implement that <3
  9. Being able to paste any layer into the mask to give it a custom look is a must honestly. Especially useful for photomanipulators that need to work flexibly.
  10. Hi there, When you import a PDF with image+text into AP, some part of the texts show some kerning issues. Original: With issue: I'm on MacBook Pro 10.10.4 with AP 1.3.4. Thank you!