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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem transforming selected pixels I have move tool selected and a selection of an object but when I want to transform it flips whole pixel layer.
  2. Suddenly I lost some files I've been working on. I dunno what happened, the night before I worked with AP and it's just fine, then the next morning when I wanted to continue working, suddenly I got 3 files I've been working on last night suddenly deleted/disappeared, and some other projects also got disappeared. One thing I remember is, that morning before I continued working, I open Photos App and deleted some files, it counted about 120 something photos, then I opened my AP, ---- suddenly my newest projects just deleted/disappeared. I check my Ipad Storage -> specifically Affinity Photo to make sure whether I lost the data files or not, but it still having 50GB of files, so it's not deleted right? But I can't find anything on my AP documents. So how I recover those files? Any tips? Please help, since those all my clients work :(( Here I attach what's going on on my AP Ipad
  3. 在我使用撤销的时候,文件会经常性的崩坏 affinity photo crashed when used undo.mov
  4. I noticed that whichever brush I use it is being painted in flow mode, even though my flow is 100%. My paint is overlapping over each paint like it is in flow mode. Not sure what happened please help to identify the issue.
  5. Hello I tried to use the recolor brush to recolor a part of a picture in Affinity Photo. This part is a light gray color and I cant find a way to make it work. Here are the step I've used : 1- Open my picture 2- Duplicated the Background layer (which contains the picture) 3- Choose the Color replacement brush 4- Choose the color I want 5- Try to paint over the duplicated picture But It does not works... it does not recolor anything. But the red area I do have close to my grey area can be recolored... What am I doing wrong ? Here is the part where I want to recolor the light grey : But I can only recolor the red part :
  6. Easy use of the turbulence tool. In this easy Affinity Photo tutorial, I use the turbulence tool to create a perm or Afro hairstyle. This Photo Manipulation is number 44 in my Powerful tools of Affinity series and is shown in desktop and iPad. https://youtu.be/mjngeQCl1cg #turbulence #liquify #livefilter #mask #photomanipulation #madeinaffinity #affinityphoto #affinityserif #tutorial #photomanipulation #graphicdesign #affinity #digitallyfearless #affinityguides
  7. Create three spaceships in 60 seconds. Affinity photo tutorial. You can later add a background, mask and special effects. #Shorts #mirror #spaceship #madeinaffinity #affinityphoto #affinityserif #tutorial #photomanipulation #graphicdesign #affinity #digitallyfearless #affinityguides https://youtu.be/JuAGLBKBX5U
  8. Although I find the Smart Selection brush quite useful, it doesn’t always get the job done, so here’s an alternative method for separating elements with fine detail in a photo. 1). Don’t forget to rasterise the imported image. 2). Duplicate it. One version will be be converted to a high contrast black & white image, while the other remains the same. 3). Take one of the copies, and in Adjustments Studio in the sidebar, scroll down to Vibrance in order to dial down the Saturation, creating a ‘greyscale’ image. 4). While still in Adjustments Studio, scroll up to Levels, increase the % of Black and decrease the % of White, in order to create a high contrast image. 5). Use a Black brush to fill in any White areas you DON’T want to become part of the selection. 6). Next, access the Channels Studio in the sidebar, click on the three dots next to composite Blue (or either of the other colours), and choose the option: Load to Pixel Selection. This will select all the white parts of the image. 7). Switch to Selections Persona, and with the Move Tool, click & hold on the Canvas to call up a dialogue box, and finally choose Invert Selection. 8). Switch back to Photo Persona, and with the Move Tool selected copy & paste from the original colour image to a new layer. You’ll be left with the desired portion of the photo. Notes: I’ll sometimes duplicate this new isolated image, in order to add a Multiply effect under Layer Options. This can help the image to blend better with the background if placed beneath the unadjusted layer. Also, when using Channels Studio to make a selection, you can save a copy of it by clicking on the three dots next to one of the colour composites and choosing Create Spare Channel. You will then be able to return to the Spare in order to make another selection. I hope this is helpful, let me know if there are any questions. FullSizeRender.mov
  9. Change Affinity Photo brush colors on the fly. In this Affinity Photo tutorial I show in both iPad and desktop how to change your brush colors on the fly. It is number 33 of my Digitally Fearless Powerful Tools of Affinity. https://youtu.be/xh9oMoIxE_w
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