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Found 7 results

  1. I'm brand new to Affinity Designer but trialing it I found it has a great ui and pretty much every feature I need except one major omission: bsplines. By bsplines I mean b-splines or basis splines (or possibly NURBS curves? I'm not entirely sure on the math definition), basically a different way of drawing curves than beziers that can be far more intuitive. Specifically, I'm looking for the kind of bsplines Inkscape has where you can adjust the "pointiness" of each node in a bspline curve by shift-dragging node handles, kind of similar to how the Corner Tool works in Affinity. Open the attached svg in Inkscape for an example. I use bsplines literally all the time in Inkscape because I find continuous curves without ugly flat spots far easier to make, yet they are surprisingly lacking from software. Adobe Illustrator doesn't have bsplines. CorelDraw has them but not with adjustable nodes as far as I can tell. Inkscape has them but Inkscape has lots of other drawbacks and issues. Now-legacy DrawPlus apparently had them though they weren't in the starter edition I was able to find. Affinity Designer, on the other hand, has been primed to get bsplines for a number of years according to various forum posts here like this, this or this from January 2015: So here I am, expressing interest but the last mention I can find was in December 2016 and now it's 2019, so my big question is: is there any chance of bsplines finally coming to Affinity Designer in 2019? The addition of bsplines with adjustable nodes to Affinity would make my rating of the product go from 8/10 to 10/10, or 12/10 if they could be drawn with the Vector Brush Tool (I would have easily paid double!). Thanks for reading all this and making an otherwise exceptional product. I really want to make Affinity one of my core graphics programs, just the lack of bsplines is holding me back. (Note that I am aware bezier nodes in Affinity have a "smart" mode where their handles are adjusted automatically, somewhat similar to bsplines, but I really don't find that the same, and the moment you adjust them they become un-smart. Also I did check the beta, no mention of bsplines there ) bspline_example.svg
  2. When sending content for professional printing sometime we need to convert text to curves. It would be very helpful to have a feature to distinguish editable text and curves from converted text easily. In Illustrator it can be easily done in the view-outline mode - the text would in solid and converted curve would be outline mode. I'm not sure if the exact behavior is possible in Designer, but some easy way to distinguishing Curve-from-text from Editable-text could be immensely helpful to avoid error while sending out content to other vendors. PS: This is the original thread where I asked for help regarding this issue - and the moderator MEB suggested that this feature doesn't exist and I should request for it:
  3. In Affinity Designer, pressing ↑ and ↓ (with or without ⇧) in a numerical field increments or decreases the value. This works everywhere but some type-related fields, such as Font Size and Paragraph Leading. Is this a bug, or is it expected behaviour? And if it is expected, what is the rationale behind it?
  4. In the following gif, I keep toggling between the outline view and pixel view modes. Notice the wrong behaviour for single lines with no colours. Lines with more than two points work correctly, but straight lines with no styling simply disappear when in outline mode.
  5. After more than 18 months CTS is cured and tons of sketches have piled up. Happy to use Affinity again :)
  6. In Affinity Designer 1.4.2, the Export Persona only exports PNG, no matter what format is selected in the "export options" dialog.
  7. Transform only shows one decimal place but it can have more, which means we can never trust its numbers. I’ve drawn two rectangles. They are identical in every way (size, position, stroke width) except stroke color. I’ll make my point with width, but it happens with every other field as well (X, Y, W, H). Let’s start by making red 7.98mm wide. Wait, it made it 8mm? That’s not what I wanted, but alright, I guess I can live with that. Lets make green 8mm wide, then. You can already start to see the beginning of the problem. red is in fact 7.98mm just like we asked, but Affinity Designer completely hides that from us. Imagine you’re working with shapes you drew earlier and you want to check how wide they are. That is impossible, as there is no way to know their real size. That alone makes Affinity Designer unsuitable for any kind of job that takes precision, but it gets worse. To make sense of this mess, lets at least try to make both rectangles the same size. Select them both, and set them to 7.8mm. You’ve got to be kidding me. So we can’t even resize them at the same time, and they’ll weirdly take their proportions which are invisible to the user into account? Lets try something stupid: just select the width field and press ↩ It worked, which in this case actually makes the case even more of a mess. This is a problem that has been going on ever since the first beta, way before Affinity Designer was first released on the Mac App Store. Although here I’ve only tackled Transform, Affinity Designer’s precision is absolute garbage in many more areas. Expand Stroke is another example of a feature that does not work even slightly well (makes way too many points), and Boolean Operations, though getting better (they were absolutely unusable for a long while, even after a few stable releases) are still lacking. Once more I’ll reinforce the notion that the Transform panel absolutely cannot be trusted for even the slightest needs of precision. Having one decimal point (and in some cases none, as when 7.98mm became 8mm) isn’t ideal, but it is inexcusable that a Pro app with such behaviour does not at least give the user a hint that a value is not what it really says. At the very least there must be some indication that a value isn’t exactly what is shown. It does not matter what, but something.
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